Thursday, September 03, 2009

Cheney Palin in 2012! WRONG!

Two days ago I started a story about both sides now calling for Obama to get out of Afghanistan. Once again it morphed into the true story as to what was really going on by looking at a lot of things all happening at the same time. Something I heard yesterday brought full circle what The Democratic Party The Republican Party Cheney and Palin have all been working towards as President Obama is being hung out to dry in Afghanistan and on healthcare. Thinking of war monger heart attack Cheney with Frau Eva Braun Palin as his VP you better do everything to avoid that nightmare scenario.

I first heard that right winger George Wills said we should get out of Afghanistan then I heard that Both Party's want us out of Afghanistan!
Feingold to Obama: Announce Withdrawal Timetable from Afghanistan ...

Then everything that has been occurring and is occurring with health care Afghanistan Palin abandoning her post and Cheney tearing Obama down at every opportunity as his polls now show 60% of Americans are buying his lies and think he will keep them safe. Nothing can be further from the truth. If there is another 9/11 it will be directly his doing! I am afraid there will be another timely attack Cheney will say I told you so and the small core of his eccentrics will get him elected to supposedly keep us safe. God forbid! If that happened we are done. People can not be that stupid. Imagine Palin one heart attack away from destroying us with her stupidity!

Anyway we keep hearing that support for Afghanistan is waning but I think it is support for Obama that is waning as Republicans and their lies are beginning to sway people from Obama and the truth as both sides are guilty of purposely creating Obama's and our Waterloo while they play their Partisan games only concerned about their own party and agenda. If they succeed in making Obama fail and allowing Republicans back in our Waterloo will be guaranteed!

A majority of Americans now want us out of Afghanistan! The left the Right Media they all want us out of Afghanistan. I remember when this Bush mess started to be labeled as Obama's war. Bush's mess of an economy is now called Obama's. The Bail outs increased socialism all started by Bush and now credited to Obama. Health care reform is his but in the effort to create his Waterloo I am afraid that will fail too.

I do happen to agree with our getting out of Afghanistan but like everything else that too was Bush's! Right from the start we kept hearing "We are not in the business of Nation building" What a lie! We did our job in Afghanistan as it was originally portrayed to the world and the American people! We supposedly attacked Afghanistan to get the Taliban out of control of the Government and get Bin Laden out. He is gone so now we should leave.

We should concentrate on the Afghanistan Pakistan border. We should withdraw from Afghanistan and concentrate all our efforts on defending Pakistan's border with the use of drones. That should be our primary goal. We should work with Pakistan a country that has proven they want to destroy Al-Qaida and the Taliban. They have proven they want their Democracy. They have shown they are willing to fight and die in defense of their Government and we should help them.

We should cut our losses and get out of Afghanistan before we have another Saigon as I originally feared. The Government of Afghanistan is corrupt to the core and Afghanistan's army in large appears unwilling to fight. Leave them to their own demise and see how much they want their Democracy!

Afghanistan is Bush's war! However a while back Republicans Democrats and the media started calling Afghanistan Obama's war now they are all calling for him to get out, cut our losses. Knowing Obama right or not will not do that and has already added more troops with promises of adding more if needed you have to think they are hanging him out to dry as they endeavor to create his Waterloo.Cheney is posturing to run in 2012 so you better hope they fail to make Obama fail.

President Obama is on a slippery slope! Cut and run seems to be the message. In every regard now, health care, the economy, everything, both sides seem to be hanging Obama out to dry and setting him up for failure. You better hope they fail because they only care about their party and their agenda not you. If we lose Obama the only one who has your best interest at heart you are on your own. I told you from day one that Obama is on his own.

I do however believe we should get out of Afghanistan. As the original goal in attacking Afghanistan was portrayed to the world and the American public was supposed to be to free the Afghan government of the Taliban and getting rid of Bin Laden has been met we should leave. I thought we were not in the business of Nation building? Our goal was supposed to be to keep us from being hit again, preventing another 9/11. We can do that from here.

I am just peeved that we never should have attacked Iran and Democrats wanted us out while Republicans wanted us to stay there. Why? I agree with leaving Afghanistan but beside wanting to see Obama fail why are they calling for Obama to withdraw? I think again it is all about making the winner Obama "the loser" Health care, Afghanistan, the economy, in every instance both sides seem to want Obama's thus our Waterloo. You better hope they fail.

