Saturday, September 12, 2009

The anti Obama frenzy is purely because many whites are angry that Obama was elected by black racists and guilty white people, they are rebelling!

Jesse Lee Peterson: Obama elected by black racists and guilty white people

President Obama's unforgivable sin is that he is black and many angry racist whites feel they lost control of what they wrongly think is their America. This as we have been saying from day one will not stop until something horrendous happens. This is all simply because Obama is Black and I do not see something the scope of our Revolution in 1776 when 600,000 Americans were killed but something will come of this and the angry whites will not like it!

Obama is guilty of being Black! We thought we had finally achieved something great, a bit of equality, what America really stands for by getting Obama elected as President of the United States. What we did was unveil the reality of America, Racist America and I fear it will not go way but will get much worse.

We elected Obama as President because he was the best person for the job of leading us out of the dark tunnel Bush had us in. We thought we found our shining knight. There are too many that do not want our America fixed and worse they do not want a Black man as President and will never accept it or stop. All of the asinine crap we have been watching from day one can tolerate racial equality but only on their terms and if they as white Americans control America.

They will tolerate racial equality if forced to however to a lot of white Americans a Black President is unacceptable! I am physically sick at what we have been seeing from day one and what we saw at President Obama's health care speech from imbecilic Republicans and sadly it gets worse every day.

Retired Congressman Tom Tancredo who I can not stomach was hooting and hollering when Congressman Joe Wilson interrupted President Obama when he reiterated that illegal immigrants will not be covered period by his healthcare reform Bill yelling "You're a Liar" Obama coolly said "not true" and Lindsey Graham another idiot I can not stand had the audacity to say Obama has a combative attitude.

He has not been combative enough and he better start and now! Republicans were acting like town hall crazies. Obama said during his speech he was going to "call out" anyone who attempted to lie about his health care Bill he has not. He should have started with Joe Wilson. Wilson's idiocy has been a great fund raiser for those running for his seat and it better make people see once and for all what the R really stands for, Racism!

Looking at Cantor and Boehner's smug expressions and watching Cantor texting on his Blackberry while President Obama was speaking was appalling. Someone of consequence should speak up and they did not. We know this will cost around a trillion dollars and these idiots are playing childish games and holding up signs and placards. I am appalled I keep hearing Republican pundits saying it was great. It was asinine call them out!

Their performance was appalling and calling Obama a liar was the final straw. Their phenomenal disrespect was never displayed to a white President even though some have deserved it. This verbal ignorance is a normal part of British Politics but not American Politics. Wilson rudely interrupting Obama's speech yelling calling him a liar proves regardless of how much he deserves it there is no respect for Obama because he is Black!

This beginning to end is all about Obama being Black! The Birthers who think Obama is a subversive born in Kenya is only the ignorant excuse, In reality Obama is guilty of being Black! Republicans in an uproar over Obama speaking to their school students had less to do with the great words coming from a liberal and their children might like Democrats than it had to do with President Obama being a Black man.

This has nothing to do with being born in America or his liberal Politics it is all about him being Black! Whites going to town halls brandishing side arms even semi automatic weapons saying we are going to take our country back is all about a certain segment of the white population taking back what they think is their country from a Black President and Black America.

* In closing we hear: Obama's agenda is driven by reparations and a desire to settle old racial scores" We are going to get the Nigga's out" what have we not heard? Reverend Jesse Peterson, a Black man, said Obama was elected by millions of Black Racists and white people who felt guilty for the way Blacks have been treated in the past. " Obama wants death panels" Obama wants to euthanize the elderly" All the accusations of Obama being a Nazi and being a closet Muslim it is all about Obama being Black. Being Black is the problem, Once again the more things change the more they remain the same or in this case get worse!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

That about covers it I would say.

Big Whore Media allows a few an ongoing voice and thus there is instant credibility.

It is about race and a black sellout can always be found.

We hear nothing from the black Caucus.

Since I didn't expect anything I'm not too disappointed.

