Monday, May 16, 2011

Palestinians commemorate Nakba Day, the catastrophe of Israel's founding in 1948

Israel fires at border protesters: Israeli security forces open fire at border crossing points with the Palestinian territories, Syria and Lebanon, as protesters mark the anniversary of the creation of the state in 1948.

Palestinians wounded in 'Nakba' clashes: Dozens wounded in West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights as Palestinians commemorate "Nakba Day".

Israel-Palestinian violence erupts on three fronts: Violence erupted on Israel's borders with Syria, Lebanon and Gaza on Sunday, leaving at least eight dead and dozens wounded, as Palestinians marked what they term "the catastrophe" of Israel's founding in 1948.

In pictures: Palestinian rallies

Palestinians pursue 'Plan B'

Forget it, Israel in their eyes are the only ones that matter and they do not want our 2 State solution period!
I wrote about it numerous times, to hell with Israel they are the problem. Netanyahu does not want peace until he gets everything he wants which includes all of Jerusalem. We have to take care of our own and let them hang themselves. Ahmadinejad was right in one thing when he said years ago that is Europe and the US felt so bad for what happened to the Jews in ww2 they should have given them part of their country. We would have no problem then.

The movement to rightly recognize Palestine has continued to grow as Bolivia became the third country and Ecuador the fourth to recognize a state of Palestine."Bolivia and Ecuador recognizes the Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, like Brazil and Argentina," the Palestinian Ma'an news agency reported Bolivian president Evo Morales as saying during a visit to Brazil.Uruguay as expected followed suit! All this despite efforts by Israel, Israeli groups, and the US despite their feigned efforts to form a two State union.

I reiterate, Palestinian's have bent backwards: Lack of a peace solution to the Israeli crisis we created keeps being blamed on the Palestinians and I for one am quite sick of it! remember this? Israel could lease Palestinian lands in exchange for Palestinian statehood: report I am thinking this can be done after all my apprehension. With Palestine rebuffing Iran, Iran would be the one left out in the cold.

Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state shows they are not serious about two-state solution. What about Israel's refusal to go back to 1967 borders where they should be? to stop building settlements? or to let Palestine have a homeland free of Jews if they want? What about UN resolution 181 established in 1947? That should be made binding and without a vote by Israel.

remember this? PLO wants map from US with future Israeli border Can you blame them? No bargaining make Israel adhere to UN resolution 181, no alternative! It is more than fair and equitable.

The only thing to do is to force the instigating war mongers Israel to adhere to 181 or leave them to their own demise and Iran would see to it. You know, first reading how Israel and Palestine was allotted their territories in 1948 I do not condone that Israel has not been forced to adhere to that resolution. We, the US Britain and Europe especially are as guilty as Israel for not insisting Israel adhere to UN Resolution 181

"In the eyes of Palestinians, the occupation began in '48 and not in '67," Ya'alon told Army Radio. "Not only Hamas thinks this – Abu Mazen [Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas does too." I think that too! I refuse to believe we took it upon ourselves to displace the Palestinians and give their land to the Jews in 1948 because we felt bad for them.

I hate to say it but I agree with Ahmadinejad that if Europe and the US felt so bad about what happened to Jews during WW2 then they should have given them part of their country. If they did we would not be in this situation. There will never be peace in the middle east unless there is an agreement to go back to UN Resolution 181 that was established in 1947.

We should in fact take care of Jewish American's and American's and our interests in Israel and otherwise tell them in no uncertain terms they are on their own if they continue to instigate war not peace and expecting us to come to their rescue. I love the way this is gaining momentum and I finally believe there is a chance for a two State solution but not peace in the Middle East. * The ball is in Israel's court not the world court where it should be!

Palestinians for their part are doing their share for peace but it is futile: They are willing to let Israel control the wailing wall and just want East Jerusalem as their capital but there is no way in hell Israel is going to give that up as they swear it belongs to them. It does not belong to them. They do not want peace unless they get everything they want and they will not. This will only end in war and we will be dragged in. That is why Bush ignored Afghanistan to get into the Middle East. Right from the get go helping Israel against Iran was the goal.

