Sunday, September 27, 2009

New world order takes shape and without Iran unless they shape up! Ahmadinejad warns you'll be sorry!

World Leaders Accuse Iran of Secret Nuke Plant

Obama on Iran Nuke Program

Should Iran be sanctioned for hiding nuclear plant?

The G20 meet to discuss the future and the new economic order while warning Iran that if they want to be a part of it they must allow inspection of their newly discovered secret uranium enrichment plant! At least now the world is finally in agreement on something but it is the average citizen once again that will be used as pawns and suffer under increased sanctions while the Government follows its not so well hidden agenda. New world economic order takes shape at G20 G20 membership is from 19 countries

Meanwhile The West warned Iran today that it will face fresh sanctions by December unless it can persuade the world of a “profound change” in its nuclear stance after the existence of its secret underground uranium enrichment plant was revealed.

I am at least happy to hear Medvedev say that we are slowly making progress on old issues even as new ones continue to emerge and we must deal with them too. I have to believe he was referring to the recent disclosure that Iran had developed another underground secret uranium enrichment plant. I am relieved to hear that Russia will do everything they can to ensure Iran cooperates with the IAEA and gives full disclosure on their real intentions for what its worth!
At the same time Two First Steps on Nuclear Weapons were taken

Obama: Urgent Nuclear Threats Require International Cooperation I am also glad to hear this and the fact that the G8 is going to be replaced with the G20 as the guiding body to ensure future compliance as there is so much at stake here for the entire world. Again I say "for what it's worth" because I do not see Iran complying with anybody nor do I see the twin coups mentioned in the following link!

Obama scores twin coups on Iran, economy

I am sorry but I do not see any coup yet! Iran defies Obama and vows to switch on 'secret' nuclear facility I just got through hearing Ahmadinejad say Iran is following the rules that say they do not have to disclose any new nuclear facilities until 6 months before they are due to become operational. I do not understand the big secret! We are building a new facility, what is the big deal? I do not see a twin Coup here or any victory. I am still waiting to hear from China! China looks like a maybe for once

* In closing Obama says it's a new day Ahmadinejad says no. Ground zero on the nuclear standoff with Iran is now the holy city of Qom, Not good! The G20 will replace the G8 to stop nuclear proliferation. Sarkozy says Iran has till October 1st or else and Gordon Brown's line in the sand better hold. Sand is not a very strong foundation as Ahmadinejad warns "you will all be sorry, even Moscow who now says they will help the IAEA verify compliance. What's next?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

My main concern is American/Israeli attitude. When an idea comes to us, we refuse to see a differing viewpoint. Saddam's WMDs is a recent example.

Can Iran prove a negative to the U.S.? No

Saddam said his WMDs had been destroyed years earlier and UN and US inspectors agreed. He publicly destroyed his long-range missiles. How was he rewarded for his disclosures and transparency? We bombed the living snot out of his country. When we found we were mistaken, what did we do? We executed him to shut him up.

Do you honestly believe Iran will be allowed to prove America may, once again, be wrong? Not me.

As for Russia and China, they see us encroaching closer and closer to their borders. How much help do you think we'll get from them, especially knowing our past history?

Leopards don't change their spots, my friend. Not in Asia, and not in the U.S.

Demeur said...

You also must remember that Russia and China were doing business with Iran as far back as the Iraq/ Iran war. I don't think they'd care to end that relationship.

This is really up to the IAEA. You might want to pop over to their web site and browse around. They aren't too happy about the politics being played here.

an average patriot said...

I still think Ahmadinejad is as smart as a fox and plays the game better than anyone I have seen yet.He definitely outplayed little Bush. Iran has already said the IAEA can inspect away though they have been playing both sides against the middle in their verbal game.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I keep hoping that Russia China and the US will want to play ball with each other and on their level when it comes right down to it!

Spadoman said...

It was good to see that Obama dropped the plan to build rocket bases in Poland the Czeck Republic. The right is swinging like mad, saying this is a weakness and that Obama "chickened out".

No one trusts Iran, but we have to wait and see what the truth is, or at least see if they let inspectors in.

You are correct, the people at the low end of the food chain suffer with sanctions. In a real democracy, the people suffer and vote the leader out of office for making them suffer so much. Doesn't seem to work here let alone in Iran.

Sounds like many Nations are standing together once again and that is good. China is silent as usual.


an average patriot said...

Hi Spadoman
I think it was a great and timely move. I would expect we already have them deployed in the gulf!

Brother Tim said...

And I would expect the Iranians have their Kilo-class subs, armed with their new supply of Sizzler missiles, deployed in the Gulf as well.

This madness needs to stop.

an average patriot said...

Amen Brother!
You are right and it does have to stop but sadly it is still just taking shape and beginning!