Friday, August 28, 2009

Counting Ballots and Bombs in Afghanistan! More success American style!

Afghan Election Too Close to Call

41 Dead in Afghan Blast Caused by Vehicle Bombs

Once again a story was growing as I researched it so I am again going to include some important links and a couple videos as they tell a complete story. You can read the ones you are interested in and I will summarize at the end. Between Bullets Bombs Ballots and military and civilian casualties the story is changing too rapidly. I wanted to include a story of a shoot out at a health clinic where a Taliban leader was being treated and after 12 were killed he was captured but too much is happening.

Karzai widens lead in Afghan vote count

Second blast strikes Kandahar

US says Afghan attack won't stop progress

US general aims for Afghan hearts in anti-Taliban fight Winning hearts and minds with bullets and bombs?

August tied for deadliest month in Afghanistan

So far NATO has had 44 troops killed this month in Afghanistan equaling last month the worst in 8 years. I am sorry to say as you already know but August is on track to be the worst month yet in this Deadly game of Bullets Bombs and Ballots. Afghanistan is heating up! Does the increase of troop deaths reflect a result of our troop increase of which even more look likely? Or is it due to an increase of Taliban activity in which Pakistan's Taliban promises increasing support? Both as you know!

This is coming amidst growing finger pointing on the election and its fraud by both leaders Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah. Abdullah keeps showing videos pointing out the fraud. I have heard of 300 allegations so far but Karzai is the President and you can be sure nothing will come of it. At this point I am sure the Taliban want Karzai to win so they can grow their Opium and continue to be unscathed by Karzai where Abdullah Abdullah is a more serious threat to them.

I in closing we are in serious trouble unless we get out right now and cut our losses. The longer we stay the more I see another Saigon! I know that won't happen nor can it happen. I firmly believe that President Obama will continue to get the money he wants and he will be okay as long as he keeps these two wars going. If he pulls out he will be killed. He will suffer the same fate as JFK, RFK, and MLK,and once again the truth will never be found. I am afraid I face the future with growing apprehension!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

Afghan Election Too Close to Call

41 Dead in Afghan Blast Caused by Vehicle Bombs


Dusty said...

Karzai is a fuckwit plain and simple. After he signed the bill that took basic rights away from females, and allowed their husbands to beat them for various infractions, I lost any shred of respect I had for him.

He is no different than any other despot. He is scum.. and we prop up this man!

an average patriot said...

Hi Dusty
You know I agree! Womens rights have gotten no better nor has anything else. He does not want a Democracy and I do not know why we prop him up. I suspect he will succeed in stealing the election but Abdullah should get it though ha may be no better for Women. WTF man?

Demeur said...

Be patient folks remember we had slavery and women weren't allowed to vote in this country at one time.

an average patriot said...

I know Demeur but you know, I really do not think we should inject ourselves into how they want to live nor do I ever see them wanting to change. Hell they are perfectly happy living in the dark ages. From day one they just wanted us off their land and to let them live as they wanted so what did the idiot Bush do he attacked them.

Brother Tim said...

I doubt we will ever get out of Afghanistan.

Two reasons:

1) To secure the righy-of-way for the pipeline to get the Caspian Basin oil reserves to sea, and thus to the West, and......

2) To steal their Natural Resources.
Don't be misled into believing that Afghanistan is some huge wasteland. Although the PDF files is quite large, just scrolling down to the contents section will give you a good idea of what I'm speaking of.

an average patriot said...

I know! You alone have sent me enough proof! I do not ever see us leaving.It just pisses me off that every war conflict whatever you want to call it is fought over energy as countries jockey for position to move into what they think will be a future!

Brother Tim said...

Check out that link, Bud. We're talking gold and other precious metals; gemstones; and the finest marble and granite in the world! The list goes on and on. I would say it dwarfs the energy supply.

an average patriot said...

Which one Brother? We don't have clean hands in Afghanistan? I did read that somewhere in something you sent me.

I was just contacted by my room mate in Germany from the crazt military days.

What a surprise. Anyway he straightened up credits me and went to Bible College. Go figure!

Him and the wife he met in College tramped around the Philippines for 4 years ministering and for 14 years he has been a pastor in New Jersey.

I am going to contact him later and find out the name of his church and will some day show up there with my son. Ahyway take care!