57% now oppose the war in Afghanistan 60% now believe Cheney's lies and are on his side. I guess they forgot he wants us in Afghanistan. Democrats and Republicans both say Obama has no plan for Afghanistan and Obama has no health care plan. Wait a minute this was all Bush's mess before it was given to Obama what the hell was his plan? War, war, war? Let the insurance companies continue to decide who lives and dies and don't allow the Government to stop it?

Everything is making sense to me now. I wondered what Palin was up to when she abandoned her post. I wondered why Cheney kept injecting himself in the mix as being right and our savior. I just found out there is a drive for a Cheney Palin ticket for 2012. That will tell you the future they want and why they want Obama to fail. In researching I found out it was set up in April! Cheney Palin in 2012!

They do not care about "OUR" America they want to get in and finish us and their agenda off. Maybe we should hope for a Cheney Palin ticket. Maybe we should hope that the Republican Fascist pup tent party does nominate Cheney and Palin with a promise of a return to lies and control to fiinish their total Fascist America that supposedly Obama is trying to form.

* In closing I believe only then will these Fascist extremists will really be brought out into the open and the majority will finally stand up and be counted. We are all going to have to defend the new America Obama is trying to establish, the one that our founding father intended. We finally have it. We are going to have to fight for it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Cheney/Palin 2012, must remember not to think about that possibility before I go to sleep tonight. I like my dreams to be sweet.

The dangers of pulling out of Iraq are many fold, mainly the weakness of their government and the power vacuum could encourage Iran to reunite themselves with their Shi'ite brothers. Afghanistan is different, who would want to follow the Americans into that killing field. The Russians were a brutal occupier, but even they got tired of burying their dead. The Taliban might try to reimpose themselves, but it seems the Afghani warlords are tiring of them. The cry to get out is getting louder and as you say, it would make Obama look like the loser, in the eyes of the media only, not mine.

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
I know! I am afraid there will be another timely attack Cheney will say I told you so and the small core of his eccentrics will get him elected to supposedly keep us safe. God forbid! If that happened we are done. People can not be that stupid. Imagine Palin one heart attack away from destroying us with her stupidity!

You know what kills me about the cry to pull out of Afghanistan? The bastard Cheney did all this for oil and he would never pull out but his polls are up. This just drives me crazy1

Dusty said...

Obama is not going to leave Afghanistan any time soon. His policy mirrors Bush's policy there.

And like Bush, having millions of voters disagreeing with you doesn't seem to matter to him.

The Big O will be a one-termer if he keeps alienating 'his base'.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dusty
I am long convinced thanks to Republicans Obama will be a one termer. It kills me that Cheney got us into Afghanistan but if their is another attack people will elect him but most definitely he will stay in Afghanistan.

Dave Dubya said...

It's not the Republicans who will bring Obama down. It will be the corporatist blue dog republicrats in his own party.

The democratic party is a moderate to right wing entity, while the republicans are radically right wing. The combination of the two will never bring progress while we remain a right wing country.

Change will not be easy. Obama will need to have the courage of conviction on a scale of FDR.

So far, Obama is no FDR.

Brother Tim said...

It's not the Republican's lies that are bringing Obama down, it's his lack of action. If he were to fulfill even a modest 10% of his campaign rhetoric his numbers would be much higher. To date, he has done nothing but continue Bush's policies.

Even his BS about closing Gitmo within a year (too long in my estimation) has fallen by the wayside. It's been almost 8 months now; ya think it will be closed in 4 months? Have another think, my friend.

The man is a weak, corporate-owned stooge, just like his predecessor was. He started out on health care being single-payer, went to public option, and now even that is negotiable.

He promised government transparency. His disclosures have been about as transparent as a piece of slate.

Obama is a one term President. If not, God help us. When will you and the rest of the Obama-worshipers realize, that he is just another power-mad elitist who doesn't give a rat's ass about the average American or the society in which they live?

When will people wake up to the fact that you cannot bomb people into submission? You say you want to withdraw from Afghanistan, and then say we should be bombing the snot out of the Af/Pak border. Drones are the tool of the devil. It's a long-proven fact that for every innocent you kill, you create 10 more insurgents.

We are called the United States of America, not the United States of the World. I would suggest everyone re-read the Constitution and see the purpose our military was established and authorized for.

