Saturday, August 08, 2009

Obama is now a Nazi born in Kenya!

Headzup: Rush Limbaugh Says Obama Is Like Hitler & Liberals Are

"Hardball" Reaction To Rush Comparing Democrats To Nazis

It's getting crazy out there on both sides, If you are against Pollution you are a Nazi! Is Limbaugh back on drugs?
Please watch the satire video on Limbaugh's latest idiocy and watch what Limbaugh said and Hardball's reaction. I say it more and more and it is starting to boil over, the anger. I never cease to be stupefied by what I hear and see coming from right wing extremists, Limbaugh's latest swill of lies and disinformation floored me once again.

It would be funny if people were not falling for it but along with the Bachmann crap and the manufactured lies and turmoil you see at the town halls from the Pharma industry and other owners of the Republican party. It is starting to turn into a free for all and the Republicans must be proud of this mayhem. Like you I am watching this get physical and it will get much worse until Republicans create the Revolution they called for and will blame on Obama. Two town halls turn into near-riots

Destroying Obama is the goal and the mobs have been called out. This is not Democracy in action. This is the beginning of anarchy. Both sides are engaging in this now. I decided to make a list of this growing mess because even the White House is now involved. David Axelrod is distributing talking points to Democrats on how to deal with this and the White House is even compiling an enemies list.Sen. Accuses White House of Creating "Enemies List"

I am just floored! I am looking at a list of 9 chaotic events I wrote through the night and I am just stunned. The situation in the US is devolving so rapidly I just do not know what to say. Limbaugh comparing the Democratic party to the Nazi's saying we are clean air freaks like the Nazis. I didn't know that and that's supposed to be a bad thing? We are trying to put people to work building things. He compared it to the Nazi's building the autobahn to give people work.

I like the autobahn and when I was there I was told they were built to be used as runways if needed for an emergency. Democrats are against smoking like the Nazi's. He makes this crap up and people believe it. Him and his likes are succeeding in turning people against Obama and Democrats based on lies. All lies and if they succeed the entire world will pay.

Is Limbaugh still on drugs? people who use to be on Obama's side are now starting to hate him and the Democratic party. Their efforts to derail Obama are starting to bear its ugly fruit! Obama is now a Nazi born in Kenya! To combat the Pharma industry and other Republican interests from shutting down town hall meetings so people do not hear the truth David Axelrod has handed out talking points to Democrats on how to deal with the disruption.

The ACLU is now going to attend them as is union representatives to combat the disinformation. It is getting physical and will get much worse. The White House is compiling an enemies list but they better enlarge it way beyond just a list of those spreading lies about health care reform. Swastikas, lying, jokes, death threats, this is a coordinated effort by the medical, pharmacy industry and other owners of the Republican party so they can continue their monopoly. Democratic interests are marshalling forces to take them on.

* Amidst the growing chaos and the bitter fight over Obama's agenda is some more hypocrisy and needless senseless waste by Congress that has gotten lost in the shuffle. Remember when the law makers ridiculed auto executives for flying their private jets to ask Congress for a hand out? I have heard nothing about the fact that those Congressional worms Just voted to give themselves a $200 million dollar present.

**While we are bankrupt to the tune of trillions and they are screaming about it Some in Congress were looking for a new gulf stream jet for their private use. Well why stop at one they changed it to 3 gulfstream's and put it through. The ship is sinking and they are taking what they can. Are we ever in trouble!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

Remember back in 2004 the media was all outraged by a ad contest. Some anonymous person compared Bush to Hitler and the Reich Wing crybabies howled for a week.

Now we see it's OK for media personalities to call Obama a racist and Hitler. No big deal.

Corporate Fairness and Balance in in media is at work again.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
I remember! It sucks but as it was under Bush the Dems will get called out for everything but Republicans can say and do what they want all the while crying about the liberal media and how no one is fair to them. I friggen hate this crap!

Holte Ender said...

Bullies beget bullies, Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest of bully pulpit guys, are attracting other bullies to go scream and shout and moan and whine. They complain about the liberal media, what liberal media, the odd show here and there, all I see is corporate media, But they don't win unless we quit.

One Fly said...

They lie,cheat and steal. It's the only way they can win. Throw in the media and it's a loaded deck.

Yea no shit Jim-big trouble!

Demeur said...

I'm still hearing the same retoric and misrepresentations, but one town hall meeting north of me was a bit more civil and I did hear one republican say that she was actually going against the party line. I guess she finally got it that the system can not stand as it is now.

Brother Tim said...

Obama is as much to blame as the Reich-wing.

HE is the leader of the Democratic Party. HE could have kept his promises of transparency. HE could have reversed the Bush policies of secrecy and global hegemony. HE could have stopped indeterminate detentions. HE could have closed Gitmo, Bagram, and a slew of other black-op prisonm sites. HE could have forced Congress to stay in session until a healthcare bill was produced. HE could have prosecuted all the war crimes and crimes against humanity that the last Administration perpetrated. And yes, Jim, HE could have put a stop to those 3 Gulfstream jets.

But HE would much rather 'look forward, not backward'.

My question to you, my friend, is: What exactly is he looking forward to? It appears to me he is looking for 'more of the same'.

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"
~Pete Townsend

an average patriot said...

Holte I can only hope they reap what they sow!

an average patriot said...

I am so sorry this is happening with my sons young men and my grandchildren inheriting this mess.

an average patriot said...

I was just listening to a black Democratic Senator (didn't catch his name) He turned the table on them real quick was loud and angry telling them to come to his office. They shut up. Whatever it takes. For once these Dems have to get a brain and a spine.

an average patriot said...

Nice to see you bud! Nothing changed just a better mouth. I don't know if anyone has anything to look forward to unless these asses push this far enough to earn a birth in those FEMA camps.I

susana said...

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Snave said...

Limbaugh is definitely high on something. Whatever it is, I think a good word for it is DOPE.

I hate this crap too... How much of it will Americans buy into? Too much until it's too late?

an average patriot said...

I just saw this snave sorry! People are buying into the lies! Supposedly Obama is now heading it off but it is too late. Obama has received more death threats than all Presidents combined. The hat and anti black groups have spread like wild fire. I know I keep saying it but I do not like the way I see this ending.

an average patriot said...

Susana I sent your link to a friend who is starting a business on line!