Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My entire list of recommended news was about Afghanistan so Afghanistan: Questions, answers on war, US plans!

'No Winners' Yet in Afghan Poll, Karzai Ahead

Afghan journalists mourn their colleague - 10 Sep 09

Pakistan arrests high-ranking Taliban official - 12 Sep 09

I keep hearing how tough the Afghan army is when they are forced to fight. I am sure they are tough. All Afghan men are, Taliban or Government soldier. The thing is therefore reducing our foot print while forcing them and the Afghan civilians to fight. I have a great idea! Pakistan and the Lashkar as we discussed yesterday have had great results and the Lashkar are doing what they enjoy, killing Taliban!

You know the Afghan Government would not allow them on their soil so why not invite the Lashkar to get paid for their enjoyment of killing Taliban and invite them to Afghanistan to ply their trade. This proposal should be publicly floated by Karzai. You know it will not be accepted but it would insult Afghanistan and get them off their duffs and unite and clear out the Taliban as Pakistan and the Lashkar are doing if they really want to get out from under the fists of the Taliban!

I know how important Afghanistan is to the American people but what about the economy? What about Health care reform? What about continued job losses? What about continuing foreclosures? I know Afghanistan is very important but was surprised to see it was all about Afghanistan. Once again I decided to let the links and the videos tell the story and you could read and watch the ones important to you.I will have my closing statement following the links!

Unease Grows Over Afghan Election

Dark months ahead as Afghan vote fracas drags on What a coincidence Karzai needs 50% of the vote to avoid a run off and there was enough corruption to so far with supposedly 93% of the votes counted to give him 54% of the vote. BS!

Up to 22 civilians killed in Afghan attacks

Russian envoy cautions US on Afghan troops surge WTF then let them add some troops. They have much at stake here too!

Afghan Commission Says 30 Civilians Killed in NATO Strike

Dozens of Taliban militants killed

4 US troops killed in Afghanistan

Pakistan forces surround Taliban chief: minister

Afghanistan: Questions, answers on war, US plans

I will just observe that there is controversy right now in the House and the Senate on what to do in Afghanistan.Do we give them more money? No! Do we add more troops? No! Do we give Afghanistan an ultimatum? Yes! Announce a withdrawal date? You betcha! Karzai is corrupt and using us to stay in power. Put the ball in his court. Make the Government and Afghan citizens support their own country.

Make Afghani's do their own fighting and get the hell out. We, the infidels are causing the problem. Our men are dying for nothing, a corrupt Government and a country that will never unite period unless it is under the Taliban. Leave them there and concentrate on the border and helping Pakistan who does want to kill the Taliban and secure their Democracy. Do what Pakistan is doing with their Lashkar as we discussed yesterday! Supply Afghanistan with arms food and supplies and we will see how much they want their country. We did our job, Get Out Now!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Karen said...

Your observation is spot on! Karzai is corrupt and I don't see how we can continue to support him. Afghanistan was a lose-lose situation from the beginning (2001).

an average patriot said...

I like you and you are a lady but I have to say I am pissed off about everything Afghanistan. It will get a hell of a lot worse there and it is just a small part of the total lie we are living today!

Demeur said...

What was our mission to begin with? To remove the Taliban and go after Bin Ladin. We removed the Taliban and installed Karzi as our puppet and Bin Ladin isn't there anymore so what's left? We can't afford to build a nation and they have no natural resources. Maybe we should have let the Russians win when they were there.

Holte Ender said...

I believe there are a few minerals that might be useful to big corporations, but there nothing in Afghanistan that is worth the price that is being paid, for the most part, by American troops.

an average patriot said...

Demeur we are doing the same friggen thing as we did in Vietnam! Most people do not know it but we created South Vietnam and there too we installed a leader. We know how that turned out!

We wanted safe haven for Obama denied and the Taliban out of the Government. We did it we should get the hell out!

an average patriot said...

Holte nothing is worth it to us but we do not matter and it is worth it to the Government. This whole thing around the world that average citizens do not matter only the ruling Government does is really sickening!

Spadoman said...

Your blog is a plethora of information if anyone wants it. Much more than we get on the usual media bought and paid for circuits. Thanks for that for sure!
So, why are we killing people and destructing foreign land anyway
What do we gain? What is winning the war?
Get out now


an average patriot said...

All right Spadoman Thanks likewise to you! I have seen you around over the years now but for some reason never crossed paths. I will check you out now so thanks!