Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama must take the High road on Racism but a white Congressman better quickly say what road the Republicans are on!

White House: Criticism of Obama not based on race

We have discussed the racism behind all this numerous times since day one and the concerns as to what might happen if racial chaos does break out on this level. I just want to point to the last 2 stories in case you are interested! Yesterday it was a Pastor wanting him Dead today a Gubenatorial candidate wants him hunted down because he is Black!

President Obama is guilty of being Black while President!

I refuse to believe Obama thinks everything that has been happening is not because of the color of his skin. Someone better wake that man up! This is getting down right dangerous. We hear something every day about kill the nigga! We want our country back! I will issue hunting licenses to my constituents to hunt down and kill Obama. I pray for Obama to die. I want his daughters fatherless his wife husbandless. Obama was born in Kenya and is not even an American. What us all that and much more? It isn't because he is a Democrat! He is Black.
Obama takes high road on Carter's racism claim

Obama has to take the high road but President Carter is right. There is no denying it! This can not be allowed to go on much longer. It is only a mater of time before all this gets out of hand. As far as I am concerned it already is. Whatever you think about President Carter he is not stupid and knows southerners. President Carter was not a good President until he left office. He can afford to speak the truth and must but someone "Democrat's in Congress better listen before it is too late. White House: Criticism of Obama not based on race

President Carter is right saying what Wilson did was Abominable and what we are all watching is racism and abominable. I wish I have kept a record, if someone has please get it to me.It is no surprise that all the birthers are white, all the hall hecklers are white, all the tea partiers are white,all those wanting God to kill him are white, all the senators who deny there is racism involved are white. What do we have to do wait until something major happens? President Carter has spoken the truth, Black Representatives have also spoken up but it is going to take some sitting Democrats to speak up and they better hurry up!

Okay Nancy Pelosi spoke up and refering to a 1979 incident where a San Francisco Mayor was killed said all this rhetoric must stop, we have to put an end to all this, blood can be spilled. I was pretty happy to hear that but was stunned when Boehner came to the mike and smuggly denied any racism so the racism and division coul continue us down the road to the 2nd revolution Republicans have been instigating from day one! Any blood will be on Boehner's hands! Nancy Pelosi Warns Of Violence Over Heated Rhetoric, chokes up

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

White House: Criticism Not Based on Race


One Fly said...

Our side is not there for us and will not show up. We are so screwed and this is not an assumption on your part Jim it's the reality.

The rich and powerful control this overwhelmingly and when you cheat,lie and steal and in addition have the media to spew your shit this becomes a mountain too steep to climb.

It's just a matter of time before something bad happens and we will be able to thank these whored out dims for not taking a position on blatant racism and lies.

I'm so sick of this shit!

an average patriot said...

Tom you know I agree! As you know we are on our own. I will be all right and I hope you and all the rest we know will be too.

Demeur said...

I can see the White House's position on this. There's just too much to deal with to be focused race. I'm sure most Black people have to deal with this everyday. You may be hated for the color of your skin but you still must move forward.
The republicans are doing the only thing left they know how, instilling fear and hate in their base. I think that base is shrinking. Luckily young people in this country are able to see through this as we saw at Obama's speech at a college yesterday. The mention of the Baucus plan was not warmly received.
Obama is very much aware of the attitude by the birthers. He's said on at least one occasion that he's been called worse than the N word. He chooses to rise above the frey and work on fixing the mess. He could get out and talk about the issue but I think that would be a waste of time.

Holte Ender said...

I agree with Demeur, Obama and the rest of the Democrats have got to blow past these people, as much as they might want to take them on.

What I would like to see is a republican of a high rank speak out. Not going to happen.

an average patriot said...

Demeur they have to stay out of it but someone other than Pelosi better speak up preferably a Republican but the sums are instigating and loving this!

an average patriot said...

I agree Holte but someone other than Carter and Pelosi better call them to the floor. This has gone too far!