Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Live Feed of Libya revolt as West edges closer to Libya military action

Live Feed of Libya revolt
US says Libya at crossroads of democracy, civil war

Pro-Gadhafi forces said to block food to Zawiya

Nearly 150000 flee Libya; UN reports crisis along borders

US says will keep squeezing Gaddafi until he quits

West edges closer to Libya military action

Hillary warned that Libya is at the crossroads of democracy and civil war as we all know but it is chaos I would expect. We also know the United States will continue to press Moamer Kadhafi to step down by squeezing him economically and militarily and he will not. So we are moving in military assets needed to enforce a no fly zone which means a military action to at least take out Libya's air defenses which are said to be substantial.

I really wish that would not be necessary but Gaddafi and saif are going to push this as far as they can. The Libyan's want to do this and as painful as it may be, we had better let them and just supply them as we can and be there for them. Defense officials said a warship, the USS Kearsarge, with hundreds of Marines on board was headed towards Libya on Tuesday. The amphibious assault ship accompanied by two other naval vessels, was expected to pass through the Suez Canal soon from the Red Sea, two officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

US officials "are taking prudent steps to prepare for potential humanitarian contingencies," Rice told NBC television's "Today Show" program. with an estimated 200,000 refugees already overwhelming the Tunisian border humanitarian needs are right now and I would hope the assets we have sent would get to work taking care of them immediately and keep boots off the ground or it will back fire on us.

I am suspect about what role an amphibious assault ship would play in that. We must get medical supplies, food, and necessities to refugees and revolutionaries immediately and keep our military out of it or this will be turned on us. Do that then sit and watch what the revolutionaries do and keep an eye on the Gaddafi's. I just do not see any type of military action working in our favor. Help the people as they need it and wait watch and listen!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Two thoughts:
I find it interesting that both left and right are flag waving stand up for liberty and democracy for Libya and Egypt while the right is assaulting our liberties, unions and middle class here at home.

I'm hearing that they are kicking around a plan for a no fly zone right after Gates gives a speech on not getting involved in anymore conflicts in the region.

Has history taught us nothing?

an average patriot said...

Iknow Demeur! Countries are cooling to the idea but without it those people are screwed. That said Hillary said it would not be for long but hell! I wish we would dock in Tunisia and help those people ASAP!