Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Afghanistan General McChrystal offers failure and worse Failure I offer Success!

Unplugged: McChrystal's Warning In Afghanistan

US general warns of Afghan failure

Analysis: Obama war choice: escalate or scale back

Where the hell is Afghanistan's Lashkar? Unify Afghanistan take back your country? NATO go home! Scale back! Get out! We keep hearing how tough Afghani's are. Prove it! We keep hearing how we must get to Taliban moderates and Afghan moderates well get with it do it now and let them fight for their country. Moderate tribesmen in parts of militant-ravaged north-west Pakistan are challenging Taliban extremists threatening to overrun their area, in what will develop into a mass resistance movement. They will succeed I have faith!

Pakistan has formed Lashkar's, Lashkar's are armed military camps and the fighters volunteering to join them to fight and kill the Taliban fight for the Government and love their country they gladly leave their families and fight for nothing, eradicating the Taliban is their sole goal. One of the tribal leaders said there is a civil war, the people against the Taliban.

Those at this Jirga came with their Russian machine guns from fighting in Afghanistan in the 80s talking of the horrors they saw committed by the Taliban in the Swat valley and vowed to kill them all.More than 10,000 volunteered to join. Please watch the video this is impressive! Pakistani tribesmen form their own Lashkar's to defeat the Taliban

Villagers in parts of North-West Frontier province and the tribal territory, faced with the violent advance of the Pakistani Taliban, are starting to organize an armed indigenous resistance in the not really because of an absence of help but because they feel the army will cause more problems and they can do it better. The resistance has parallels with the "Sunni awakening" in Iraq, where tribesmen took on al-Qaida militants in Anbar province and elsewhere.Palestinian citizens had to rebel against being used as human shields.

Afghanistan is going to have to do the same thing. This is what it has come to. You stand up and fight for the life you want or let yourself be enslaved by Muslim extremists. General McChrystal says we need more troops in Afghanistan or we will fail. Fail at what? Joining the Graveyard of Nations? We have already succeeded! Our original goal was to unseat the Taliban
and deny Bin Laden a safe haven. We accomplished that so get out with our heads held high!

I thought we weren't in the business of Nation building? Afghanistan does not want a centralized Government they as you know are tribal and do not want one. Funny but Pakistan is largely tribal but they want a central Government and freedom from the Taliban to continue to have their tribal customs and freedoms and are fighting for it!

That is what Afghanistan must do! America and NATO must get the hell out! We have been their over 8 years, twice as long as WW2! If Afghanistan wanted freedom from the Taliban they would already be trained and fighting for it instead of just letting themselves be killed as pawns. Get rid of corrupt Karzai! Why are the Afghan's not forming Lashkar's and killing the Taliban if they want their freedom from them?

* Have a fair election, get rid of Karzai,Feed and supply Afghani Lashkar to fight if they want their freedom as Pakistan is and get the hell out! That is the only answer not less or more troops. Our soldiers did their job leave now with heads held high not our tails between our legs like in Saigon!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

I don't care how we leave, just as long as we leave.

All we seem to care about now, is nation building. Fuggedaboudit. We would have a better chance of making them the 51st state.

Our arrogance leads us to think we have the best form of government in the world. Well, we've had it for over 230 years; why do you suppose no one has copied it yet? You can't have a successful form of government, when it's built on lies, barbarism, and greed.

My posts today and yesterday, both touched on this subject.

We are standing on a precipice and better have an epiphany soon. WE are the ones who started this ball rolling, it is up to us to stop it. And then again, maybe it's too late.

Biblically speaking, I see the handwriting on the wall, and it ain't good, Bud.

an average patriot said...

Hi Brother
I will be by! The only way to win is to get the hell out and feed and arm the Afghani's if they want their freedom as Pakistan is doing with their Lashkar! Otherwise the writing is more than on the wall it is writing all over our faces!

Brother Tim said...