Again I reiterate there will never be peace in the Middle East, period! Israel wants it her way and Iran/Syria want Israel obliterated, period, seems like peace is in Palestinian hands and depends on how much they are willing to bend because Israel will not. Israel and Iran have long been in preparation for this confrontation. As you know, when asked by a journalist how he felt upon returning to Iran in 1979 after 15 years in exile. Khomeini’s curt, one-word reply was “nothing” Whoa! From day one of his return to Iran Khomeini expressed no love for Iran only a love of the atom bomb. The drive even then was to possess a nuclear weapon though that desire is still denied until Iran can get their hands on one.

On the other side there is Israel who will give nothing and expects Palestinians to give up everything! I realized a long time ago that Israel is the world's chief war monger and we seem to do their bidding and fighting. If they get into a war with Iran we will end up coming to their rescue regardless of what they do or what Hillary says and that is sad! We should in fact take care of Jewish American's and American's and our interests in Israel and otherwise tell them in no uncertain terms they are on their own if they continue to instigate war not peace and expecting us to come to their rescue.

* The ball is in Israel's court and I do not like what they are doing with it as they want to hold the ball till they get their way. Well the heck with them, we have given enough!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Jim .... and Thanx for the post/ link's, because this is another thing I really havent looked too deeply into beside's just hearing the usual news report's over the year's, but I have alwayz felt like it was rather a foul move to set up the State of Israel for reason's I mentioned in earlier comment's. But I wanted to ask you a couple question's Jim ...

For one ... I have never been able to figure out "why?" setting up the State of Israel was so importante after WW2 ... and just thought that there had to be something religious about it, you know, preservation of christianity's birthplace and what it mean's to the west/ us, etc, and because I reckon not many folk's wanted to take a bunch of Jew refugee's into their countries I reckon, but I feel that this move was kind of a religious dominance move and to influence our religious belief's/ root's in other region's of the modern world ... do you feel/ think any of that? ... and/ or "why?" do you think Israel was set up or re- instated, etc?

Also ... Why is this two state thing so opposed by Israel? ... does that make any sense? I mean .... if you can fizzle out some of the violence, and all this is about is creating simply two state's so Palestinian's can have their own state, why would anyone oppose this?

an average patriot said...

I agree with Ahmadinejad that if we care so much about what happened to the Jews in WW2 one of us should have given them a part of our country.

There is no way Palestinians should have been displaced, wtf gave us the right to do that? Nothing!

You know, Muslim's, Christians, and Jews have their roots in Jerusalem. Christians and Muslims are willing to share it.

It will never happen because Israel will never share it and believes it is hers exclusively.

Christians roots are Jewish and they have a kinship but despite my deep connections with Jews including Mordachai Vanunu's biographer I am not influenced by this connection any more than you. Take care!

an average patriot said...

Talk about timely RC I just received this video from one of the friends I just mentioned. multiculturalism

