Saturday, September 26, 2009

Missile Defense shift has winners and losers but not what you think or we are told!

Russia-US reset: Who pressed the button?

First I have to say thanks to Obama lightening up the mood between Russia and the US I am feeling very optimistic about working together to proceed successfully into the 21st century. Switching to the Aegis missile system which is mobile and already used and proven and scrapping Bush's war mongering worthless MDS Boondoggle was a GREAT IDEA! but it does have its winners and losers! Though they are not what you think!

First the winners and losers in the US! It is all about money and Corporations again. You have to believe Rummy Cheney or other Bush cronies have interests in the Boeing Company who was going to develop the facilities in Poland and Czechoslovakia and Orbital sciences who was going to be supplying the interceptors. They are the losers!

Switching to the water and land based mobile Aegis system for Raytheon of Massachusetts who will be producing Zillions more missiles and Lockheed Martin who produces the control systems. Missile defense shift has winners and losers

First as I said already I am psyched that Russia has already said they will entertain sanctions on Iran and their nuclear program. We could be important allies to a prosperous future in many instances not just Iran, Afghanistan, and the so called war on terror. There is now a possibility that NATO the US and Russia will work on a joint missile defense system thanks to Obama's smart move to use the Aegis missile system and scrap Bush's worthless missile defense shield. This decision bears more fruit as Russia says Ahmadinejad's Holocaust statement 'totally unacceptable! Russia: Ahmadinejad's Holocaust statement 'totally unacceptable'

Remember Russia's ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenkoas even spoke up and said attempts to rewrite history, especially as the 70th anniversary of the start of World War II is being marked this year, are an offense to the memory of all victims and all those who fought fascism. Also they do not contribute to creating an international atmosphere that would foster a fruitful dialogue on issues concerning Iran.

We haven't heard from China but they can't possibly differ from the rest of the world as they too know of the horrors inflicted on the Jews in world war two! The entire West is enraged! We have now heard from officially from Britain, Germany, France, the US, and Russia amongst others. Valid criticisms include It is a lie, baseless, ignorant, hateful, Abhorrent! Ahmadinejad is a disgrace is a disgrace and an insult to his great people and the great country of Iran. His vitriol is unacceptable!

You have to think Ahmadinejad and Iran are doing it on purpose but at this point they appear to be their own worse enemy. Obama is being credited and discredited for changing course on the MDS and going with the Aegis system. We are told Russia has been emboldened and are taking advantage of their new power and a weakened America but I do not see it that way.

Winner and losers around the world: This switch was a great move for the entire world with the exception of Iran. This was timely because as you know Iran admitted on the 21st to having a second secret nuclear facility capable of enriching Uranium. They only admitted it because they found out that France and the US already knew about it. Well that is why the focus on Iran's nukes at the UN and the G20! Obama has already called for inspections and we will see what happens. Thankfully Russia and China are now on board. Moscow open to new Iran sanctions: official

We keep hearing from the war mongers on the right that we gave Russia the farm and screwed America and Europe. Quite the opposite is true! This is a win for everyone! Russia now knows they are not the target and have started being productive partners. All of Europe are winners as Russia's nukes will not be turned on them. The reset button has obviously been reset and we are seeing positive results from it every day. I hear talk that Russia is trying to take the credit for pressing the Reset Button. Russia Tries to Control the Reset Button< /a>

* Who the hell cares who gets credit as long as we all cooperate against Iran and other world problems and proceed successfully and unified into the 21st century!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

Ahhhhhh, Jim, those rose-colored skies that you're admiring, are in reality, a storm brewing on the horizon. Rather than posting a long comment, I'll just say, read my post for today.

an average patriot said...

Brother you know I agree and it is worse than that but we can keep hoping, we have nothing else! I'll be over man!

Demeur said...

Once again Tim nails it. Russia's military was in shambles after the collapse. When Bush got in office and oil shot up they started to rebuild and pointed their missles in our direction again. They're still rebuilding so let's just wait and see. As you say it's all about money. Boeing lost the missles but will probably get the tanker deal. No loss there. They also make many of the drones.

an average patriot said...

Demeur we have a terrible future ahead for the average citizens of the world but a great one for the defense industries!