Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Osama bin Laden killing could justify killing Col Gaddafi: No way! What the hell is wrong with us? Where the hell are we going with this?

Osama bin Laden killing could justify killing Col Gaddafi

There is no way in hell! What the heck have we come to? Osama Bin Laden was a unique case and his vendetta against the west is only increasing since his assassination and it will get much worse. Pakistan Taliban warns of retaliation: Al Jazeera has obtained exclusive footage that appears to show the group vowing revenge for Osama bin Laden's death. This makes absolutely no sense knowing Bin Laden betrayed them but will gain new terrorism converts which is the only goal

Osama Bin Laden was by his own decree America's number one enemy. He perpetrated 9/11 the worst attack on American soil in History and vowed to do worse still. Even in death he will do his damnedest to do worse. It was right for us to kill him. I do not understand though how anyone can compare the justification of killing Osama Bin Laden to justifying killing Moamar Gaddafi.

There is no comparison period! What the hell is wrong with us? We are not in the business of assassinating leaders who do not do our bidding or are we? Yes I agree we owe Gaddafi for personally ordering the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland that killed 270, mostly American's. Pan Am flight 103 Wikipedia I do believe we should press ahead with legal proceedings on that issue but even that does not justify assassination by us.

I firmly disagree with Gaddafi murdering thousands of his own people because they want their freedom and ordering his mercenaries to rape as many of their women as possible. Gaddafi and even his family has earned the ire of his own people, "his own people". I said from day one that Gaddafi will not stop killing as many as he possibly can before he is taken out.

If there was a way to totally neutralize Gaddafi's heavy weapons and defenses those rebels may stand a chance. Still, remembering Gaddafi's original statement that many thousands will be killed I am afraid he is getting closer to using his cyanide, mustard gas and vast reserves of chemical weapons. It is up to the rebels or one of his confidants to take out Gaddafi but assassinating him will do nothing. His entire family and all of his followers willow have to be taken out.

You know I firmly believe we should drop a MOAB (mother of all bombs) or a 30,000 pound bunker buster in the middle of his compound designed to dig 7 or 8 stories underground before detonating and take as many of them out as we can. They are not going to relent period. In this current situation Gaddafi is guilty of committing crimes against humanity, crimes against his people not ours.

In closing: There is absolutely no comparison between what Bin Laden did and what Gaddafi is currently doing unless we are looking for justification to assassinate him and impose our will once again. What the hell have we come to? What would this mean to the future of the unstable worlds stability?Think of the myriad of repercussions. Mind boggling! When are we going to draw the line?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

All well and good then let's try him in absentia then in an international court and be done with it. We could have easily done the same with Bin Laden. But we're getting to the point where laws don't matter and that is a scary thought.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hello Jim! I see your point there, and never even thought about that, but ole Ghadaffi isnt anything like bin Laden, beside's being as ugly as bin Laden perhap's :) But I was thinking the same thing with Saddam Hussein actually, I mean ... there was all the talk about being evil (for me there is no such thing as good/ evil), and I figured if you want him out, just take him out in a covert operation, same with Ghadaffi. I only see it as doing these thing's with the least amount of misery and cost's is all, I wasnt thinking of the "justifiable" part. I mean ... we been spending out the ass to get this Guy to step down or out or whatever ... Dude ... we created Ghadaffi too, I mean .. why did we support him all those year's when we knew he was a dictator? Should we just keep dropping bomb's? Well, it's out of our hand's ... all I know is whatever happen's were/ American's are probably going to end up with most of the goddamn $bill$ and cost of our lives/ military over it ... so I didnt look at what's justifiable or not ... if I have a choice of spending several billion, over month's and month's, losing 100's of my military, and my objective is to get rid of Ghaddafi ... it is most likely I would decide to take him out in a covert operation, so Yes ... assassinate him. But also on the other hand ... if you know where he is and as you say "we have this bomb" that can get the job done, I would be game for that. But looking at the "whole" picture Jim, for me ... I wouldnt have any reason myself to kill or bomb him, if I were in there, being that I supported him for year's politically, made him rich ... and beside's, I would let the UN or whoever take care of the crime's against humanity part, after all ... it didnt happen on my turf or on my tribe/ people. I dont feel a responsibility personally to have to police the entire world basically. None the less Jim ... interesting posting.

BTW Jim ... the part above highlighted where it take's you to al Jazeera about those seeking to avenge the death of bin Laden, I reckon we have to search for it? cause I didnt see a bloody thing in that link about that ... and the headliner was about volcanic ash.