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Jim, one thing I do know about is the root's of the religion's (unfortunately), what I was talking about I reckon is say, some judeo/ christian's may feel like if they dont live in that region (in other word's, if there wasnt a State of Israel, that Islam may remove or destroy some of the christian point's of interest's etc, similar to say getting rid of Buddha statue's in Afghan region's or whatever. Also Islam/ Quran DOES respect thing's like the Law of Moses, Jesus (as a prophet, not messiah, Abraham, etc, etc ... they see Mohammed as also a prophet, but the last and final of such) but also according to Islam, it is improper to show any art/ painting's of prophet's/ Allah ... so a true muslim "would" have to get rid of imagery or like statue's and such of them, unless of course they evolve since they are several hundred year's newer than christianty to where they accept them. I have alway's felt like Islam is simply like christianity was when it was the age of Islam, and that over time, Islam will also change into a much more moderate pop culture as time goes on, similar to how christian's and Jew's done, it's just natural. For instance ... how many christian's burn witches at the stake these dayz? It was a common practice just a few centuries back, something you should know plenty about considering where you were raised. Eye piece's, lenses, etc were at a time "forbidden" to many christian's, even the astronomer himself Galileo was imprisoned (house arrest) for what ... a decade(?) because of his claim's that the earth evolved around the sun(?) ... mirror's were a forbidden at a time, and you damn sure didnt even think of thing's like photography ... today's christian, several hundred year's later basically legalized everything, you have gal's attending church even scantilly dressed, chewing gum, and the Bible has been turned into a book more than ever of hypocrisy, where even heathen's can be justified (a lil humor Guy) ... folk's getting married say ... "till death do us part ..." and already have the divorce paper's being made up before the ink on the marriage liscense is dry, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) ... religion is so full of caca to begin with, and as pop culture as anything else today.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx much for the video link Jim on multiculturalism, because I never seen it, and even though I am NOT a 700 Club fan or follower, I see this and actually agree with so much of it, and have talked about it myself, time and again, although, folk's like myself who may talk about this are sometime's viewed by the pop culture masses as racist's ... or more popularly these dayz ... Nazi's, usually by liberated pop culture idiot's who know nothing about either, but just use the term's to be popular to their flunkies that surround them kissing each other's asses, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. But I still feel that way, even several muslim Guy's I know personally that are even immigrant's whose name's I have mentioned in previous comment's actually "agree" with me on this, it is only liberal pop culture American's who look down on me ... it's "unfashionable" Jim! :) I have wrote some about this myself ... because I call what we are seeing ... "forced" globalization and mixing, all done for corporate interest's again of course ... throwing conflicting interest's together and talking about loving each other is un- natural and doomed for some violence and clashes. We will naturally integrate as we evolve, but this "rush" to make everyone love each other now, is nothing more than a marketing move, and those who orchestrate this shit dont give a rat's ass about the poor gal in the vid who was vandalized, robbed, or raped, because they will give her another rule book that will tell her to love her enemies with a whole heart, it is more natural to "hate" those who wrong you in reality, and actually alot healthier. Those who say that anger and hate are unhealthy ... I dont agree with them, for me ... how could one possibly truely love, if they never knew hatred? (long story to this). But this problem has been going on all over western Europe, even muslim men raping euro women and trying to justify it by saying that these women dress like whore's as a defense, even forming communities that are exempt from the law's of the countries their in, this is called "loving" or liberated", it is also in my opinion "stupid". You come into my f'n neighborhood (and my neighborhood is 3 quarter's Mexicano Americano/ TexMex, tell these homeboyz their women dress like whore's and your going to rape them, you'll get your ball's cut off here by these homeboyz, rest assured) and start that BS calling my daughter and wife whore's because of how they dress, I'm going to do everything I can to get you out, I dont give a "f" how popular it is. I bitched even when all them Minneapolis cabbies went on strike that were muslim, because they refused to carry fare's/ passenger's that had any alcohol to drink ... the city sypathized with them like bleeding heart pussies ... my attitude was ... find another f'n job, this is America, not f'n western Europe and we also have our cultural values, and if you have a problemo with it, get the "f" out of our country. One of the most nauseating thing's in place's like France (and I love the French, especially the women having dated a few myself :) is that they get so much "free" social service's on top of it, housing, transportation, etc. One guy bitched to me about Dallas who was a muslim immigrant, because Dallas dont give nothing out for free, he lived for 5 year';s in Paris before Dallas, and said he got so much free shit there from the gvmnt, and here he has to actually pay to ride the train/ subway and for his college courses, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I told him, that's just Texas Dude ... women and children can get free stuff here ... but not too much for single men, and this guy was only 30 year's old.

I'll shut up and Thank You ....