Monday, May 09, 2011

War crimes? Libya government planes destroy Misrata fuel depot by plane and scatter mines in Misrata by mini parachute

Libya government planes destroy Misrata fuel depot: Libyan government forces dropped bombs on four large oil storage tanks in the contested western city of Misrata, destroying the tanks and sparking a fire that spread to four more, a rebel spokesman said on Saturday.

The use of Chinese anti-vehicle mines dropped by mini-parachutes from rockets that open during flight was verified by Human Rights Watch. Libya 'scatters mines' in Misrata add in the use of heavy artillery, rockets and cluster bombs, assaults on the people using red cross helicopters and we have what might amount to war crimes.

RAF Jets Target Gaddafi Rocket Launchers: RAF fighter planes have destroyed missile launchers during a bombing raid on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's home town, the Ministry of Defense has said. It is going to take a hell of a lot more than that or anything else done to date!

Gaddafi forces attack remote oil town: With fighting on the eastern front line stalled along the coast, rebels have said they suspect Gaddafi's forces are trying to hem in the rebel-held east by moving south through the desert all the way up to Tobruk near the Egyptian border.

We and our no fly zone and insistence that Gaddafi must stop slaughtering his people or face a NATO military tribunal have done a lot of good. As usual the "we are incensed, you must stop your illegal actions or else threats" are worthless. We, by we I mean I hope NATO are being forced into taking clandestine action if the rebels are to have a chance of survival. We can be sure it is already being done but it is grossly inadequate if this is to succeed.

Personally we have enough going on already but NATO thus the US have already gotten involved with their 3rd war in a Muslim country. The no fly zone is a failure as I see it because Libya's extensive offensive air capabilities have not been taken out. Gaddafi is not going to stop regardless. His use of not just rockets and missiles were are being degraded but his use of balloons and parachutes to drop deadly ordinance on his people and their resources shows that we can not do enough unless someone in NATO gets their boots on the ground.

I do not want to see anyone's citizens being senselessly slaughtered but we never should have gotten involved in Libya in the first place. It was obvious to an idiot that Gaddafi is a mad man with extensive assets up his sleeves and he will not relent. He will do whatever he can to slaughter the rats who want a free Libya because Libya belongs to him and his family.

We are being forced to step this up and we should not. It was obvious from the get go that the rebels could not do this on there own not from lack of desire but because Gaddafi the mad man would kill as many as he could and he is. It would make him very happy if we put boos on the ground as it would in the very least motivate the mercenaries fighting for him and his loyal followers.

I am afraid this is just beginning unless we can kill them all and we can't so WTF are we doing there? We can't go in Osama style with seal team 6. Our only option is to get the hell out of there and supply the rebels with arms food money and medicine unless Gaddafi tries to mine the sea ports again. I said it when we first got involved in Libya but this whole thing just blows me away. Then there is Syria, Iran, and the rest of the middle east and Africa.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

This whole thing could set a very ugly president. Imagine other countries sending special forces around the world killing world leaders or anyone else for that matter without due process. I'm sure we would have captured Hitler in WWII had he not ended his life before we got there and sent him to the Hague.
So by this thinking the Iraqis could send in troops to capture or kill Bush and Cheney for the deaths of thousands of innocent women and children. Oh and let's waterboard them first because you know to them that's not torture.

an average patriot said...

We have done it in the past as you probably know Demeur but not so openly like this. I would be more concerned with Russia than anyone else but not really because of the US being on the lookout for stuff like that.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening Jim! ... we got up to around the 90 degree mark today on the Ranch, just imagine, a few dayz ago it was in the 40's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh! :) Well ... at least I get my color back!

But I agree with you here Jim 110%, I just knew this crap was a comin! ... that is why I done a satire on it in it's first few dayz, as far as "the war that doesnt exist", and I dont think this is all NATO, I think we carry the most weight in this. And it is also why I ranted in part 3 or so of my Libyan series about bombing "Daffy Duck's" (Gaddafi) grandkid's and such, cause ya'll know damn well, that's goin to come back and kick us in the ass, the news reporting it as a "good thing" dont help a dang bit either ... saying we put him on the "run" ... well that's just brilliant! My thing is, if you need to take him out, then do it, not target kiddies and familia hoping he will run and hide, which will cost us million's more to try to tail him (I'm just trying to be fiscally conservative :), million's on bomb's, etc, etc ... Hell yeah ... it's more cheaper too, to just supply arm's/ food, etc to the resistance, Jezuz Khrist! ... with all the expert's I would figure they could come with something else, or is it corporate/ petro interest's behind these decision's too? Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... my dad (US Army WW2) alwayz told me that war's make money :) Everyone's panties are in a bind because of the goddamn regional oil interest's in these land's .. you know if it was one of these piss poor African nation's that wasnt supplying the world with mineral or oil wealth ... they could be slaughtering people by the thousand's a day, and thousand's dying of starvation, and we wouldnt lift a finger, except at election's of some political mouth piece saying we need to help those folk's, etc, etc ... but not doing jack shit. I dont have the military knowledge like yourself, but look at thing's much more simple Jim ... from the street level ... when folk's are having their dispute's, I dont interfere, and if their bad news, I dont associate with them, period .. I dont want shit from them, or to do any business with them, and I dont cry to give me your tired, poor, and huddled masses either, I look at it like natural selection in a way, as far as winner's and loser's. I remember when Fuzzy(Bush Jr) was President ... his wife Laura said the war in Afghanistan was about freeing women from the injustice's of the Taliban ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... well then send N.O.W. to go fight! :)

Good post Jim ... over and out ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Also I heard to day on the news radio in the car today that Pakistan is now selling "woof ticket's" over us not getting their permission to kill bin Laden ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... shut the Hell up and just sue us ... see ya'll in court! And the nerve of our political rep's saying we need to continue paying them over a billion a year as our best interest's ... I dont know one American that get's a damn thing paying Pakistan money, I wouldnt give them SOB's a can of Pork-n-Bean's and a bag of flour tortilla's, or a .22 rifle! "F" Pakistan.

an average patriot said...

Thanks RC! It is all about oil and money to be made by interests here. I do not like it at all.

We have damn good troops sacrificing themselves for a lie. I have to digress a a bit but Jim called last night and he had a good time at the EOD Ball where he got to see all his friends and was escorting a couple Generals.

I forget where he called me from but he is TDY at a prelim course building IED's to prepare troops and leaders for combat in Afghanistan. He is happy because he gets to shake some friends hands before they go. After that I can not talk about.

He was recruited for something secret and I can't talk about, maybe in a couple of weeks but I don't know I don't trust computers and phones. He told me by phone and I would not even do that. You do not want unfavorables to be able to know what certain people are doing and monitor and target them.

Anyway we have sent our manufacturing base overseas so we do not have one. We saved the care interests for a reason people forget, If we do go to war they stop making cars and make armaments as in WW2. Your father was right by the way!

We have become a war economy with one after the other with 3? or more going on and many in the works it isn't funny. Jim calls it job security but I think he's soft.

I think I lost the beginning of this but I'll let it go because I don't want to lose the rest and i forget what I said.

an average patriot said...

Not all of the Gov't and ISI is complicit but some are without a doubt and have been from before 9/11.

I don't care what they do I want that chopper back and the way it looked in the first photo.

China and Russia are working on a stealth chopper too and I don't want to give them another leg up. They have stolen everything (technology) they have from us.