Thursday, May 19, 2011

Libya rebels get diplomatic boost: UK offers office to Libya rebels, EU to open office in rebel-stronghold

Pressure mounting on Libya strongman Moammar Khadafy as NATO airstrikes continue in Tripoli amid worsening shortages of fuel and goods. An activist said Friday that there has also been a wave of anti-government protests in several Tripoli neighborhoods this week - dissent that in the past has been met with zero tolerance and brutal force. Great! If someone in Libya would take it upon themselves to take him and his family and supporters out NATO can stop military action to help rebels get out from underneath Gaddafi's brutal dictatorship.

UK offers office to Libya rebels

EU to open office in rebel-stronghold: The European Union says it will open an office in the rebel-held Libyan city of Benghazi. However, this is not a sign of recognition for the rebel…

Early on France recognized the rebel Government as the legal Government of Libya The rebel Government is still waiting for Britain, Germany, Turkey, and the rest of the world to recognize them so they can move on.
I am beginning to think this is doable but man what a mess is going to be created and for many years because of the Gaddafi family and their supporters.

Personally we have enough going on already but NATO thus the US have already gotten involved with their 3rd war in a Muslim country. The no fly zone is a failure as I see it because Libya's extensive offensive air capabilities have not been taken out. Gaddafi is not going to stop regardless. His use of not just rockets and missiles were are being degraded but his use of balloons and parachutes to drop deadly ordinance on his people and their resources shows that we can not do enough unless someone in NATO gets their boots on the ground.

I do not want to see anyone's citizens being senselessly slaughtered but we never should have gotten involved in Libya in the first place. It was obvious to an idiot that Gaddafi is a mad man with extensive assets up his sleeves and he will not relent. He will do whatever he can to slaughter the rats who want a free Libya because Libya belongs to him and his family. I hate to say it but we are getting very deep and this is going to be much worse than Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are being forced to step this up and we should not. It was obvious from the get go that the rebels could not do this on there own not from lack of desire but because Gaddafi the mad man would kill as many as he could and he is. It would make him very happy if we put boots on the ground as it would in the very least motivate the mercenaries fighting for him and his loyal followers. We are beginning to recognize the rebel Government more and more, that I am afraid means we are in this fore the long haul and will have to come to the rescue if this goes south instead of leaving the rebels to their own demise.

I am afraid this is just beginning unless we can kill them all and we can't so WTF are we doing there? We can't go in Osama style with seal team 6. Our only option is to get the hell out of there and supply the rebels with arms food money and medicine unless Gaddafi tries to mine the sea ports again. I said it when we first got involved in Libya but this whole thing just blows me away. Then there is Syria, Iran, and the rest of the middle east and Africa.

I said from the beginning in Libya that if we are serious we had to go directly after Tripoli and Gaddafi's extensive military assets there. We are finally doing that. If there was a way to totally neutralize Gaddafi's heavy weapons and defenses those rebels may stand a chance. Still, remembering Gaddafi's original statement that many thousands will be killed I am afraid he is getting closer to using his cyanide, mustard gas and vast reserves of chemical weapons.

Gaddafi already issued gas masks to those doing his murdering for him. What choice will we have but to drop a MOAB (mother of all bombs) or a 30,000 pound bunker buster in the middle of his compound designed to dig 7 or 8 stories underground before detonating and take as many of them out as we can. They are not going to relent period. We can not get any deeper than we are so I am happy to see the rebels making gains.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah, that's sad Jim ... you put it well when you said we are being forced to step this up, that's the issue alwayz Guy ... we get so caught up in shit, it's almost impossible to get out. This is another reason why I had sympathy on our President ... I feel his hand's are tied on so many issue's, and of course the "right" love's seeing his desk full and an inbox from Hell awaiting him. I actually cant recall a President in my lifetime that had this much shit at once to deal with.

BTW Jim ... your video above has been deleted by YouTube or somethin.

an average patriot said...

Really, I wonder why they have been doing that lately? I watched Obama's speech today and noted as was

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