Tuesday, August 25, 2009

While the Lockerbie battle continues the battle against the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan takes a new shape!

The new leaderZulfiqar Mehsud aka Hakimullah Mehsud the face of a very content Taliban killer!

As you know, I was deeply insulted with Megrahi's release! It was inappropriate and dead wrong and was done at the Judges discretion and we were brazenly told on one in the entire world can question this. Scotland's justice Minister said the decision was his and his alone and no one could question it. Former Libyan intelligence agent Abdel Basset al-Megrahi as you know was in Mohamar Qaddafi' secret service and worked directly for him. Qaddafi ordered the bombing that downed Pan Am flight 103 killing 270 innocent civilians.

I am disgusted we have allowed this mass murderer a known terrorist to go free, to go home to a heroes welcome. I thought guilty or not his release would embolden the so called terrorists and wondered why the world was not outraged. Right is right and wrong is wrong and this is friggen wrong. Well I find that with every day the Western world agrees.

Scottish leaders and Downing Street are feeling the heat! MacAskill who said the decision was his and his alone acknowledged that there has been widespread condemnation throughout the world on the terrorist's release but said those concerns exceeded his jurisdiction. That is a continuation of his self interested BS!

A web site has been set up demanding the Scottish Government rescind Megrahi's release! The site Boycottscotland.com, said. "Unless the Scottish government rescinds this decision to release al Megrahi, and if the British parliament does not intervening in the matter all Americans to protest this action by boycotting the United Kingdom and Scotland in full." Gee no Scottish Whiskey? Scottish leaders hold crisis meeting over Lockerbie furore

Except for Islam and MacAskill the entire world is up in arms and calling for a Boycott of Scotland at this point I believe that should extend to Britain though there is no way I could envision the guy going back to prison whether he should or not. FBI Director Robert Mueller called the Libyan's release "a mockery of the rule of law and I have to agree!

Prime Minister Gordon Brown believes the early release of the the Lockerbie bomber is too sensitive to comment on. They made no comment before his release and will make no comment now. I refuse to believe that Brown or MacAskill can really think Megrahi's release does not give succor to the terrorists. I do see the Scottish Government in serious trouble over this though England will succeed in distancing herself. These guys are fools this subject is world encompassing and it is an insult to the entire world not to address it. It is too sensitive not to comment on! Downing Street says Lockerbie release is too sensitive to comment on

Meanwhile The battle in Pakistan continues to ratchet up between between Pakistan and the Taliban 35 militants arrested in NW Pakistan search operations and amongst the Taliban themselves as vengeance is taken on Mehsud's in laws and they are being killed.Killings Rattle Pakistan Taliban

I keep hoping the Taliban will continue to in fight vying to replace Baitullah Mehsud. I guess that appears not to be the case as we are hearing rumors that his successor has already been chosen. Waliur Rehman said that Baitullah had given him full control over the network and that a new leader "would be chosen within five days." Rehman made no reference to Hakimullah Mehsud, whose aides said separately later Saturday that he had been chosen as new leader during a meeting Friday. Pakistan Taliban commander vows Afghan fight

Despite Taliban infighting in Pakistan Pakistani Taliban fighters are committed to helping the fight in Afghanistan and consider Barack Obama their "No. 1 enemy," They vowed to continue to continue helping their brothers in Afghanistan repel the infidels and their success continues I am sorry to say! 3 NATO troops killed in southern Afghanistan Sunday

* I can only hope we stay focused on this so called war on terror. Meanwhile I can only hope that with two such fierce commanders as Hakimullah Mehsud and Waliur Rehman claiming to be the appointed leader that they kill each other off and hopefully save NATO lives!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

As I pointed out in my blog post the other day (http://demeur.blogspot.com/2009/08/nice-can-of-worms.html ) it wouldn't have mattered if they let him out or not. He would have been out on appeal. As he's going to die anyway why not make something good from it?

As for the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and the mess in Iran it's a fight. Call it the crusades of the 21st century. But how will it end? It will end when the people over there decide to join the 21st century. That will be their choice not ours to make for them.
These battles will seem minor compared to what is on the horizon. Keep an eye on China and it's growth rate. Their main source of energy is coal which will tip the CO2 levels. Then consider that oil is coming close to it's peak and we have yet to put a plan in place. All of that will make what's happening in the middle east seem minor.

jmsjoin said...

I am afraid because of extremists and those angry at the UK nothing good will come out of his release. This is another Crusade whether the Taliban or Bush started it. I see it going on for generations.

This really is a trip because this entire mess is barely starting and you are not kidding. I said it for years but this is just starting and the entire middle east will be engulfed then the world. Only then will this mess really get started.

Holte Ender said...

I believe all people who perpetrate atrocities like 9/11, 7/7, Pan Am 103, Oklahoma City, et.al., should be hunted down like the dogs they are. We should not do any business with states that sponsor terrorism. But we do.

Al-Meghari was accused of placing an unaccompanied piece of luggage containing explosives, on an Air Malta plane to Frankfurt, Germany, which was then transferred to Pan Am 103A, flown to Heathrow and transferred again to Pan Am 103 flight to JFK. Very complicated.

In the wreckage, forensics experts found the remains of the piece of luggage and clothes which they traced to a clothes shop in Malta.

