Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Allies Hamas? The Grim face of a Warrior of God, Massacre at Rafah!

Islamists killed after challenging Hamas

Hamas massacres 24 Al Qaeda destroying a Mosque as they help themselves and the West! This is just one more instance but the more I try to be in the know the more I find out I don't know. I thought Hamas was the undisputed ruler in Gaza and the enemy of Israel where Fatah was willing to make room for Israel.

The more I learn the more convoluted this too is getting. I learned that many of the bombings in Gaza I for one attributed to Hamas was actually done by any of the hundreds of groups springing up in Gaza to replace Hams as they are thought of as being too liberal. Not Islamist enough, too liberal, Hamas? Many of the bombings of internet cafe's and foreign schools have actually been performed by foreign Groups smuggling in weapons and explosives.

They have been doing much of the dirty work for Hamas so have been tolerated. Friday Junut Ansar Allah (Soldiers of Allah's Supporters), Abd al-Latif Musa made a crucial mistake. His supporters growing in numbers have been increasingly calling for him to declare the birth of an Islamic emirate in Gaza. What a mistake and it was his last. ANALYSIS / Hamas swiftly crushes challenge to its rule in Gaza

Jund Ansar Allah is only one of several tiny radical Islamist groups that have sprung up to challenge Hamas because they have not imposed Islamic law. Stupid me I thought they did. I guess there is no halfway! Hamas leaves how strict you want to be up to the people. That sounds good to me. Isn't that a Democracy?

Those radical groups want to see a regime similar to the one in Sudan and other Islamic countries where thieves have their arms amputated and those found guilty of adultery are stoned to death. What about women's rights? A girls right to education? Women's rights? Looking at the face Abd al-Latif Musa he was scary as hell. Rule under him would have been brutal. Radical Leader Killed in Gaza Clashes

The more I learn the more I think that Israel better be thankful for Hamas and hope they stay in power. I thought Hamas and Al Qaeda was bad. I did not know there were so many smaller groups willing to challenge them because they are not strict enough. One by one Hamas is killing them off. It was a pleasure to watch them annihilate each other. Jonathan Kay on Jund Ansar Allah and the intra-Islamist showdown ...

While its great that Muslims butcher each other "over there" because they can not even tolerate each others differences and they have the weapons to do so closer to home, now throughout the west, Muslims are trying to remove our freedoms through a thousand cuts. Their demands for sharia law are now part of English common law. They demand, by this always outraged theocracy, we change our school food, swimming pools, clothing rules, anything to pressure our tolerant society to bow to their wishes. What's next?

Somehow we think Muslims will change and throw off the yoke of their religion that has kept the Muslim world a dead zone for a thousand years when they come here. Check out the "honor killings" and the number of full veil burkhas around Muslim areas in Toronto. That will never happen! We seem to be able to accept their differences If only they would accept ours and we would honor their lands.

I understand that the thought is that Fatah has had a hand in arming groups seeking to overthrow Hamas. After looking at all these groups how strict and vicious they are one look at the scary as heel vicious face of just one on their killer religious leaders Abd al-Latif Musa will make you think Israel and the US should make an effort to work with Hamas! Jund Ansar Allah group was armed by Fatah operatives, Hamas claims

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

You say that Israel would be better off dealing with Hamas and you are probably right, one radical bunch over a more radical bunch.

Sharia law in Britain is no more than an Arbitration Court, to deal with marital problems, financial disputes, nuisance neighbors etc., in the Muslim communities. Any Muslim who commits crimes against society in general will answer to British Law. It has freaked out some politicians and voters, who believe they have two systems of law running side-by-side. I don't believe Sharia is a threat to common law, but there is no doubt, it has a foothold.

Dave Dubya said...

"They demand, by this always outraged theocracy, we change our school food, swimming pools, clothing rules, anything to pressure our tolerant society to bow to their wishes. What's next?"

Don't look now, but the Texas state board of education is mandating Bible education throughout the entire state...In PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

Theocrats are the enemies of freedom everywhere.

Demeur said...

The two sets of laws are becoming a problem. We wouldn't expect to go to a muslim country and not follow their laws. In Britain you have honor killings and female circumcision that are nothing more than murder and abuse.

So Dave what happens in Texas if you choose not to participate because you're an atheist?

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
I have to laugh because I just discovered one last critical story as Abbas slams Hamas fight with Salafis in Gaza but agrees Dialogue with Hamas is inevitable

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
That pisses me off! Like you I believe in separation of Church and State along with there is a place for everything. Religion's place is Church not schools. It has been tried before but I do not like it at all!

an average patriot said...

I hate to be naive and I'll look it up but I can't say I ever heard of female circumcision!

Holte Ender said...

