Thursday, August 06, 2009

The way is paved for normalized relations with North Korea whatever that is! What's this mean?

Hillary Clinton reiterates call for North Korea talks

Clinton May Pave Way for Talks With Spotlight on Kim

After Hillary and her mouth I understand the reporters called their mothers on July 18th and said it would take a visit by Bill Clinton and they would be released. A photo op and a 3 hour meal and bingo! I heard Kim Jong Il may be scared that America may kidnap and kill his son after
he hands over the office.

Any way you look at it this is a big victory for Bill Clinton. but an even bigger victory for Kim Jong Il. Bill Clinton is back on the world stage he can feel important again and you know he loves the attention as much as Kim Jong Il does. Kim Jong Il got the big prize a one on one with President Clinton. That is big!

Kim Jong Il got Bill Clinton on his soil a three hour meal a photo op and an apology. A win, win for both of them. Kim Jong Il is in his glory. He has not looked this good in years. The little Ill Il can now go on TV and tell his starving people see how important and powerful we are. We are so important and I am so powerful that we were visited by such a powerful man as President Clinton.

I wonder if he will tell them we will now give them food and they can eat something other than rat again? I believe the biggest benefit of this will be Kim Jong Un! North Korea's ailing leader, Kim Jong Il, has settled on his third son, 26-year-old Kim Jong Un, as his successor as you may know. I would have to say a new era will begin once he takes control and the stage has now been set for that. North Korea's ailing leader, Kim Jong Il, has settled on his third son, 26-year-old Kim Jong Un, as his successor.

Politics of North Korea Visit

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Patriot - I think we know that Bill Clinton didn't go to North Korea as a private citizen, he had all the backing and blessings of the White House. It was a diplomatic mission, not quite back door diplomacy, Clinton is still too big on the world stage for such a description, but North Korea is desperate for attention and desperate leaders do desperate things. The glory of the visit by Clinton has to last Kim the rest of his life, it won't happen again.

an average patriot said...

Oh yeah Holte! We all knew the Government was behind it from day one while of course they denied it. They still are even though Gore thanked them on TV for their hard work and involvement from day one.

It was good top see Gore and Clinton back together. There is a big role moving forward for both of them. Immediately right here pooh poohing the town maulers and those trying to make Obama's Waterloo. Their need is immediate and now. Dem efforts to combat this is anemic at best!

an average patriot said...

By the way I tried to comment on your site yesterday but my computer shut off so I said screw it, sorry!

Demeur said...

It's difficult to say what will happen here. I recall the Chinese trying to negotiate with Il a few years back with no success. The one good thing is that Kim Jong Un was educated in the west. That may be a plus if the Chinese can move him to a market economy when he takes power. That is assuming the military doesn't take power first.
This is like looking at China in the 60s if you know what I mean. Wonder if they play ping pong?

Demeur said...

Oh and I'm sure you heard Russia had subs off our coast. If your worried don't be. They've had subs off our coast since the 60s. It was a cat and mouse game with our Air Force, but you should have known that Jim.

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur
I heard about those subs. I understand they are around so prospective buyers like India see they are worth buying. Made sense to me!
As for Un I think the way is being paved for him. I know he was educated in the West and like his Father enjoys our frills but I understand he is more ruthless than his Father.

The verdict is still out with him hell I have never heard a thing about him, when he went to school it was even cloak and dagger.

Evelyn said...

We gathered dozens of news clips from around the world covering the Clinton trip to North Korea, and created this 4-minute overview FYI:

an average patriot said...

Thank you Evelyn it will be interesting to see what happens when his son takes the helm!

susana said...

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