The shop owner became the key witness for the prosecution. Malta is a tourist playground and his shop will have had thousands of customers a year. Yet he remembered one man, al-Meghari, 12 years after he is supposed to have bought the clothes.

These are just a few thoughts on what I have been reading in the past few days. Some of it so vile, I don't like thinking about it.

It's everybody's right to believe, he did it, or he didn't do it, but after chewing on this for days, I've got an awfully bad taste in my mouth.

landsker said...

The issues on this one are perverse, and indeed, Mueller is certainly shouting loud!
The Libyans have, it seems, decided to trade closely with London, and certainly the release of Al Magrahi is central to the "plot".
The Ghadaffi family have bought personal property in London, and also invested into stock market and energy deals, at levels way over the heads of the common people, eh?

However it seems that the Scottish court had seen proof that other figures had planted the bomb.
As such, a deal was struck, which actually favours Mueller and several other US officials from that era.... as it then permits withdrawal and suppression of the evidence to have been presented in court.

It seems (allegedly, of course;), that flight 103 was being used regularly as a courier plane to ship heroin into the US,(with the knowledge and involvement of the DEA), and then somehow or other, in revenge for the shooting down of the Iranian airliner by the USS "Vincennes", through a chain of players, the suppliers added a small bomb to the shipment, expected to explode over the Atlantic, but due to flight delays, it came down over Lockerbie.....Here`s a link to a full article from common dreams, it may or may not be totally true, but it makes a lot of sense.

Also on board were several agents from the CIA, who "allegedly" had found out about the drug run, and were "squeezing" some of the players, who knows, just more madness from the great game of empires.

jmsjoin said...

Hi Holte
I agree! I myself do not know if he did it or not. Once again something else we will never know the truth about.
In this case wrongly convicted or not it pisses off many in the west and the so called terrorist sympathizers see his release as a huge victory! It doesn't look god that is my only concern.

jmsjoin said...

Hi Landsker
It just keeps getting more convoluted. Thanks for that! It stinks, we never hear the truth even if we fell over it because not just in this case but in every instance we get conflicting info from all sides to confuse us so a selfish agenda can be followed. I hate this crap.

Unknown said...

While you say, "I myself do not know if he did it or not", the tone of your writing appears that you feel he is guilty. You say his release 'emboldens' the terrorists. Would you prefer an innocent man to die in prison, just so terrorists can not be emboldened? I know you hold justice in high esteem. Demeur is absolutely right in his 'Nice Can of Worms' post. Have you read it?

Why is compassion now a dirty word in the American psyche??????

jmsjoin said...

Brother I really don't know if he is guilty or not. Landsker and Demeur I think it was really cast doubt on it. Did you read that link from Landsker. It doesn't look good to family especialy. I just heard on MSNBC that Qadaffi is coming to New Jersey or something. I have to try and catch it again!

Richard T said...

I've come a bit late to this but I've been away and wanted to add my views. You'll be unlikely to agree with them but i wanted to add a scottish perspective.

I can understand the hurt caused by our government’s decision to approve the release of Al Megaregaha on compassionate grounds but the picture is, to this scotsman’s eyes, a little grey. You’ve picked up the doubts about the safety of the conviction and indeed most commentators in Scotland are pretty clear that if the case has been heard by a jury the Crown would not have got a conviction - not proven would have been the best they could have hoped for. Our government got landed well and truly in it but to talk of any interference from the UK government misses the political and constitutional points. Broadly had the UK government tried to interfere they would have caused a serious row possibly even the resignation of the government here as the decision was purely on the legalities. Gordon Brown has judged it well by avoiding any comment.

Scotland has been doubly stitched up by the unholy deal between our last dear leaders (Bush and Blair) and Ghadaffi where he admitted liability for Lockerbie and produced 2 for trial in return for getting off the pariah state hook; Scotland fell for jurisdiction for the trial and managed a conviction but see above. We then get caught by Blair’s deal for prisoner exchange with Libya. Add to this the fact that al Megrahi would have been likely to have died a martyr in a Scottish jail and it is not exactly difficult to see the attractions on compassionate release.

There are a couple of points I’d like to make based on 2 New Testament quotations – ‘He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone’ and ‘Why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye but considereth not the beam that is in thine own eye.’

First, this country suffered a prolonged terrorist campaign in which around 1800 people were killed by the Provisional IRA alone. The bulk of the Provisional IRA’s funding came from the USA along with most of the arms (some strangely enough came from Libya and a bit more from Colombia through IRA involvement in drugs trafficking) and explosives and very little was done to stop it. IRA terrorists could run for cover in the USA secure in the knowledge that they would be able to run free from the possibility of extradition to the UK and that they would be fawned over by politicians and other dignitaries.

Second, most people here can’t see much difference between a state that will ‘accidentally’ shoot down a civilian airliner and the Lockerbie outrage except that the US crew got decorations and rewards oh and they were in uniform.

This is not to try to say two wrongs make a right but to suggest that the reaction from some in the USA is perhaps a bit one sided and also perhaps a bit insulting to my country.

Unknown said...

Aye, Laddie, so right you are. God bless you!

jmsjoin said...

Good points Richard can't argue with that. Sorry I just saw this, Hey Brother!