Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Walter Cronkite is alive on public Media: Bad news for the media is good news for us as more realize main stream media is Biased!

As usual you have to beg to differ with what the so called experts say. They are never right in any instance. Interest in newspapers is waning and they are increasingly failing. However it is not because people are losing their jobs and con not afford to but newspapers and magazines. If you can find the truth in any of them anywhere people would continue to find a way to buy them.

You can not find the truth in any form of main stream media today! They are responsible for their own demise! 63% of Americans surveyed by the Pew Research Center believe that news stories are often inaccurate. They also found that 74% of respondents believe stories tend to favor one side of an issue over another. The thought is that If people believe that news reports are often biased then they will say they are also inaccurate. Bad news for media: More believe they're biased

I mean come on! They are all biased! The Percentage of people that believe main stream media is biased and inaccurate should be 100% If in reality it is not then the one quarter who say they are not must work for them or are benefitting from their Bias and inaccuracy. I happen to think many smaller newspapers serving towns across the country will be left standing primarily because of the services they offer to the citizens.

I want to add that this poll was taken on landline. Since mostly older Americans possess them you can bet those that think they are Bias is closer to 100% as most of younger Americans that know it only possess cell phones. Anyway Personally I do not read mine as I read a very biased report in Bush's favor and was turned off by the lies. That said, I got no joy out of hearing they are going out of business as many are. Feel free to look at the timeline of closings across the country. Newspaper Closings - A Timeline of Newspapers That Have Closed

Since Bush stole his way into the Presidency everything became polarized and Biased it continues under Obama. The media is totally Bias and it did not happen because Walter Cronkite died. Depending on what you want to think is the truth dictates what paper you read and what news station you listen to. The stations are motivated to please their given audience not to tell the truth. The truth to them is what their pundits want them to disperse. Public trust in US media eroding: Pew study

The main stream media biased will continue, papers will continue to fold, and those like Fox will continue to have their audience because they tell what their audience want to hear and what they want to think is the truth! They will continue to have an audience.Supposedly newspapers are losing their advertising revenue and I am sure they are but if it was just that why do the news networks not have the same problem? I would love to see Fox news the purveyor of lies and division since Bush close their biased doors. Look at these major newspapers though they may go under this year! Twelve Major Media Brands Likely To Close In 2009 – 24/7 Wall St.

Any way you look at all this it is all good for us. There will continue to be original news written and it will continue to be reported with a biased depending on what the writer or reporter wants you to believe. If you want to hear the unbiased truth you have to search it out yourself as you know and the best place to do that is on the internet. as you know.

* In closing I will say Walter Cronkite's idea of journalism is still alive. You will find it on public media sites on the internet. I see biased stories on public media sites on line but you can find the truth if you look in the right place. You still have to search for the truth but you can find it.The demise of newspapers I still say is their own doing and to the benefit of those who just want to tell the truth regardless of party as on the Public media site All voices.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I read your comment...and at least you seem to GET some of what is going on in Obama's head. A little is better than none.
I am not political and stumbled upon that post under the assumption that it was mistakenly posted on Ruby Tuesday....which made me it would have been a very difficult thing to do to ACCIDENTLY post something on there. :) Don't you just LOVE people?! :)

Dave Dubya said...

Accurate news reporting has seen its better days. No one did it better than Uncle Walter. No wonder he is despised by the Right.

The truth only hurts the powerful.

Now we have full time corporate media spewing corporate biased propaganda... and much of the public is STILL duped into buying the "liberal media" myth.

an average patriot said...

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages

Wow I'm sorry! I wonder who did that? Ruby Tuesday, what is that? I am not sure which post you are talking about but sorry!Could you give me the link so I can see what you are talking about, that's weird!

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave, I didn't know they despised Cronkite. I guess they didn't like to hear the truth! I am so sick of hearing about this boogy Boo liberal media!

Holte Ender said...

Walter Cronkite concentrated on giving out the news and not passing on his opinion. That was in the days before news had to make a profit.

Before him there was Ed Murrow, a fine investigative journalist. Who is doing now, what he did then? If McCarthy was alive now and conducting witch hunts, who would call him on it? No one. 60 minutes used to have a reputation for going after people, but now it's all fluff.

Rupert Murdoch owns many hundreds, maybe thousands of media outlets around the world, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, movie studios, book publishing, how can one company own so much media with breaking some anti-trust law I don't know.

Newspapers have finished as we knew them, but I don't think they are finished completely.

When I want news I can somewhat trust, I listen to NPR, BBC World Service and follow my nose on the internet. I keep well away from the "Liberal Media".

an average patriot said...

I will never understand not reporting what you see not how you see it! Who gives a frig about what anyone thinks. Just tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. I'll never get it! You have to go overseas and even then they are biased you have to come up with the truth yourself then you are dismissed as knowledgeable or a theorist. I just hate this crap!

Brother Tim said...

The closest we come to Edward Murrow today is Keith Olbermann, and he has his faults.

If you want to talk about news, check out the story my ace reporter, Moose, broke today at my place!

an average patriot said...

Damn Holte I answered you a while ago but I guess I blew it away, sorry! I can not fathom interjecting what one thinks into the issue unless you are analyzing. You as the reporter are to repeat what you hear period. I told all my sons what you think does not matter I do not matter, tell the truth period. They at least got the message!

Demeur said...

I think that's one of the reasons newspapers are dying. Network TV news is now dying as well. We saw that at the beginning of the Iraq war. People would watch the news on TV then fact check the news for the complete story on the net. I've found myself turning off any national news because it isn't news it's opinion. The only time Walter gave an opinion that I can remember is when he commented on Vietnam and he preface it stating it was opinion.

an average patriot said...

Demeur you are right and so was Walter. It is all opinion to please your base and I hate it. Since Bush if you want the truth you have to hunt for it. Use to be you listen to the left and the right and the truth was somewhere in the middle. Not anymore! The truth is what they want you to think it is so they can follow their agenda.