Friday, May 06, 2011

Obama Says He Won't Release Photos of Bin Laden's Corpse: look at the others assassinated and you'll know why

Obama Says He Won't Release Photos of Bin Laden's Corpse

Michael Moore: 'Bin Laden Was Executed' Of course he was assassinated so what?

Some family members of 9/11 victims want the Obama administration to quickly release the Osama Bin Laden death photo. Also, the Taliban released a statement today saying they will not believe that he is dead without proof.

I at first thought a photo should be released but after seeing the reaction to his death and seeing those that wanted to see them and those that didn't President Obama made the right decision in opting not to show the macabre photo's of Osama Bin Laden's death. I first thought they had to submit a picture to satisfy the world but they have to show the "one" least grotesque" picture to lessen the anger of purists and extremists who will be looking for it to garnish converts to more senseless violence in Bin Laden's betrayal of Islam and personal vendetta against the west.

One look at the blood soaked grotesque corpses of the three other men killed will show you why there is no way Osama Bin Laden's body can be shown period. He was first his in the chest then above the left eye opening up the contents of his head. There is no way that can be seen without inciting violent anger. As far as I am concerned, and Taliban, Al Qaeda, extremist or Muslim period that wants photos of that on TV only want to use it to anger the Muslim world into action against the west. WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOGRAPHS OF DEATH AND INJURY

Extremists looking for a reason to fight now have another but since he betrayed Islam for his personal fight against the west killing his own people I believe justice has been served with this major source of evil being killed and Muslims around the world will be breathing a sigh of relief. I bet that like after 9/11 the event of Bin Laden's death will have people flocking to enlist in the military.

Allah Al Aqbar! God is great! Just hold on because increased violence in his name will ensue.

James Joiner
Gardner, MA


Demeur said...

Hard to say what will happen. Remember they did get all the information from his hard drives and memory sticks. So we know what he was planning.

an average patriot said...

I just found out the CIA was watching him from a nearby safe house. It keeps getting deeper plus his wife was there for 6 years. Pakistan didn't know, I mean come on.

Demeur said...

This does put us in a bit of a pickle. If we cut support to Pakistan we run the risk of having their nukes fall into the wrong hands.

Enlist in the military? Question is our or theirs?

an average patriot said...

Those nukes is why seal 6 and others were there in the first place. They use to be under McCrystal and their goal is to secure the nukes if need be or so they think.

I don't see a return to the draft though I think there should be to even out the load. Do any of a number of public services not just the military option.

It just is not right that 1% carries the rest of us. I agree with Israel and others, everyone has to work everyone should do their shar3e in the military too.

Who knows, many who would not otherwise may taste the military life and opt to stay in where they would not otherwise.

Vicki said...

I agree, Jim, that we need a citizen army so that everyone shares in the responsibility of protecting and serving this country. For those who do not want to engage in armed conflict, their should be a civilian corps that helps in natural disasters, building infrastructure, assisting in schools and health clinics, etc. It's not right that only the poor and warrior types compile our armed forces. Woemn and men, all that are able, should provide 2 years service and 4 years reserve duty, and receive for that a free education - vocational or academic after active service if they want it.

an average patriot said...

Right on Vicki! I really wish they would implement that and no reprieve for diplomat's families.