Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Calls for subtle protests have China security forces in tizzy because of recent revolts but have no fear

This is really kind of comical and uniquely Chinese. A very astute, intelligent way around the very heavy hand of Chinese authorities.
Calls for subtle protests have China security forces in tizzy

China Raises Defense Budget, Promises to Help the Poor

China wants better image, but security is paramount

The Chinese government has cracked down on dissent and foreign journalists over fears turmoil in the Middle East could spark unrest within China.

China must ensure social stability by reducing inflation and corruption, Premier Wen Jiabao has told the parliament's annual session.

We all remember Tiananmen square. With China's willingness to kill her own people and cruch all dissension there is really no threat to China. I have to laugh at their paranoid reaction to everything that disagrees with their fascist plan. China may have over 1 billion people but they have already been cowed. You may know I have an ongoing series on the killing of China's school children. China is not America where everyone has a gun, in China mass murders are on children and with kitchen knives.

The citizens of today's China have their valid complaints but Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and President Hu Jintao are making a serious effort to address the need of the poor and those without jobs and houses. As a result they are not the people of today's Libya or any of the other Arabian and African Nations rising up.

China has a 25 million man army and they are not concerned with using them to contain their people. I have to laugh over the all controlling Chinese Government as tweets calling for Sunday 'strolls' around China are an effective psychological weapon, sending security forces chasing at shadows. I don't know whose idea this was but knowing the Chines Government suppresses all signs of dissension this was brilliant.

The possibility that somebody might heed the coy calls to protest led Chinese security to virtually shut down some of the most heavily trafficked sites in the country. I just have to laugh! No wonder China and North Korea are best friends. Realistically I can no longer see dissension being tolerated in either country because of the boss "China"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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