Saturday, March 12, 2011

West splits as Gaddafi slaughters rebels, civilians, and Doctors

The military forces of Moammar Gadhafi on Friday pounded Ras Lanuf, the key oil port once in the hands of rebel forces, and its leadership confidently vowed the retake all territory from the opposition. That is putting it lightly, they slaughtered those people and bragged about it!

In Libya, tide seems to be turning in favor of Qaddafi's forces

West splits as Gaddafi pounds rebels

Germany wants Arab view on recognizing Libya rebels

The African Union despite the slaughter said they flatly deny any outside intervention so they better do something if they care about the Libyan citizens.

In closing: I have been giving this a lot of thought! I remember originally with the ire of the West and their growing threats of forming a no fly zone that the Arab League and the African Union made the announcement that they did not want us to intervene and they were thinking about imposing a no fly zone on Libya themselves.

As this has been progressing and become more of a slaughter of any thought be be against the regime or complicit in the rebels cause disappeared or was mercilessly slaughtered with aircraft, tanks, bombs, and machine guns it became increasingly obvious that the rebels were on their own unless we came to the rescue. Despite the chest thumping and saber rattling we cannot and better not.

We are at war in 2 Muslim countries already. It would be easy for Gaddafi to paint it as another war against Islam and many in Libya and in the Middle East and Africa would join his call to action against us. It has become obvious that with many Muslim countries in Africa and the Middle East facing insurrection they are not going to come to the rescue of the Libyan people as they too are going to take a hard line if they have to. What happened in Egypt will very likely remain an anomaly.

We can not militarily come to the rescue of every Nation where some of their population want freedom from the repression and dictatorship we once sanctioned as long as they did our bidding. I listened to one fighter last week hit it right when he said "we started it we will finish it" any outside intervention and we will side with Kaddafi to repel them. We can only watch wait and hope for now!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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