I'll agree to the 'feed' part, but a lot of the misery in this world today, stems from us 'arming' people. Let them manufacture their own weapons. If that ends up being slingshots and bows and arrows, so be it. At least the carnage would not be as great. When we arm people, those weapons eventually end up killing our people; whether it be on the black market, or a change of alliegence. History, as you well know, is chock-full of examples. Will we never learn? Oh, wait a minute, I forgot; this time's gonna be different, right?

an average patriot said...

Hi Brother
I don't know if you read what Pakistan is doing for their Lashkar but that is what I advocate. Did you watch that video? It was a pleasure to see one of those celebration aimed at the Taliban not us!

Demeur said...

I agree. Every time we arm and train a country it seems we land up fighting them some time down the road.
I'm hearing the same BS we heard during Vietnam when we thought we could pump up our puppet leader there. It didn't work then and it won't work now.

Brother Tim said...

Demeur makes an excellent point. I said the same thing about the Iraqis. We give them cash, weapons and ammunition, and train them how to fight 'our way'.

In Afghanistan, just as in Iraq, we're seeing higher casualty rates after we 'train' them. Who's the dumb ones?

We are paying a high price for refusing to admit our mistakes.

This crap actually makes me physically ill. They keep chanting the mantra, 'Support the Troops', but prosthetics and crutches are the only 'support' they offer.

The impotent, cowardly bast*rds in Congress bear total responsibility for this fiasco. They could end it tomorrow. They whine the flacid excuse, "If we cut off funding, it would put our troops in danger". They know good and well that they're lying through their teeth. The funding they vote for doesn't kick in for approximately 18 months. If they were to cut funding, they'd still have at least a year to get the troops out.

Another big lie is, "We would have to fund the withdrawal".

It makes me ask the three-word question that begins with, 'What the ....?'

Holte Ender said...

Puppet governments, throughout history, have never worked. Not going to work now. They are tribal, they like living in the 11th century, having their little feuds, but I agree, they must turn their (21st century) guns on the Taliban themselves, the opportunity was there for the US 2003-4, missed the bus on that. Time to go.

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte! Yes if they want to continue to live their lives as their tribes want they will have to take on the Taliban as the Pakistani tribes are.

an average patriot said...

Brother I erred in saying weapons Pakistan is giving food medicine and ammunition and that is what we should do in Afghahnistan and get out!

Brother Tim said...

'weapons' and 'ammunition' are semantical, but I give the same response: Let 'em manufacture their own ammunition. If it's just rocks, so be it.

an average patriot said...

Brother they may be tough but that would be like the Indians defeating us with bows and arrows.

Brother Tim said...

LOL, Jim. Although Custer might not have agreed with that.

There's not a lot of difference though. There doing a pretty damn good job with beat up 30 yr old Kalashnikovs.

an average patriot said...

All right Brother! Did you watch that short video? They had a Russian WW2 field machine gun that looked like a cannon and capable of bringing down a helicopter. Kalashnikov's are their main rifle and getting them ammo should be easy but what the hell they live in the mountains let them throw rocks right? It worked for David!

landsker said...

Hi Jim.
Without the "war", the generals like McChrystal, (and his troops )would have no purpose, the arms and ammunition factories would cease to operate, and the whole military circus would have to dismantle their tent.
The Afghans are unlikely to lessen their resistance, and every day, the US is slipping further toward bankruptcy.
Which has always been the stated aim of all the Muslim fighters, in Iraq as well as Afghanistan, just to harrass and wear down the US/UK/NATO troops with cheap but effective guerrilla attacks, until the tax-paying public rises up and says that enough is enough.
It seems to be working.

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker, what a friggen predictable mess is all I can say and thanks to our worthless Politicians and bickering two party system!

Brother Tim said...

Wow!!!! That machine gun looks like something I could use here at The Compound. Ya know where I can pick one up fairly cheap? :)

an average patriot said...

I see! Wow is right it is awesome, I want one too. I'll run it by Jimbo!