Sunday, August 02, 2009

Politicians increasingly fear town hall meetings thanks to Republicans. Birther's and the incredible shrinking party!

Birthers upsetting town hall meeting

I was doing my damnedest to avoid discussing this because it is asinine to say Barack Obama san not be the President because he is an illegal alien, There are fools that say he was born in Kenya. Heck that means we should arrest him! What the heck is this? It is getting worse and worse, to me as the angry southern whites get increasingly desperate to regain control of their America. It is not just southern citizens it is being fed by southern members of Congress.

I do not care what they use for an excuse. What is known as the birther movement being prosecuted by the tea baggers has nothing to do with Obama proving his citizenship which at this point is not even an issue but an excuse. 77% of Americans believe Obama was born here 11% believe he was not born here, 9 out of 10 around the country believe he was. Heck you do not get as far as he did and not to have already resolved the issue of your citizenship.

However Having said that, many Southerners believe that he is not an American or so they say. I was stunned the other day watching a Republican town hall meeting and a Woman there started a ruckus and the entire meeting erupted with people saying Obama is an illegal alien and they all started singing God Bless America! This will not stop it will only get worse as the angry whites of the Republican party get increasingly desperate of losing their grip on what they perceive is their America. Born in the USA prove it? That us insane. That is not their issue that is their excuse to continue to whip people into a frenzy. It was obvious watching and listening to the video being born in the USA is not the issue. Being Black is!

I am sick of the lunatic fringe of the Republican party inciting unrest since day one. This is no joke! The Congresswoman from Tennessee says people are losing faith in our system because Obama is an illegal President. They can not really believe we would give our country away. Their are Republicans trying to push through a bill making you prove your citizenship before you run for President. People are losing faith because it is the sole goal of many Republicans to incite unrest.

I am sick of Republicans refusing to speak any sense in order to feed the wacko wing of their party to incite unrest. That lunatic outburst is just the latest to incite lone wolfs too action until Those on the right who have been calling for it from day one can incite their second revolution. Some Republican Senators are still saying Obama is undocumented in spite of being shown his birth announcement and birth certificate. They insist he is not a valid citizen so is not our President. This is sick and just another way to incite violence and unrest.

I have been saying from day one that yes there are those messing with him for every possible reason they can find but it all boils down to him being black! Racist republicans many but not all from the South feel they lost control of their America and they do not like it! Many of you might have seen it but I watched someone Chasing Republican Senators around Washington trying to find out if they thought Obama was an American and why they were feeding this BS Birther movement.

They kept running away and would not answer. They do not have the guts to speak the truth and say of course he is! They want to placate the nut jobs in the south and keep them riled up. This is really sick and divisive. I saw a confusing poll on Kos breaking down those that question Obama's citizenship. 93% of Democrats believe he is while only 42 % of Republicans say yes. More telling is that broken down by region 6% of those in the North East said no, 12% in the West, 12% in the North West, and a whopping 67% from the South believe he is not an American.

That tells me it is all about Racism! That idiot Eric Cantor tried to blame the birther movement on Democrats. Thanks to Republicans Politicians of both parties are beginning to fear town hall meetings and there will be many this month as Republicans try to swift boat health care and turn the people against Obama. Right wing operatives are telling there rabid people to attend Democratic town hall " mauls" and disrupt them creating as much chaos as possible.

* In closing, Between Birthers and Republicans trying to make Health care Obama's Waterloo there is going to be a lot of action out there during this working vacation. Keep your eyes on the town hall meetings held this month. At the very least Senators are going to have a very interesting working vacation!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


an average patriot said...

I have to run down the cape to see some family I have not seen in 10 years but I will be back to respond to any questions. Have a nice day!

Holte Ender said...

Patriot - The birthers are up there with the people who: Think The US Government conducted the attacks on 9/11; Think that the moon landing was faked; Say they were abducted by aliens and returned safely to earth.

The media commentators are just out after ratings on the backs of nuts, and republican politicians won't stand up to their constituents, to preserve their jobs. All in all pretty sick.

Dusty said...

I am glad the Birther's are in the spotlight Jim. They show the world how whacked-out the base of the Rethug party really is!

Keep em coming you rightwing nutters!

ps..put this up as today's Daily Feature Jim. ;)

Demeur said...

Yep Holte that's what I'd want to do. Blow up our own buildings. Spend billions of dollars on a hoax. And travel billions of miles to probe some redneck's ass.

Dave Dubya said...

The trouble with all this wacko Right Wing sci-fi is that gullible idiots eat this up. Fear mongering is what the Reich Wing does and it works. Corporate media even facilitates the nonsense.

The Kool-ade is still being poured by the corporate media down Americans throats. And way too many of them swallow.

an average patriot said...

Holte I know, it's unbelievable isn't it? I am concerned because many are starting to buy into the lying and fear mongering.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Dusty I love it!
I am very concerned! I have a hard core right winger that reads my stuff on a media site I write on. He was warning of 2010 and 2012. Thar depends on how many people they lie and fear monger into their pup tent!

an average patriot said...

Damn straight Dave! That is my big concern.

Karen said...

Birthers = desperate

btw, I agree with all the comments here!