Saturday, August 22, 2009

Afghanistan must honor our troops and their citizens and legitimize their election!

Afghanistan's presidential rivals claim victory

With Both sides claiming victory in Afghanistan it is Politics as usual since Bush! Amidst reports of vote rigging and voter intimidation both Abdullah and Karzai are declaring victory. Abdullah and Karzai are both saying they have enough votes to avoid a runoff. First, the brave citizens who defied the Taliban's threats and violence should be commended for wanting their leader and Democracy enough to come out and vote.

At least in disrupting and preventing the election the Taliban has failed. However if both sides declare victory it will delegitimize our efforts over there more importantly all our men and women over there for all our NATO forces. I have to hope the two front runners President Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah honor their Brave citizens and America's considerable effort and keep this election process honorable though I admit that would be too much to ask in our own sad Political state.

This is another test for Afghanistan's young Democracy. One man who came out of the poll with his young son after voting said we have only one life at the end of the day as in Iran Women came out in large numbers and carried the day Despite Taliban intimidation and violence. After just 3 polling stations were counted both sides see things in their favor but real results should start trickling in by August 25th with final results due around September 5th.

I did hear that one person with a voting card admitted that he was only 13 years old. I can only hope voting fraud in whatever shape was not wide spread and whoever wins the election it is legitimized and they can quell the violence as Abdullah and his supporters are confident he can do and we can get the heck out of there as soon as possible.

Our multiple millions spent on our efforts in Afghanistan are not my only concern but it might be with our $12 trillion in Debt and our rapid slide towards bankruptcy.
Karzai, Abdullah teams claim wins in Afghan vote

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Brother Tim said...

It doesn't matter how the election turns out, or who wins; we're not getting out of Afghanistan until, like Viet Nam, the American people demand it. And that won't happen for some time.

"Get me a beer and hand me the remote, Honey, American Idol is about to come on."

Demeur said...

Tim's right on this. And Afghanistan has less of a chance of being a country than Viet Nam. It's made up of loose knit tribes and corruption is the order of the day. I've talked to a few Vietnam vets who say we should get out.

an average patriot said...

Damn Brother when all my wishes are said and done you know I agree with you!

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur
I know, I do agree! I have it if you want it but have you ever read the Taliban get their wish? They have us right where they want us. Right here and along the border on both sides all the way to and including Iran Is where they have long thought the battle for the end of days to occur.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I also agree, it doesn't really matter who wins and I also don't think that any president etc. would have too much power/influence anyway...

Re the Taliban: they do herrass the afghan people, that is a reason to stand by the people of afghanistan against the taliban.
the question is only if the allies can and want to afford it and if it is for the greatest good. - If not, we shouldn't do it.

everybody does usually have an opinion whether they want the troops in or out. But I think we would get a whole lot further, if there was a change of tactics and if negociation techniques would play a much bigger part. Shoot first and ask questions later is not the answer, because the results suck.

an average patriot said...

Sarah I wish we would just get out and help from here. We played right into the Taliban's hands. They love having us tapped there. I do not believe the majority of Afghani's want a Democracy. If they did they would be fighting the way Pakistan and its citizens are!

Dave Dubya said...

Unlike Americans, I do not think Afghans are duped by this democracy charade.

The only lesson we are teaching Afghans is what they've already witnessed. Empires come and go. And NONE of them are democracies to begin with, let alone bring them democracy.

an average patriot said...

Damn straight Dave!
I am not crying uncle and I could not anyway I have sons in this. In the Taliban get their wish which you can google, this is right where they want is. They are as happy as pigs in shit!