Saturday, September 19, 2009

It figures that Glen Beck started the Obama Czar non issue!

Democrats and the Great 'Czar' Panic as Obama's 'czars' raise concerns among House Republicans or so they want you think! First I want to point out that this is another created non issue for Republicans to try and get their way. I want to point out that Bush had 47 Czar's and despite all the BS we are hearing about Obama having more czar's than Russia Obama has 30 and he does not call them czars but advisers. Republicans call them czars to create another problem where there is none so they can control things/ That said Bush necessitated many advisers or Czars whatever you want to call them to clean up his never ending crises. Role of Obama's 'czars' questioned Obama calls them advisers Republicans call them czars so they can create an issue where there is none and use it to favor them!

Obama's 'czars' raise concerns among House Republicans

Democrats and the Great 'Czar' Panic

I have been listening to all the BS over what Obama says are advisors and Republicans call Czars. I should have known that this whole controversy was trumped up by Glen Beck! I went looking for the video I saw of him discussing it that I saw and to my surprise he has done this numerous times with Limbaugh and the likes many times and under many Guises. There were so many "784" I thought I would supply the link and let you take your pick if you can stand the insanity! 784 Glen Beck rants on Obama's czars

Why did we not hear a peep about Bush's worthless 47 czars and all of a sudden Obama is a communist because does not have as many? That said right or wrong good or bad Obama's now count twice as large as his cabinet. The Bitch is they are not vetted and only receive the same check a White House intern does. President Obama's Green Czar Van Jones found to be a self proclaimed communist at the very least proves The need for a vetting process for Czars

However I do not have a problem with the use of specialists that Republicans have labeled as czars and call a record number though used them a lot more because they are necessary as experts to focus on the many crises Bush created so we can try to eliminate them. We may need even more to focus and Bush's record number of created and diverse crises!

* In closing Russ Feingold and some others have joined Republicans in the clamor against Obama's czars but the DNC is already fighting back! Our Presidents have been using czars for thirty or forty years. This is just another created nonissue to divert attention away from the critically needed health care reform!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Beck works for media Czar, Rupert Murdoch, and he is doing pretty much his masters bidding, egged on by hate radio Czar, Rush Limbaugh. They are taking control of the language and the argument by using words with sinister connotations, Nazi, Socialist, Communist, Czar.

A pretty cheap trick, but they do whatever works and lies and misinformation is all they have got left.

Demeur said...

Sadly people are buying this shit. I'm seeing more bumper stickers like Palin 2012. They'll buy anything except the truth.
Czars have been around since FDR and by definition are far from socialist.

an average patriot said...

Holte I am sick of these hyped up hyperbolic lies!On one of those videos it is Beck and Limbaugh!

an average patriot said...

Demeur I know it pisses me off, Bush had 47! I am stupefied that anyone can want Palin. Even the dumb ass Bus said she was a space shot!