Monday, September 07, 2009

Iran Redux as Karzai takes 100% of votes in opposition stronghold! Afghan elections have now been annulled!

Afghan Opposition Leader Charges Election Fraud

I have to wonder what is next in Afghanistan or if it even matters to us! With Both sides claiming victory in Afghanistan it is Politics as usual since Bush! Amidst reports of vote rigging and voter intimidation both Abdullah and Karzai are declaring victory. Abdullah and Karzai are both saying they have enough votes to avoid a run-off. The level of voter fraud gets more obvious and worse every day. I am disgusted not with Afghanistan but us, Bush! That scum and the example he set in 2000 and again in 2004 set the example of do what you want to manipulate the vote as long as you gat elected.

The world has learned the lesson well. These are not Democracies we are not a Democracy. Democracy like Religion thanks to Bush has become a code word to enable you to get what you want. Democracy what the hell is that? I said Bush will go down in History as the destroyer of our and he is but I am afraid the scum will succeed in crediting that to Obama too.

These close election since Bush are now routine and all around the frigging world in these so called Democracies and like here always amidst cries of coercion and fraud. Iran succeeded at least for now in stealing their election but I have to wonder what is next in Afghanistan or if it even matters to us!

Iran Redux as Karzai takes 100% of votes in opposition stronghold! Afghan elections have now been annulled! What is next now! I was really amazed to see that almost 500 polling stations had their results of the vote annulled. I shouldn't have been after the thousands of counts of fraud and intimidation. What Karzai's brother did was the final straw and I invite you to read it. All I can wonder is what is next for us and does it really matter in the end!?

Karzai takes 100% of votes in opposition stronghold

Afghan election officials defend vote-counting Yhep they are so good they have now been annulled more than 500 polling stations!

Afghan election results have been anulled

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Democracy is something we are still working on in the western world. It took us many centuries to get were we are, and were we are is still not perfect, sometimes one step forward and two back.

The Afghani people do not grasp the concept. To them it is another way to promote their tribal superiority over each other, corruption is a way of life.

Do we install an American Governor and run the country from Washington? Or do we say, this ain't working? It's getting messier by the day.

an average patriot said...

It is an untennable situation We never should have gotten ourselves in. Hell we would have had scores more success if we had just used drones and intelligance. The successes we have achieved are largely because of that despite our brave soldiers!

Brother Tim said...

I think we would have had 'scores more success' had we beat our swords into plowshares. Intelligence is always skewed to agenda, and drones kill and maim more innocents than 'bad guys'.

The astounding thing is the chickenhawk cowards who order up these wars. To cowardly to fight themselves, they have no trouble with military hubris when they gain power.

Onward Christian Soldiers! How can any sane, rational person believe that somehow God is pleased with this behavior?

an average patriot said...

Hey Brother I just finished preparing something for the morning as I have been short of time trying to be out with my sons while they paint the windows and stuff.
Anyway I was thinking about the thousands of lost lives for nothing as in the end nothing will change.

With the Billions spent it seems to me that with Omar bin Laden and some other leaders as the goal it would have been much cheaper in every respect to use drones for surgical strikes. Without our military there we would have avoided 95% of civilian deaths and 100% of our deaths!

Brother Tim said...

This is the problem, Jim. We must get out of the mindset of killing those that don't agree with us. It's an ignorant mentality that says, "We want peace so bad, we'll kill you to obtain it". My Grandpappy used to say, "Violence is the tool of the ignorant".

You say, "Without our military there we would have avoided 95% of civilian deaths and 100% of our deaths!"

To begin with, if we have drones there, are military IS there. Killing innocents by remote control is still murder, just like looking an unarmed man in the eye and then gunning him down while he begs for his life. Your statistics are hypothetical and un-provable at best. Even assuming they're accurate, that still leaves that 5% of innocents killed. How many innocent deaths are acceptable to you? Are innocent deaths only acceptable if they're Muslim? Or people different from yourself? Is it OK if they're halfway around the world and you don't personally know them? Would you consider it acceptable collateral damage if someone were to attack Massachusetts and kill some of your friends and family that were innocent bystanders? Would you say, "Well, that's just the cost of war, innocent people die"? Or would you be out to extract vengeance on those that commited the atrocity? Tell me what the difference is.

We call others cowardly because they plant IEDs on the roads and set them off remotely to kill our people. Tell me, Jim, what the hell is the difference?

We lambast the insurgents for killing innocents when they blow up armed check-points and police stations, yet when we kill dozens of women and children while sending in a cruise missile to kill one or two 'terrorists', we call it collateral damage.

You can refer to weapons as being 'smart', but artificial intelligence will never replace human intelligence. There are too many split-second variations to contend with.

We like to strut around like peacocks, full of bravado and hubris, bragging about how 'mean and bad' our Special Forces are. If they're so damned 'mean and bad', why aren't they going in and taking these guys out one at a time? Oh, I forgot, because they run into stuff like Takur Ghar, where they get their asses handed to 'em on a platter.

I don't want to sound anti-American, but our military can only fight high-tech and from the air. I still remember at the start of the Iraq war, when we were crying about the night-vision goggles the Iraqis were getting from Syria. It was OK for US to be using them, but it was a no-no for the Iraqis to have them. When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, we suck! We love war when it's the other side getting killed. We don't have the stomach for it when our own come home in bodybags. We had better hope and pray we never have to deal with a high-tech enemy, an enemy who when confronted, has the ability to call in their own air support with hell-fire and cruise missiles. This is the reason we don't mess with the Chinese or the Russians. We don't make war with people who have the means to fight on a level battlefield.

End all war and occupation of foreign soil. Close all bases that are not within our own borders. We'd not only have enough money to give every citizen of this country free health care, we could provide it for all the illegals too.

Just my two gigabytes worth. :)


And we are financing this imbecile Karzai's ambition?

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna
Karzai is corrupt and it seems to be the norm for leaders today! Now that there is going to be a draw off maybe things will be more controlled and fairer now but as you all know this is just sick!

Since Bush in 2000 dirty Politics and election fraud have become the norm. This is not Democracy. Look at Iran, Iraq, us, anywhere.

I was just having coffee watching how bad Highway 101 is, the one road between Kabul and Kandahar. After $300 million dollars it is Taliban controlled and as bad as ever.

We have to get the hell out of there. They do not want their freedom only freedom from us to kill each other. Give it to them!

an average patriot said...

Brother whether we like it or not they are going to stay there until we get thrown out and it is sick!

Anyway no collateral damage or war is acceptable to me but what I think does not matter.

If we were fighting for our own turf the whole ballgame would be different to me but if someone I know or in my family gets wounded or killed I would be there for them of course but this is me and you know, shit happens.

I think no differently if it is me or mine or a total stranger. My sons all know that and are the same way!