Sunday, August 30, 2009

Obama gets 30 death threats per day 400 total, now a Pastor wants him Dead! when will this blow?

Anderson's Sermon why God and I hate Obama

You know, back when President Obama first announced he was going to run for President I started voicing my concerns of growing racism and a fear that America would end up divided Black against White. That has turned sadly to be true but sadly only a small part of it and it gets more vitriolic every day. At this point I have done so many stories to keep you updated as we devolve into the chaos the so called Right have purposely worked hard for so they can have their second armed Revolution. It gets worse and more vile every day as the extremists on the right get increasingly desperate. Barack Obama faces 30 death threats a day, stretching US Secret ...

Remember this? Republicans are purposely inciting the population to arm themselves heavily and out and out calling for armed revolution against President Obama and the Government. They have already been directly responsible for cop shootings by citizens who are told by Republicans that Obama is going to take their guns. This is really sick and there must be a law. Isn't this illegal? Shouldn't we arrest them? Isn't this treason? Terrorism? This can't be legal! CBS Warns of 'Right-Wing' 'Anti-Government' Extremism

The Republicans are undermining Obama and society, this will not be good, mark my words! War mongering hate mongering fear mongering Chuck Norris calling for a revolution against Obama, Michelle Bachmann for armed revolution, Hannity Limbaugh, Beck, Norris, Coulter stress, lost jobs, Lost houses, financial collapse, degrading society. This is growing and hell it will get much worse. Mark my words! I am sickened by how militant the right has openly become. They are threatening WW3 against Democrats. Calling for armed Revolution against Obama who is supposedly destroying the America Bush already destroyed. What is wrong with these right wing nut jobs? Even Chuck Norris is calling for a Revolution against Obama saying it is time. This was part of our conversation 4/8

Remember this? Limbaugh said Napolitano's warning on the anger towards everything Obama, guns, Religion, Guns, immigration, an amalgam of issues, was targeting and aimed at conservatives. Conservatives were never mentioned but the scum is right! So called conservatives the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Bachmann, Bachus, are whipping the party into a bunch of rabid dogs. They are fomenting Intervention and armed Revolution. They are the right wing extremists we are being warned about.

They are here and out in the open whipping up dissent. Everything Obama says or does gets a knee jerk reaction from Limbaugh and so called conservatives. If Obama says it, it is wrong! Republicans are on the outs if they say anything whatsoever that can be contrived as good about Obama! Should Dems ask the GOP to censure Obama haters? - Salon You bet and immediately!

It just got more vile and vitriolic! I was blown away by this hate and the calls for Obama's death! I know President Obama receives more death threats than any other President in history So far 400 in total 30 per day. I just can not believe it! I encourage you to read this link it is short. This is a so called Preacher and this is so vile and hate filled it is horrific as this idiot tells his flock he goes to bed every night praying that Obama be killed. Gospel of Hate: Arizona pastor Steve Anderson spews bile toward ...

You know, that so called pastor a Preacher in Arizona named Steven Anderson said "I am going to pray Obama dies" " his wife should be husbandless and his daughters Fatherless" That hate and he is preaching it on the pulpit, Is too much. It is horrible for anyone to say that plus he he demands that all gays and lesbians face the death penalty. Then he said the country is run by faggots and he called Barney Frank a pedophile before praying for Obama to melt like a snail.

This increasing hateful vile should be illegal and I do not understand how it is condoned. This will be to all our detriment if wee do not intervene in this and quick. Armed militias and obama hate groups are quickly growing in numbers. map depicting Militia locations

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Hate and fear are blood brothers, with emphasis on the "blood", this sort of extreme rhetoric has existed for years, but was banished to late night TV and Am radio, but now it is entering the MSM. It is like a Tsunami.

jmsjoin said...

I'm telling you I do not like what is coming. Now a Gubernatorial candidate wants to issue licenses to hunt him down but he said he was only kidding. I am working on something but this gets worse and worse!

Demeur said...

Funny but at the rate they're going they just might get their re-education camps. Careful what you wish for republicans you just might get it.

Wasn't it George Bushs' own church that wanted to throw him out for all the deaths he caused in Iraq?

Yep give me the good old days when these wingnuts were only on one AM radio station.

jmsjoin said...

Demeur that is what they keep saying they are for and that is what I was thinking when I put this together. They are going to create a fiasco in this country no matter what they have to do to create it. I am right now working on something that proves they are doing this because Obama is Black period!

Dave Dubya said...

Anything other than a Reich Wing dictatorship sends these nuts off their tethers. They went crazy with Clinton in office. And Clinton was a moderate Republican by any standard. If Obama dares to be even a moderate Democrat, the loons think its time for war.

Karen said...

Agree with Holte and would add the Internet also plays a huge role in fueling the hate!

Unknown said...

What we are witnessing is an extreme polarization of America, much like we had in the lead-up to the Civil War. This flare-up could very well make the Civil War seem like a mere schoolyard scuffle.

So sad.

jmsjoin said...

I know Dave! You know, I'm telling you this keeps getting worse every day. I am doing something for tomorrow because now a Gubernatorial candidate talked about issuing licenses to hunt down Obama. The Bastard said he was kidding but that is no frigging joke. I just can't friggen believe this shit!

jmsjoin said...

