Friday, March 04, 2011

A winning combination: Arabs may impose Libya no fly zone in cooperation with the African union, US supports war crime tribunal first time

US supports war crime tribunal first time, court to name Libyan suspects

Rebels regained control of the oil fields after being bombarded by Gaddafi jets. It is time to impose that no fly zone but it would require an attack on Libya to soften up the significant air defenses so it should be posed to the rebels and the parameters and go ahead has to come from them and the beleaguered citizens of Libya. Qaddafi Forces Battle Rebels for Control of Libya's Oil

EU imposes arms embargo, targeted sanctions on Libya

EU Ups Funding for Libyan Refugee Crisis

A mass airlift of Egyptian refugees from the Libyan-Tunisian border to Cairo involving British, French and Tunisian planes has begun as the international community moved to prevent a humanitarian disaster. Libya: Britain sends planes to help with mass airlift of refugees

Libya's aerial onslaught steps up pressure for no-fly zone

Arab League Opposes Foreign Intervention in Libya Arabs may impose Libya no fly zone in cooperation with the African union

Of course Russia and China are against a no fly zone but if it is imposed by Arab and African countries that would satisfy the third principle, that China would “heed and respect the opinions and positions of Arab countries and African countries, You can forget about the first 2 principles as Gaddafi will not use diplomacy or peaceful means. Instead he promises rivers of blood. China Signals Potential Opposition to No-Fly Zone Over Libya

US officials "are taking prudent steps to prepare for potential humanitarian contingencies," Rice told NBC television's "Today Show" program. with an estimated 200,000 refugees already overwhelming the Tunisian border humanitarian needs are right now and I would hope the assets we have sent would get to work taking care of them immediately and keep boots off the ground or it will back fire on us.

I am suspect about what role an amphibious assault ship would play in that. We must get medical supplies, food, and necessities to refugees and revolutionaries immediately and keep our military out of it or this will be turned on us. Do that then sit and watch what the revolutionaries do and keep an eye on the Gaddafi's. I just do not see any type of military action working in our favor. Help the people as they need, Communicate with them but leave the rest up to the Arab League and African Union and wait watch and listen!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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