Sunday, May 08, 2011

The links tell the story: Secrets Of Bin Laden's Hiding Place Revealed as CIA admits they watched Bin Laden from a nearby safe house

Bin Laden's wife spent 6 years in Pakistani hideout: One of three wives living with Osama bin Laden has told Pakistani interrogators she had been staying in the al-Qaida chief's hideout for six years

CIA watched bin Laden from nearby safe house: Extensive surveillance of Osama bin Laden's hideout from a nearby CIA safe house in Abbottabad led to his killing in a Navy SEAL operation, U.S. officials said, a revelation likely to further embarrass Pakistan's spy agency and strain ties.

Secrets Of Bin Laden's Hiding Place Revealed: More details have emerged of the sprawling compound on the outskirts of Abbottabad where Osama bin Laden sheltered until he was killed by US special forces.

US: DNA Test Match Proves Bin Laden Death: Osama bin Laden's death has been confirmed by DNA tests that show a "virtually 100%" match (99.9% actually) with the al Qaeda leader, US officials have revealed.

US-Pakistan bin Laden strains: Two days after the raid that ended Osama Bin Laden's life, Washington insists that it shared its knowledge of the location with no other country,…

US: 'Inconceivable' Bin Laden was without help: America says it is "inconceivable" that Osama bin Laden did not have a support system in Pakistan. Hello ISI and Government cells!

After killing bin Laden, US grills ally Pakistan

Musharraf: Pakistan didn't know about bin Laden: Pervez Musharraf praises operation to kill bin Laden as "good military action" but criticizes the US for violating Pakistan's sovereignty.

Bin Laden’s hide-out raises questions about what Pakistan knew

the discovery that Osama Bin Laden had been living in a large, custom-built compound within a miltary zone that includes Pakistan's military academy once again raises an obvious question.What did the intelligence arm of the Pakistan military - the Inter Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) - know and when did it know it? The compound is reported to have had high walls, barbed wire and security cameras. Who built it? Did none of the local authorities, including the police and the military academy, ever have their suspicions? You know they have been complicit from the get go!

Pakistan Seeks to Dispel Criticism After Raid The more they try to lie and cover their guilt the deeper they get!

'Secret stealth chopper' used in bin Laden attack We had to sneak in, if we had warned Pakistan Bin Laden would have been warned and he would have escaped. He had phone numbers and money sewwn into his clothes. What I can't wait to hear is who those phone numers belonged to.

James Joiner
Gardner, MA


Mike S said...

Osama is dead, period. Terrorists admit it and vow retaliation. CIA positively identified him. We trained him, motivated him, and destroyed his physical being. Picture release would inflame things. Pakistan is untrustworthy.
Old Injun humble observations & opinion: Pakistan is unstable due to internal strife, religious hatred, etc AND is important as it's #4 in population, politically volatile,and has nuclear armament. Afghanistan is, has, and will be a lost cause as 4000 years of history bear witness to. Conspiracy theorists(nice, polite, name)will find or invent conspiracies forever about anything and everything, it's what they DO. Obama is intelligent, erudite, measured, thoughtful, well educated, highly ethical and highly qualified, fairly popular despite the outrageous misinformation peddled by the Lunatic Fringe of the Political Right Wing, President, and BLACK! Get used to it as it's what America is becoming, evolving into, just as every wave of immigrants or growing minority has caused us to evolve. I repeat! Get used to it! We have bigger problems to deal with.

Sarah Sofia Granborg said...

What more is there to say about it? I'll keep it simple: good article and good comments by Old Injun! But I would like to correct one thing: it's not conspiracy theorists, it's conspiracy terrorists!

an average patriot said...

Hi Mike! You know someone in the Government and the ISI knew he was there. We knew they were helping him and the 9/11 crew from the get go. No conspiracy theory, fact!

We have been in Pakistan for years prepared to take over the nukes if need be or so we think.

an average patriot said...

Right on Sarah, how the heck you been? I thought you dropped off the map or something, you and your busy schedule.

Mike S said...

We were once in Iran and ready to take the reins there too (I was there)and look how well that worked out. Let's see, Iraq, NO WMD, mostly desert, army disillusioned, 8 years and STILL not in control versus Pakistan, HAS WMD, border to border population except in the far west, highly motivated and trained army AND Navy AND Air Force. No problems taking their nukes away.

an average patriot said...

Mike as you know, you reap what you sow and pay back is for us is barely beginning. We have a very tenuous future ahead and then there is what we have done to the only planet we have or so I think.