Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Euthanasia, Birthers, Evolution, Obama's a racist, Welcome to the Town Mauls!

Town hall shout down, "How Can You Manage Health Care When You Can't Manage Cash For Clunkers?

The hard right wing Wacko's are supposed to be the ones who are angrily shouting down and disrupting Politicians in both party's. My personal opinion! average citizens on both sides of the aisle know how much we need health care reform. They want it! It is not citizens opposing Health care reform that are coming out in droves to disrupt the town hall meetings.I

It is the medical Industry the pharmaceutical Industry. They feel they are going to lose their grip on their monopoly and they will.They do not want their gravy train to end but with any luck if we can get the truth out, they will! They do not want the Government involved they do not want any competition. They own the Republican party. I was counting the millions they have donated to Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats but in the double digit millions I gave up. They are spending a million dollars a day to defeat health care reform

Of course there is a crazy fringe. They are continuing to incite violence and fear over the fact that we now have a Black President and the racists feel they lost their America. They lost control and they are peeved. If they really cared about our America and the reason America was founded and our Constitution they would realize we finally have it right. We do finally have the America our fore fathers intended. The work in process after all these years is still a work in process and as you can see, its stability is as fragile as it was in 1776!

The wacko fringe will continue to disrupt town hall meetings. If we can keep the fear factor coming from the wackos and the medical and pharmaceutical industry in check they will fail! Democrats and Republicans alike are being equally shouted down if they are in favor of health care reform by angry crowds shouting just say no!

It dawned on me that people want health care reform so it is the insurance and medical industry interests and lobbyists instigating this so called rancor from citizens. They are sending crowds into town hall meetings so the real concerned citizens are drowned out along with the Politicians who want to get the truth to them as to the value of health care reform is to them and it will be to the demise of the health care industry monopolies.

They want to keep the people from hearing the truth and anything positive. We have to keep pounding in the truth and the insurance and pharmaceutical industries will be the ultimate losers and they know it. They are behind all this so called "citizen anger" The people really want this they need this. This is really ignorant of the "corporations" Shouting down the people to keep the truth from them as is happening. This is a Government of the corporations for the corporations by the corporations and they want to keep it that way.

They want to keep their monopoly and their gravy train running. We need to keep digging for the truth and not be swayed by the lies only then will we become as was intended, a Government of the people for the people by the people health care reform will pass and their gravy train will crash.

* The problem is Republican leaders are not in Congress. Republican party leaders are the Republican fringe, the wack jobs, The right wing talk shows, the Dobbs and Limbaugh's, the owners of the Republican party the Pharmaceutical Industry. None of them have any real answers. Only the wacko racists and those on the right wing susceptible to their fear mongering really want to hear what they have to say.

* In closing, It is now impossible for for congressmen and women of both parties who want health care reform to talk to their constituents and get the truth out to them. If we let them succeed that will guarantee a win for the pharmaceutical industry. How come local police departments can not or do not police these town hall meetings? They are supposed to protect the people and their interests. Something has to be done. This is like Iran. It is madness!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

Patriot - The people that have been suckered into shouting down the meetings are a poor lot. I was reading Paul Krugeman and he quoted one guy as saying: "Keep your hands off my Medicare" what chance does anybody have in getting through to people who say things like. I have (tried) talking to a few folks around where I live, I can't finish a sentence. They have ignorance to spare.

an average patriot said...

It pisses me off! I was just listening to a debate on it and the Republican said this is normal. This is the way it was in 1776. That is what scares me and this is not normal.

Demeur said...

My suggestion would be to forgo the town hall meetings and get on with the business at hand. It's obvious they don't want an intelligent discussion. Tell the Dems to go ahead without them.

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur
They don't want a discussion they want to prevent one that will end their monopoly. I was trying to think of ways around the town halls but everything I think of can be hijacked. To me have the meetings but make the cops enforce order. This really stinks.

This morning I heard a Republican defend what is going on as Democracy and this is how it was in 1776. That is what scares me.

Holte Ender said...

But in 1776 the men who led the revolt, who did all mouthing off, were men of considerable intelligence and courage, not morons.

Dave Dubya said...

Where have we seen organized right wingers shouting down free exchange of thought at political meetings before?

That would be in pre-WW2 Germany.

That intimidation was precisely the reason Hitler formed his Brown Shirts.

Holte Ender said...

That's exactly right Dave, and Hitler just waited and watched. Who is waiting and watching right now, right here? I don't see anyone. They are a leaderless rabble.

jude cowell said...

Great post and thread, you guys.

Though some of the shouters may be legit i think most have been frothed up to interfere with any changes a Dem White House wants to implement.

How embarassing that an American doesn't know Medicare is gov-run, poor thing!

It was okay when Rs were up to their tricks - drunken sailor spending, lies to war, surveillance on law-abiding Americans...but it's 'different' when it's a Democrat affecting changes on behalf of the disenfranchised.

Rs are sore losers and sour grapers with no better ideas than to take down Pres Obama, imho. If they manage to do that, our doctor visits and health insurance premiums are our own little red wagons (to them.)

And you can't get cash for clunkers for those. jude

Dave Dubya said...

They have leaders. They are organized and bussed by Republican/Insurance/lobby and swift boater type groups. Rachel Maddow did a great job exposing them on TV tonight.

Holte Ender said...

Dave - I must watch the Maddow show.

an average patriot said...

You know I have been very concerned about the direction the country is going since Obama came on the picture with the Bachmann's of the party wanting armed revolution. It just continues to get worse every day. Knowing Dave is right and we have talked about that many times I am very concerned.

an average patriot said...

Hey Jude!
Ignorance is the Republicans best friend. They purposely keep the [people confused to further their agenda.

an average patriot said...

You're right as usual Dave. You know damn well they have leaders.You keep hearing it denied saying they are concerned citizens but BS. They are groups gathered and bussed by the owners of the Republican party the pharma industry and others. They do not want their monopoly to end!

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