Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Analysis: Challenges ahead, Arab League Committed to Libya No-Fly Zone, protecting civilians job one

I just heard the first US fighter aircraft just went down. The pilot bailed out and was rescued by rebel forces. I hope and we will keep watching. Plus as some of us suspected I just heard a retired General say you can bet we have had special forces there from day one and there will eventually be ground forces but not ours. Libya: US fighter jet crash lands in field near Benghazi The two crew members have been rescued!

Live feed: Libya crisis

Analysis: Challenges ahead

The Arab League remains committed to United Nations’ efforts to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya and urged coalition forces to make protecting civilians a priority for the operation, Secretary General Amr Moussa said.

Should the UN attempt a 'surgical strike' and try to remove Gaddafi? Yes they should but it will not prevent a civil war. His sons at the very least will see to it. We did our job we must get out before the slaughtering of civilians which will continue drags in further as is Gaddqafi's plan. The people have got to take it from here and they say they are ready.

Allies Target Qaddafi's Ground Forces, but Resistance Continues, Reports Say

A U.S.-led coalition has succeeded in scattering and isolating Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi's forces after a weekend of punishing air attacks, Pentagon officials say, and American military authorities are moving to hand control of the operation to other countries. We better hand it over quick to Qatar, France, and Britain and get out. Nothing on the ground has changed for the rebels though. I listened to a witness account where Gaddafi's forces were in Misrata pulling people out of their houses and slaughtering them. They were also pulling them off the street and killing them. That will not change!

Stop playing games, drop a MOAB (mother of all bombs) on him or a 30000 pound bunker buster designed to take out deep underground hardened sites and take his human shield with him. The civil war regardless is going to continue for years as will those in the other 2 Muslim countries we attacked "Afghanistan, and Iraq"

Russia's prime minister is strongly criticizing the U.N. resolution allowing international use of force in Libya, saying it reminds him of the Crusades. That is pure BS! Putin wants us out as I do but he is justifying the fortification of Moscow. This is the first conflict I have been for not counting the Balkans. We are coming to the rescue of Muslims being slaughtered by their misleader. Once they are on equal ground we must immediately get out and leave it up to the rebels who will be deep in this civil war for years.

More than 8,000 Libyan rebels have been killed in the revolt against Muammar Gaddafi's rule, it has been claimed. Don't forget all the innocent Muslim women and children too!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Dave Dubya said...

I try to be hopeful, but I dread what might go wrong...

Last Friday Google took down my blog without notice.

Talk about a Kafkaesque experience. No warning, no explanation, no accusation even. I guess a lot of blogger world goes down because of misidentification as spammers. They also have a very Kafkaesque system of hoops and loops to jump through for a review.

I get a sick sense of foreshadowing from this that all politically incorrect blogs and information sources may meet the same fate when net neutrality is lost and corporatist government clamps down.

I'll take my davedubya.com elsewhere; Wordpress looks pretty good in comparison. I'm glad I saved all my posts and links.