Saturday, March 26, 2011

African Union calls for transition phase to Democracy, now they're talking

Moamer Kadhafi's delegation to African Union talks Friday said Tripoli is ready to implement an AU roadmap to resolve the Libyan crisis, while also demanding a halt to the Western-led coalition's military intervention.

Live feed: Libya and Mid-East crisis

UK jets bomb Libyan army tornado's are targeting vehicles threatening civilians and I am pleased about that.

African Union calls for transition phase to Democracy as Gadhafi forces hit by airstrikes in besieged cities Now they're talking!

Onboard a British Tornado fighter jet on Libya mission

French military chief says air force destroys Gaddafi's artillery This was artillery being used to smash the city of Ajdabiya and slaughter its people.

West hits Libya forces as NATO sees 90-day TRIPOLI campaign: Western warplanes hit Libyan forces at a strategically important eastern town, trying to land a crippling blow on Muammar Gaddafi's tanks in a nearly week-old campaign that NATO says could last three months.

Middle East and North Africa: live report AFP - - Signs that NATO's agreement to enforce the Libya no-fly zone is already having an effect on the deployment of its forces across the globe -- German lawmakers approve the sending of up to 300 crew members to operate surveillance planes in Afghanistan in a bid to free up the alliance's resources for Libya.

James Joiner
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