Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still in its infancy: The new middle east disorder and we're right in the middle of it

UN chief slams Syria's crackdown on protests
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has described Syria's harsh crackdown on protests and use of deadly force against demonstrators as "unacceptable".
Middle East unrest: Syria arrests Damascus protesters

Protests broke out in four Syrian cities on Friday, the first large-scale demonstrations here since the pro-democracy uprisings began in the Arab world three months ago. In Syria, Crackdown After Protests Wow Syria, what does that mean for Iran?

Thousands of mourners called Saturday for "revolution" at the funeral of protesters killed by Syrian security forces, the boldest challenge to Syria's rulers since uprisings began sweeping the Arab world.

Tribes warn of violence if Syrian regime does not withdraw troops The demonstrations were the latest of a growing number in the past three days, as the uprisings and unrest that spread from Tunisia to Egypt to Bahrian and Libya appear to have reached Syria, one of the most tightly controlled societies in the Middle East. They want the tanks removed and over flights stopped. This is really spreading and could be good if we play our cards right.

Saudi Arabia's decision to send troops into Bahrain to help stabilize the country following violent anti-government demonstrations marks another stage in Riyadh's reluctant emergence as a regional policeman at a time when the Arab world faces unprecedented turmoil and even armed rebellion. Iran Calls Saudi Troop Presence in Bahrain 'Unacceptable'

There is no surprise here but remember the big picture! By getting rid of Saddam we freed Iran up to instigate for the Shiite version of a new middle east order. The Iran evolutionary Guard has been instigating, arming, and training in Yemen for years amongst other countries.In Bahrain the Shiite minority majority is rebelling against the Sunni minority majority. You don't think Iran is instigating them? Of course Saudi Arabia is came to the rescue of the Sunni minority leadership.
I have to remind you of something we have been discussing for years now as it is coming out in the open as the Iranian Saudi Arabian neo cold war is coming out in the open.

We know that at least up to now we have been giving Billions upon Billions in advanced arms and weaponry to Saudi Arabia and our other Arab allies to fight Iran. We also know the Iranian Saudi Arabian neo cold war has been going on for years. We are the ones who went into the Middle East to change Middle East order per Bush and God which was asinine.

Could this confrontation erupt in war between Iran and at the least US armed Saudi Arabia? Iran is warning and threatening retribution but they are supplying the Yemeni Rebels who pushed into Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has fired well over a hundred missiles from their fighter jets as they pummel their hideouts.

You can not blame them but I had no idea the dissention goes all the way back to the naming of the Gulf. Saudi’s know it as the Gulf of Arabia and I can remember that but Iran calls it the Persian Gulf as the rest of us seem to at least until now.

Both Iran and Saudi Arabia have been using Lebanon as their battlefront up to now able to avoid direct confrontation. Iran has pumped millions of dollars in supplies and arms much to the consternation of her suffering people while Saudi Arabia has been supporting the Palestinian Authority.

So far there has been no direct confrontation. However I absolutely see what I have been warning about since Bush diverted from Afghanistan to attack Iraq and get back in the middle east to create a new middle east (dis)order! I do not give a damn what anyone says. Bush Chaney and their Democratization program in an already historically unstable middle east set all of this and more in motion!

Clinton Says Libya Options Include Drones and Arming Rebels, no fly zone, attack Gaddafi forces, sounds like another war to me
Clinton Says Libya Options Include Drones and Arming Rebels The French have 20 planes there and have already engaged. The Canadian planes are on their way to Italy and Navy assets are on their way to Libya to neutralize Gaddafi's Navy. UN approves no-fly zone over Libya; raids may begin Friday

Saudi Arabia is helping Bahrain brutally put down the Shiite minority that Iran says she might arm. I tend to believe the middle east break down Sunni against Shiite is well under way. Bahraini Shiites bury their dead from crackdown

Yemeni Protesters Under Heavy Fire, 29 dead

In closing: Bush's intention in attacking Iraq was to get our military back in the Middle East to help Israel establish a safety zone, create a new middle east (dis)order as God told him to, and to establish a permanent middle east presence. I was very concerned that this entire mess in the middle east would take on a life of its own We freed Iran up to instigate for their new order by eliminating Saddam who kept them contained.

The middle east is exploding as we long said it would and anti Israeli anti US forces are trying to use it to their advantage. Israel is nervous as they should be with all their hedging at a real 2 state solution. Across the Arab world, people living under the thumb of repressive leaders are rising up against the rulers who once seemed omnipotent. It is no coincidence these were all American allies! They are not quite sure what they want. But from North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, they know they want change. And their wrath and their courage are creating a new form of Arab unity.

The goal since we went back into the Middle East has been to see whose version of a new middle east order will prevail. I have faith it will not be Persian Iran's version and not ours but rather a free and Democratic Arabian version whatever shape that may take.

* The hell on earth Bush created for Iraqi’s will engulf the entire Middle East before it encompasses the entire world if we can not contain it. Under Bush we broke a long standing tradition of not adding fuel to the Middle East fire by supplying weapons. We are now, including advanced weaponry and missile defense systems. The Middle East breakdown Bush started armed and funded is continuing under Obama. This up to now proxy war in the middle east is under way. Wait, watch, and listen, this is not good for the world and our future!

The entire middle east is going to erupt Sunni against Shiite and don't forget Israel and the Kurds and we are going to be right in the middle of it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

In digging into the meat of this matter I find that there is an underlying reason for all of this. A friend from Africa pointed out that most of the people there don't know what freedom and democracy is. Remember Iraq was a socialist country before we got there. When the monthly allotments stopped many people were confused as to what to do. Many are now in total poverty because they don't know how capitalism works. So this truly was a corporate war to make them all profit fodder for the plan. Do you see that now?

an average patriot said...

I hear you Demeur, it boils down to 100 years of our interference, our backing of all the dictators, and our specific interference since Bush.

ab said...

It is disproportional not to act a litle in Libia and to spend billions on Iraq.

If a few arab counties fall , the middle east conflict is different/over.
At least you get Divide & rule the midle east.

Get the BIG picture! Get Syra or a few others dictators down. This part of the world is shouting for our values (transparacy/democracy). Dont’t be afraid for fundamentalists, you need progress to maintain a system.. even if its is terrositical-fear-driven. Listen, that’s not what the people shouting for. Victory means western values for next decades tot spread, possible to even Asia/china … If a few counties fall, you can pull out the troops of iraq, because it will not be be important anymore.