Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mehsud said to be alive but top 2 possible replacements just killed each other! Is this the beginning of the end?

Pakistan Taliban Leader Dead

Despite reports of his death Baitullah Mehsud is said to be very much alive and will appear on TV!

Two days ago many of us happily reported Baitullah Mehsud has died in a US missile strike on his Father in laws compound in the lawless region of South Waziristan. on Wednesday. Taliban commander and aide to Mehsud Kafayat Ullah confirmed the death of Mehsud and his wife but would not elaborate. Authorities are in the process of traveling to the area to confirm.

This is huge! Baitullah as you know is suspected in the killing of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.He has been the biggest threat there is to Pakistan with his open campaign to kill and destroy existing order in Pakistan. Also in providing safe haven for Mullah Omar and the rest of the Taliban Al Qaeda hierarchy. Mullah Omar and the rest whoever they are today are increasingly being squeezed.

If reports of his death are false as we are now hearing that would be huge for the Taliban! Pakistan Taliban denies leader dead

They are denying Mehsud's death but yesterday I also heard the top 2 guys vying to take over as Pakistan's Taliban leader got in a gun fight and killed each other. That would be a huge bonus for all of us. Things are developing Rapidly now. That makes 3 of the worst down and only 500 million replacements to go! Does Mehsud's Death Mean the End of Al Qaeda? | Newsweek ...

I think so! Mehsud in the end may prove to have been more important than Bin Laden as he gave the leaders protection and held them all together. The Taliban is in talks with the ISI but they better step them up. As you know I said many times that if we are to succeed in bringing calm back to Pakistan and victory in Afghanistan it must begin with control of the the Swat valley and Waziristan and more importantly the death of Baitullah Mehsud so it has begun!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

It's a little strange to read that Taliban leaders travel around a war zone with their family. Mehsud and his wife reportedly killed, no mention of kids or grandparents. One must assume they had children, they don't stay married unless they have kids, but as you say 3 down 500 million to go.

Mauigirl said...

Hard to know these days what is true and what isn't. I hope that this at least puts a crimp in their style and delays any new attacks they might have been planning together. But as you say, 500 million to go. It's hard to stamp them out.

an average patriot said...

It's a trip! I watched a special about life in Afghanistan. They fight kill and die period. That is what they live for and the right to lie that way. What a trip!

an average patriot said...

Hi Mauigirl
The commanders are killing each other fighting over who is going to replace him. I am thinking Mehsud was more important than Bin Lade because he held them together and gave them safe haven.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

It amazes me that they're not doing something a little more creative or at least using a tactic the enemy doesn't expect!
- I mean, working on the costumer(s) until you have a target which you take out in a air strike isn't exactly original, is it?

And I can imagine what probably has happened prior to that: Neither of the gators could keep their egos from conflicting with the assignment, nor were they this much dedicated to the job, that they were willing to keep their own intentions in line with the requirements of the army.

But what do you know... they feel lucky that they were the chosen ones, and so they just do what they feel like doing, in spite of not really knowing too much about human behaviour or caring if it should backfire afterall!

I never understood why it's always said that it's so impossible to get people in on the inside of Talibutt and the like. I know they've received really great PR from the press in terms of being willing to jihad themselves and that sort of thing... but I don't belive that for one moment!

In fact they are driven by quite some different motivations. As a rule anti-social slime is always surrounded by people who are either just as anti-social and who only are waiting to take their place or by suckers who are afraid of them.

So they're not at all unreachable, no matter how paranoied they might be about their own security! all it takes is to find somebody who hates their guts enough for all the right reasons and who is sane and dedicated enough to pull this off successfully.

On a personal note: have just returned from Sweden, had a great time there, but things didn't turn out the way we had wanted (We had been trying to get a cabin there!.)I will be leaving again tomorrow, this time just a short trip to Germany.
- I am really looking foreward to some slower autumn days, since I can hardly rember all the things that happened and everywhere we've been!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah long time no hear! I think they are now more vulnerable than ever as Mehsud was holding them together and giving them safe haven. Right now they are killing each other vying to replace him. I hope this is aq good sign!

Holte Ender said...

I have read the tribes fight for pay and can be on two different sides in the same week. Guarding the opium shipments pays pretty good, it finances the Taliban to buy fighters against coalition troops. Tribal warfare is a sticky thing to get involved in. You just can't trust anybody.

an average patriot said...

Hi Holte
I think it is worse than that. I am sure they can switch sides in a heart beat. I think it's funny they are killing each other vying for Mehsud's position.

susana said...

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an average patriot said...

Thanks Susana!