Monday, August 17, 2009

The children of the world at war!!

Taliban Legacy of using children at war!

Originally I was going to do a story I knew would be controversial as I was going to discuss the convoluted strengthening relationship between "the Great Satan and the Government of Pakistan even as the hate for the US by the Pakistani people continues. Lord knows you can not fault them for that. We have earned it! Pakistan can't admit it but we did them a favor killing Mehsud because Pakistanis oppose the Taliban but still revile US. I was sent something I have to discuss that is more important and it is not just the Taliban kidnapping little children to be used as suicide bombers or forced to fight for them. So I am just going to supply the links on the changing relationship between Pakistan and the US since President Zadari'es election and now the death of Mehsud. Killing of Militant Shows Cementing us-Pakistan Ties

Poll: Pakistanis oppose Taliban, still revile US

For the last week or so I have been seeing stories that the Taliban was kidnapping boys to be used as suicide bombers and to fight for them. I thought that was pretty much expected as it happens all over the world. I watched a special on Islam and how little kids are taught to hate kill and even die! It focused on Afghanistan and Palestine where tiny kids who had family killed by Israel said they wish they could be Hamas to kill Jews. This brainwashing of children to carry on adults old hatreds has to stop if we are to put an end to these traditional hatreds and killings.

Looking at the facts in the below link compelled me to post The children of the world at war!!
Check out "A Taliban Legacy: Using Children as Weapons : ALL THINGS PAKISTAN"

I know I am from the old school, I mean 1776! Thomas Jefferson thought principles were inate and so did I.Researching him and experiencing the world today makes me realize those of us with principles are a dying breed. Stupid me I have been disgust at the lack of morality I have seen since Bush. Nothing should surprise me any more but it always does.

Stupid me I grew up with the warrior code and still have it. I believe in doing the right thing and living by example. Anyway I do not understand that the Taliban was kidnapping and brainwashing kids as young as 9 to fight for them. I was a bit surprised to find that Baitullah Mehsud also recruited little kids to fight for him. Level of duty determined by brains and physical prowess. Seems to me like the small and unintelligent would be chosen as suicide bombers.

In the all things Pakistan link it was noted that 300 or 400 kids were kidnapped to fight for the Taliban. Also that 250,000 young boys were used to fight in wars around the world. The link below uses 300,000. Even young girls are recruited to fight and die. After watching them fight in Africa for years in Darfur Somalia and other parts of Africa along with everywhere else in the world
Experiences of child soldiers

* In closing it is harder than ever to be a child anywhere today let alone fighting and killing and dying as a way of life before you even hit puberty. At any rate II would expect the number of children being used to wage war to be well over a million and growing. If we are to end these often age old wars we have got to start with the children, reach them and reeducate them.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Border Explorer said...

The warmongers don't care who is the "cannon fodder" (as they used to call it) as long as it is not them or their children. The US does not hesitate to support wars of regimes that recruit children--eg. Contras in Nicaragua in the '80's.

Demeur said...

Sadly Jim nothing's really changed in hundreds of years. And even if these children don't fight directly they are affected by war with property destruction and the loss of life.

Dave Dubya said...

It is very easy for us to rightly view the Taliban as the epitome of evil cloaked in religion.

It's not so easy for us to see our own government as evil, no matter how many children were slaughtered in Bush's wars.

If Bush was born in Afghanistan he would certainly have been one of the most brutal of the Taliban.

Holte Ender said...

Very disturbing post, but whether the Taliban use children or grown men as their vehicles for death and destruction, it is still a tactic, terrorism is a tactic, usually for some political aim. What do the Taliban want? They have no military industrial complex, where do they get their arms from? The biggest arms exporters are: the USA, Britain, Russia, Germany and France, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. So the Taliban must be getting their arms from us and our friends, paid for by Poppies and oil. So US troops are being shot at with bullets that could have been manufactured in their home town.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...



an average patriot said...

I know it is sick! Things are so topsy turvy as you know. I no longer worry about myself but the terrible future facing the kids in this terrible mess we will leave them. I so wanted to pass on the beautiful America I was born into.

an average patriot said...

I know Demeur
Sadly weapons are more dangerous wars more frequent and the kids getting younger. I do not like what I see in the future.

an average patriot said...

Bush's poppy crop is paying for the weapons purchased from our enemies. This is all a damn cycle. Wars to poise for the future. Eventually there will be no future.

an average patriot said...

You know what I said about my childhood, some would call it hell but it was pure paradise to me. The world was so different 50 years ago. I wanted to pass my portion on as I was born into it or better but now I feel for my grand kids and all future generations. We have seen the best!

an average patriot said...

Religion is supposed to be the savior of society but it appears throughout history especially now to be the biggest barrier to peace!

Karen said...

The photos say it all... sadly. :o(

Brother Tim said...

Good post, Jim! This is a very complex issue. Your idea is vital, but it is only one small part of an intricate solution.

Human beings, no matter where they're at, or where they're from, will fight with what is available to them. If the Taliban, al-Qaeda, or the Palestinians had predator drones, cruise missiles, advanced fighter jets and bombers, etc, etc, etc, they probably would not be using children to fight.

Convincing them to stop recruiting and using children is a noble thought. However, it's also a noble thought to look at the situation from the other's perspective. These peoples are, in fact, being driven into subjegation by hegemonious and iron-fisted countries like the U.S. and Israel. Instead of using the mantra of 'Live and let live', we insist on 'My way or the die way'.

The main difference between Middle-Easterners and Westerners is this: Bombing the snot out of them will not drive them into submission; it will only strengthen their resolve. History bears this out.

No one seems to understand, that if we were to back off, this problem would most likely be minimized. Unfortunately, avarice and a mistaken sense of entitlement to the world's resources stops us from doing that.

Most of what all these 'bad guys' are doing is reactive, not proactive. Put yourself in their sandals, my friend. What would you be doing?

BTW-- I've read your biblical comments and am digesting them. However, I did put up a new post today.

Peace and Grace :)

an average patriot said...

I know Karen

Brother digest away Bud I will be interested in hearing your unbiased opinion, it is something to ponder and hell you have the pond!

You know, it is sick but you are right that if they had money and high tech weapons they wouldn't use kids. I guess they are the poor man's weapon. Very sad indeed. As long as there is man there will be war!