It is getting worse and worse and worse! They are going to create their 2nd revolution any way you look at it and I can only hope we are right when we say they are not going to like it!

jmsjoin said...

I know Brother this is very disconcerting. We lost 600,000 then and I can only hope that it does not go full scale as I am hoping. I have sons in both party's and they won't fire on each other I'll kill them if they do. This sucks!

Unknown said...

"I have sons in both party's and they won't fire on each other I'll kill them if they do."

:O Jim, you should be writing comedy instead of political commentary.

Seriously though, there are tens of thousands in governmental and private law enforcement who will, and even more shocking, they will enjoy it.

When food and fuel supplies start running low, give someone a gun, a little authority and food and fuel for their families, and they will do whatever they're told to do. The New Orleans Police and Blackwater, after Hurricane Katrina, is a prime example.

Unknown said...

Hi James,

This is simply stageering.

These people are sick. They are not only a danger to society at large.

I am so disgusted, I'm lost for words.

jmsjoin said...

You know you are always right well almost always how about usually. We always agree right or wrong but my sons have already said they will stand down but then what will they suffer?

I can't imagine military on military that is so 3rd world country but with our new Bush created 3rd world economy what the hell have we become? Katrina aftermath is a small sample of what is to come!

jmsjoin said...

Wait to you see tomorrows it gets worse every day. We have some bad times coming and Republicans are making sure of it. Nice to see you back!

Holte Ender said...

Is it really the republicans? Or is it really the faceless ones who are throwing logs on the fire? Rupert Murdoch is not really that faceless, but he sits on the sidelines and watches his media outlets spew out crap. He must know what is going on due his millionaire celebrity's rantings. Does he want chaos?

Snave said...

James, I'm with you.

I think the movers and shakers in the rightwing DO want chaos. I think this is because they believe they can only keep their power this way, because too many people are seeing through their crap for them to win too many more legitimate elections.

Who are the people who are behind all this stuff? Corporate heads? Powerful religious figures? Who knows.

But they get millions of Americans to do their legwork for them, willingly or unknowingly, by instilling fear and by connecting with the most base of our human emotions. Getting worked up into such a state of fear does not involve reasoning. Once people work themselves into a state they didn't use reason to get into, there is often no way to reason them out of it. The manipulators know this. If the idea is to work a large-enough percentage of the population into a wild-eyed state of fear that irreparable damage is done to America... then the manipulators are sure off to a good start.

Things start to snowball, and no amount of talking and reasoning can return people from mob mentality. Then things get bloody, and who knows what results?

The problem is, the Republicans seem to have no plan for what it would be like in the aftermath of this armed revolt that so many of them seem to want. Replacing our form of government with anarchy seems like a recipe for making the country ripe for something like a military dictatorship and/or theocracy. Is that really what the Republicans want? Do they even know what they want, or do they understand the magnitude of what they are trying to foment? Is their wish really to, as they seem to see it, destroying America in order to save it?

The question now is, how much of our population is beyond reason? What can be said or done to get millions of people to "snap out of it"? The media just keeps on reporting all the stuff these people are saying and doing. For example, and thanks to the media, Americans are starting to get the idea that reforming health care is a bad thing... every night on the news, millions of us see carefully-staged sound bites and short clips of people shouting down Democrats at town hall meetings. What a great way to manipulate millions of Americans, and to poison the well of public opinion.

If fundamentalism is all about power and the exercising of power over others, the motives behind all this stuff we're seeing become pretty obvious.

As cartoonist Walt Kelley's character Pogo Possum famously said, "We have seen the enemy, and he is us."

jmsjoin said...

Hi Holte
Murdoch is one for sure and I do not think he is on the side lines but a back seat driver nor do I think it is only Republicans I just know this is not going to be good!

jmsjoin said...

Hi Snave
It gets worse every day, not for nothing but check out what I just posted when you have as chance. It keeps getting worse!

The US has a long history of presidential assassinations and attempts. To even think or make public statements about "hunting the president in the atmosphere Republicans have purposely created is dead wrong especially for someone running for office.

It's even more repulsive coming from a candidate for governor of the Great State of Idaho which was the home of the Aryan Nation.

Snave said...

I live next door to Idaho... Eastern Oregon might as well be a part of Idaho when it comes to politics. It pains me to hear such stuff from a gubernatorial candidate...

two crows said...

hi, Jim--
I followed you home so I could see the links. and this one caught my eye:
"BOISE, Idaho — The list of Idaho Republicans condemning a GOP gubernatorial candidate's comments about buying a license to hunt President Barack Obama grew Friday, as party leaders worried the incident would reflect badly on the state."

hello! they're not worried about Idaho. they're worried about their party. they just keep pulling this sort of sh*t and more and more rational republicans are jumping sh*p.

all they've got left are the frwn's and, no matter how vocal they are, they don't have enough votes to get the repubs back in power.

even those who denounced Rammell's statement waited too long -- and the real republicans noticed.

one more nail in the rethug's coffin. another party will grow up to take its place pretty soon, I think [hope].

jmsjoin said...

Told you two crows, they only care about their party's not us Obama or our dreams for America. I do not like what is coming!

jmsjoin said...

Snave I do not like what I see in our future. Those scum will have their 2nd revolution but they will not like the way it turns out.