Considering that females are lacking a foreskin, 'circumcision' is an incorrect term, 'genital mutilation' or 'infibulation' is probably what is meant. Just another way of abusing women.

an average patriot said...

Okay I got you, I have heard of that but still have to look it up, thanks!

Dave Dubya said...


They are still haggling the details.


Senate OKs Bill for School Bible Classes

AUSTIN — The Senate easily passed and sent to the governor a bill Wednesday to teach Bible classes to high school students, but lawmakers immediately disagreed on whether the measure would make the courses mandatory.

Legislative leaders differed on whether school districts may offer the religion studies course, or whether they are obligated to do so if 15 or more students sign up for it. Both "may" and "shall" show up in different sections of the House bill that the Senate passed 28-2 without changing.

Sen. Craig Estes, R-Wichita Falls, sponsor of the legislation in the Senate, said his legislative intent clearly is to require school districts to offer the Bible course if at least 15 students sign up for it.

However, Rep. Scott Hochberg, D-Houston, noted that the House Public Education Committee specifically removed "shall" from the original legislation, House Bill 1287, which, he said, allows local school districts to decide whether to offer the course, intended to give students a fuller appreciation of religion's role in society.

"We'll just have to get some experts to look at it," Estes said after being told of Hochberg's interpretation of the bill.

Brother Tim said...

Bible education in schools could be a positive thing. Look at what the kids are learning from the far-right Evangelical Bible teaching. An objective course could help straighten them out.

As for the Muslims, our biggest mistake is lumping them all together. I've been preaching for years that Muslims are as diverse as Christians. Although they all self-identify as 'Christian', there is a world of difference between Roman Catholics, Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons, and a slew of Evangelicals, et al.

Dave Dubya said...

My high school senior english lit class was assigned to read the Bible as literature. I thought it was a good presentation. No interpretation was put forth as the "correct" one.

an average patriot said...

Brother You may be right brother but I think it belongs in the Church.

Dave that is fine but they should have given the choice of the Bible, Koran, or Torah, or anything else you'd desire.

Holte Ender said...

Dave - How did they manage to slip the bible into your English Lit. class? Pretty sneaky.

Dave Dubya said...

The Lit teacher was cool. He got some flack at first. He urged us all to think for ourselves about what the Bible said. He encouraged us to question, examine and challenge the contents while discovering the wisdom, art, and beauty within as well.

After this was explained to the rest of the school and community, nobody complained anymore.

It was one of a very few high school classes where independent thought was nurtured. We went on to Shakespeare and other classics as well, of course. Imagine my fun giving "book reports" on Orwell and Huxley.

Needless to say, this guy was my favorite teacher that year.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Interesting discussion. I can see everybody's point, but would also like to point out that people do tend to generalize rather than seeing every individual and every group for what they are. Brother Tim has got a very good point here when he points out the differences.

religion: I heard it means "reconnecting to God". So really this should be the most important activity of all, no matter what we do and which faith we have.
However: unfortunately those of you who point out the evil that originates from religious activities are also spot on.

BUT it's people abusing religion, it's not religion itself!
You'll find people doing good and bad things in every faith and I think every religion should do more to tighten it's own security and throw those terrorists out, so it doesn't drag everybody else and their faith down.
Because we are talking about few individuals only who are terrorizing others and make it look as if the whole faith was bad!

Israel: how many of you are in touch with people from Israel or other countries from the middle east? It's very easy for a journalist to come up with a video or an interview which shows just how bad and wrong this and that is and it's always sooo shocking. - Sells good, that's why they do it!
But if you talk to the people, it all of a sudden becomes a very different story.

How many of the israeli soldiers do you think are enjoying what they are doing? Do you really think the avarage soldier sees all arabs as the enemy? Truth is, they don't have a choice at all, they're being drafted whether they like it or not and their main concern is whether they get out of it alive or not and not some hate-campaign. And you would also be surprised to learn that many do actually have arab friends and wish to and do help the arab community on their own time!

As for myself I am just amazed that the people in my life who have actually gotten ahold of me and are teaching me about peace and gentler ways of handling conflicts and are convincing me that my own personal agressive ways aren't the optimal choice, are in fact people from the middle east who come from places where you wouldn't wanna go. That definitely has taught me a lesson and I am seriously considering what they are saying and changing my ways.

So don't buy all that crap from the media. They're just selling scandals for money and to gain an advantage or to get people upset and arguing. Just don't fall for the bait.

an average patriot said...

Dave he sounds cool, I had one of those in 8th grade who remains a friend for life!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah
I might have said it her but Religion used in moderation and properly manged is designed to be the savior of society.
It is perverted as Bush and the Islamists do to be the bane of society to follow a selfish perverted cause.