Friday, May 13, 2011

Bowe Bergdahl's Father Asks Taliban for Captured Soldier's Return, appeals to the Government, the ISI, and the Haqqani's, hmm!

Father appeals for release of captured U.S. soldier

Bowe Bergdahl's Father Asks Taliban for Captured Soldier's Return

Bergdahl was captured June 30th under what is still unknown circumstances. Two US officials said Bergdahl appears to have just wandered off his post unarmed. I also heard he just wandered into Town to visit Afghani's he thought had befriended him. I also heard he was drunk and wandered off base to be picked up by the Taliban. Also that he was grabbed by civilians and turned over to the Taliban.

Many of us have known from the beginning due to our own Government records and knowledge that some in the Pakistan Government and in the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) have been helping and protecting Al Qaeda and Taliban. I think to most Osama Bin Laden being watched from a safe house in their midst by the CIA before being killed proves they are the ones to talk to. I have long asserted they are protecting the Haqqani's too.

It is no coincidence that Pakistan's army would not go into Waziristan as that is where the Haqqani's are and no coincidence the name of Bin Laden's compound was "little Waziristan" It is very poignant that Robert Bergdahl is appealing to the ISI and the Government and not just the Haqqani's. Pfc Bergdahl has supposedly gotten comfortable with his captors and their life style even converting to Islam.

Anyway as you know, the US is increasingly taking matters into its own hands inside Pakistan. The Haqqani's network and their increasingly foreign fighters have become the main focus after 9 years of fighting. The Haqqani's Network's North Waziristan leadership -- usually called the Miram Shah Shura consists of a number of Haqqani's family members and closely associated long-serving commanders.

At the top of the network is Sirajuddin Haqqani who oversees the group's political and military activities and is the main liaison to the Mullah Muhammad Omar led Quetta Shura Taliban, the Taliban's leadership body (named for the capital of Pakistan's Baluchistan province). He is also one of the network's liaisons to Pakistani Taliban figures and al-Qaeda.

He travels regularly into Afghanistan to coordinate with field commanders and occasionally to Peshawar and South Waziristan to connect with militants there. There are many field commanders in Afghanistan, but turnover is high because many get killed or captured. The most prominent is Mullah Sangin, who is believed to be holding Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl a captured U.S. soldier and Zakim Shah the movement's shadow governor of Khost province.

Jalaluddin Haqqani legendary leader who fought the Soviets and his son, Sirajuddin who directs operations are increasingly the targets of drones and now manned NATO aircraft in Pakistan as the Pakistani's have been leery to go in the area for whatever reason. Many are being killed, I heard over 80 in a week with no civilian casualties.

I wish we would quickly kill the Haqqani's, both Jalaluddin and Sirajuddin and leave the rest to Pakistan as our invasion of their country even to kill Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters who were known killers of NATO forces may be the straw that broke the camels back. Having said that, marking Bergdahl's birthday's in captivity it would be nice to see him released regardless of the ISI, Government, Haqqani relationship.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the read, because I am so out of touch with this, I had to read your part twice just to understand it, as far as who is who and what. I also wonder if this Guy just converted to Islam because of him being in the custody of these so called "guest's" or whatever their refered as? I mean, in Islam according to their teaching's , you should give the enemy first or infidel or whatever, a chance to convert before you kill them or whatever else you do to punish them. I wouldnt think he has much confidence in his gvmnt getting him free.

LadyJtalks said...

been a while. i'll try to keeping catching what your take is on all that happens over there now.

an average patriot said...

I agree with you on the conversion RC. I do think we are getting closer to the Haqqani's, by we I mean our drones not the complicit ISI

an average patriot said...

Thanks Lady J! We will try to stey on top of this and everything else that is important.

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