Tuesday, March 08, 2011

No-Fly Zone Over Libya a 'No-Brainer'?

Live feed: Libya revolt

Kadafi forces backed by warplanes push rebels back

Qaddafi Forces Begin New Air Attack in East and the Gaddafi forces are using snipers on civilians and bombing and strafing everyone they see with aircraft still masters of the sky. What is scary is they are killing indiscriminately any way they can and Gaddafi says he has done nothing yet. Remember that mustard gas and other WMD!

Pressure mounts for no-fly zone in Libya

Libya no-fly zone needs regional support: Britain A no fly zone is not as easy as it sounds. All the surface to air missiles will have to be taken out and it is an act of war. It would need regional support in fact it should be done by the Arab League and the African Union who have expressed an interest. Regardless of the war monger outcry from Republicans in the United States we must keep hands off and boots of the ground. Our help should be logistic. If they can't do it, oh well! No-Fly Zone Over Libya Urged by McCain, Kerry as Gates, Mullen Have Doubts

No-Fly Zone Proponents Think It's a Video Game

Western intervention in Libya would damage Arab cause

No-Fly Zone Over Libya a 'No-Brainer'? Yes it is with Gaddafi using Russian built Hinds helicopter to machine gun and slaughter his so called people there are increasing calls for a no fly zone enforced by NATO or the US by Libyans rebels and war mongers such as McCain and Lieberman but that said a no fly zone can be tutored by NATO and the US but it is a must it must have an Arab and or African union face!

Arab League Opposes Foreign Intervention in Libya Arabs may impose Libya no fly zone in cooperation with the African union

Bottom line Libya's fate depends on loyalty of Gadhafi forces

Someone in the inner circle must do the country a favor and kill the mad Gaddafi family!

In closing Russia and China came out against the Middle east and north African revolts because they have there own problems with them and we know how violently they deal with the problem. We are at a major and serious crossroads and must keep an African Libyan face on this fight and hopeful victory for the people whatever that entails! If Gaddafi is allowed to murder his own people who only want a voice in their future it will send the message around the entire world that all these revolts can be dealt with extreme violence in order to keep the status quo.

Bottom line on this issue, anything being done has got to be done by Libyan's, they must do the heavy lifting and if there is any outside help it must come from the Arab League and the African Union who we can reinforce and advise but that is it. This is the right way to go about it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

What people fail to realize is that to have a "No fly zone" requires an assault on Libyan air bases. We are at present tied up in Iraq and Afghanistan.

an average patriot said...

It's an act of war! We would have to attack them and take out their air defenses. Gates knows not to do but but the war mongers say do it now. WTF?

LadyJtalks said...

stopped by to say hello and let you know I worry about so many people not getting support they need. To many people don't understand we just can't stop him from flying without attacking them. I'm just glad there are others getting the weapons to them they need.

an average patriot said...

Hi Lady J, welcome! Yep it would be another war. Let someone else give them the weapons. Sooner or later they are always turned on us.

I saw one of the fighters being interviewed today and he said regardless of how much blood is spilled they started this they will finish it. I hate to say it but that is the way it has to be!