I think the chances are real good we've lost this battle and don't realize it.

It's not getting better but is getting worse.

Good post Jim!

an average patriot said...

Thanks Tom
I do not like this! I just got off the phone with my son who is a gun toting Republican and this is just what we talked about. He said he is one of them and is ready to stand up. We had a pretty fucked up conversation and I told him he will not like the way it turns out. I don't friggen like this!

Holte Ender said...

The whites are behaving like they did in the 1960s, when de-segregation, civil rights etc., threatened their America. They don't have a George Wallace to rally them now, a few Carolinian politicians are calling "Waterloo" and "Lie", but they are still a mob to be reckoned with. They have media types giving them moral support, I am not sure "moral" is the right word, but support nonetheless.

The "... verbal ignorance is a normal part of British politics . . ." statement is, I can only assume, a reference to the 30 minutes per week, when the Prime Minister takes questions from the house members.
Called Prime Minister Question Time, this half hour per week, is when the CEO is accountable to the other members of Parliament, although it is rowdy and boisterous, no one gets called a liar, unless they want to be escorted from the chamber and probably suspended from attending further sessions. The Prime Minister has to think on his feet, mostly the sessions are quite humorous. Only JFK, Clinton, Obama and maybe LBJ could have excelled in such a hostile environment. Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, W, would have folded like a cheap suit without their speechwriters to guide their words. But, the President is more than a CEO, he is the Head of State too, Gordon Brown is not. Heads of State should be treated with a little more respect, because they represent the office. The office of the presidency deserves honoring, even if a person thinks the President does not.
Normal British politics is usually quite sedate, almost boring, bit like watch C-span on a wet Wednesday.
"Verbal" maybe, "Ignorance" not.

an average patriot said...

Holte I am very concerned! They do not care if he is half white it put Blacks so the angry whites think on equal footing and in charge of their America. They are really peeved and this will blow,

I am almost embarrassed but I happened to talk to one of my sons a lifer in the military and this was the big topic. I love the kid he is my eldest but he is a gun toting liberal and one that has had enough of the Black situation and is ready to stand tall when this comes down. I do not like this at all!

This will eventually blow up and the bastard Republicans are instigating it. They will get their 2nd revolution but like I told my son they will not like the way it turns out!

Brother Tim said...

"...he is a gun toting liberal..."

Is this a typo??????? :)

an average patriot said...

Funny! Yeah it is, he hates Obama! I guess I shouldn't repeat what he was saying about Obama and what is happening in the country but he is ready to do his share and then some, against Obama. I really am bummed!


Hi James,

I happened to stumble on a part of a talk show on Fox the other day (can't tell you which show) featuring Michelle Malkin and two other fellows. I think they were discussing Malkin's latest book "Culture of Corruption" or something like that.

I was surprised that a book has already been published branding Obama's presidency as corrupt barely half a year after his election! If that isn't being demagogical, I don't know what is...

Fortunately, the two fellows with whom Malkin was arguing were a bit more circumspect and asked a few sensible questions. Malkin's answers and arguments were terribly petty, almost nutty; she typified the ultra right-wing-Christianofantical-Islam hater sort of person, the nutty, no rhyme or reason type -- all righteous and hollow, who hates Obama for God knows not what reason!

My initial reaction after after watching the show was "Gosh, they really hate Obama!" Terrifying thought.

And to think there are so many other Americans like her; ordinary folks but who dare publish their hatred of Obama!

I begin to really wonder whether there's not a bit of racial discrimination involved.

Your president must be extra careful. I fear there are whackos around who probably are so blinded by his race, his colour, they are capable of doing the unthinkable.


ooops, "who probably are so blinded by their hatred for his race,..."

an average patriot said...

Hi Anna
If you watched that fascist Malkin that was Fox 25, anyway it really kills me that this is all about angry whites wanting their America back but her book is out now as they every minute every day do what they can to scare the people and create Obama's Waterloo. It is sick because they will be creating all our Waterloo but they only care about their party.