Instead of constantly harping on all the bad things Republicans have done (that only lends them credibility), start talking about all the good, progressive things Obama has done thus far. Oh, I forgot again, there ARE NO GOOD, PROGRESSIVE THINGS he has done.

A Cheney/Palin ticket in 2012 would be a blessing. Maybe then we could see a third-party candidate or a Democrat with a spine occupy the White House.

Dusty said...

Dave, you are spot-friggin-on dude!!! The whole Obama is no FDR part really has been running around my noggin for a couple of months now. FDR had it harder than the Big O in many respects and the man still got shit done.

an average patriot said...

You know Dave, I have been disappointed with Obama but I said from day one that both party's only care about themselves and their agenda's not Obama's. We and he are on our own!

an average patriot said...

Brother I am so disappointed with everything so far! As for Cheney Palin I would agree but I expect another timely attack and people will vote for the scum with Paling a heart attack away from the Presidency!

an average patriot said...

Dusty I am so disappointment but FDR had cooperation, Obama is on his own!

Brother Tim said...

Obama is not 'on his own', he's has the whole Corporate/Military/Industrial Complex with him.

Now, you and I, WE are on OUR own.

an average patriot said...

As long as he continues to favor the corporations and the wars as right now is the case I agree Bud!
I have to laugh Brother I love seeing your face but every time I do I think of your look alike Wally!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Guys I understand that you are disappointed. But I very much doubt that anything else would be possible in our world the way it is now.
I guess Obama is probably the one who might be most disillusioned about how little power he actually has!

But he's still alive... so he must have cut some deal(s), otherwise I am sure he would already have had this or that accident or they would have found some looser to pose as the shooter...

Brother Tim said...

Well, I just heard about the 'trigger option'. We are sooooooooo screwed.

Brother Tim said...

Ahhhhh, Wally. God bless his furry little soul. I still mourne his passing. My world hasn't been the same since his passing. I look forward to the day when our spirits re-unite. :) Thanks for remembering him.

an average patriot said...

Trust me brother every time I see you I think of your twin. You spent so much time together you look alike.

Karen said...

"Cheney Palin in 2012!"

That's laughable and I hope it happens because they won't stand a snowball's chance in hell!

an average patriot said...

Damn Karen I am with you but Cheney's lies now have him up to 60% and I firmly believe the idiots of this country will vote him and Frau Palin in if we get another timely 9/11 scary but watch!

Demeur said...

Jim don't get your panties in a bunch. Obama's been in office for 9 months now. I'm sure he has writers cramp from undoing Bush's executive orders. Think of the overall mess that was created over a period of eight years and you yourself said it would take 10 years or more to undo it.
And who said Cheney's approval rating was at 60%? Rush Limpballs? I don't buy it. Even moderate republicans hate Cheney.
Cheney and Palin in 2012? I say bring it on. They'd have as much chance of winning as Hitler being invited to a Jewish wedding.
Obama's only fault is that he thinks he can somehow bring the right and left together. The only problem is the right lost power and doesn't want change and won't play ball. I think he will or does realize that but what's he to do? He did say he represented the entire country when he took office.
A lot of the crap I hear on the news is just that crap. Because it comes from the corporate media.
We won't "win" in Afghanistan because there's nothing to win. They don't want to be a country. We can't go into Pakistan because they don't want us there either. If they want Bin Ladin then put a billion dollar bounty on his head no questions asked. But even then things won't change much. In that respect Tim is right. There'll always be some other country to exploit for ideology or resources or to test our latest weapons.

an average patriot said...

I know, it is just that Republicans will be there at every turn to make him fail and I do not hear enough of him instantly putting the blame where it belongs.

I too would love a Cheney Palin ticket but not if we have another timely 9/11. People would elect the lying scum and with Eva Palin a heart attack away from the Presidency none of that is good.

an average patriot said...

I think he will stay alive as long as he keeps the rights wars going. If he backs out they'll have him killed too!

an average patriot said...

Brother I don't know how I missed it but I just heard about the trigger option myself. I have to take some time and look into it!

Karen said...

"Cheney's lies now have him up to 60%"

Link please!

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
I just tried to look it up real quick but I will have to get it later as I have to go have coffee with Trice while she wakes up. I believe it was on cnn but it could have been MSNBC but needless to say it bothers me that people are falling for his lies. I think it was morning Joe because they were talking about Cheney's crap and it pays for him to keep the torture crap front and center.