Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Expert Explains Plutonium Find Near Japan Plant: Radiation in the ocean not our fault

It's not us... Cut the crap! Japan's nuke agency says radioactive water not overflowing into Pacific We found plutonium in the soil from a cracked reactor they have been pouring millions of gallons of sea water on and now fresh water with admittedly no capacity to store the run off and we are supposed to believe it is not going into the ocean thus responsible for the readings over 100,000 times normal?

The situation here is obviously very grave and will get much worse! TRACES of radioactive iodine from Japan's stricken nuclear facility were found by an air monitoring site in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Low levels of radioactive iodine believed to be from the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan have been detected in the UK.Related Stories, Radiation spikes in sea off Japan, Radiation soars in Japanese reactor, Japan slams nuclear operator over radiation, Plutonium find at Japan nuclear plant

Radioactivity from the Fukishima plants has now been detected throughout the US, Canada, Russia, Scotland, the UK, South Korea, around the world, this is an environmental catastrophe our frail planet did not need.! We just discussed the terrible condition of our ocean's and we just keep trying to kill it and us

This really concerns me because the crisis in Japan just keeps getting worse despite the lies. It had to cross the country to get here on the east coast of the United States.

2 of those reactors are said to be in some stage of meltdown with 2 more having blown out their buildings and 2 more in various stage of degradation. They better stop playing games and seal the 2 in melt down immediately and keep an eye on the other 4 and do the same with them if need be. This is not the legacy Japan wanted to leave for its children nor the one I want for mine.

I have been saying from the beginning that this was going to dwarf Chernobyl and it will. It was obvious they were lying from the beginning and they still are.

They now have radiation in the ocean and wonder why? Duh! That reactor three is the only one of the 6 that uses the deadliest of the deadly, a mixture of plutonium and uranium. Now we are hearing there is another in as bad a shape. Seal them in cement now before things get ant worse. Chernobyl was a 7 now they are talking 6, eventually it will be a 10 or for which they of yet do not have a classification.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

They should have brought in the boys from Chernobyl who know how to deal with this crisis. They may not have a perfect solution but I'd bet it would be a better one.

an average patriot said...

Demeur you're right and I do not understand why they haven't. It just keeps getting worse and worse by the day.