Friday, March 18, 2011

UN approves no-fly zone over Libya; raids may begin Friday: Japan, middle east, Africa, can you say energy crunch?

UN approves no-fly zone over Libya; raids may begin Friday

World energy crunch as nuclear and oil both go wrong

Libyan government soldiers battled rebels on the road to the insurgent stronghold of Benghazi on Thursday as the United States raised the possibility of air strikes to stop Muammar Gaddafi's forces.

The US has signaled that the international community should "go beyond" a no-fly zone in Libya, suggesting military intervention for the first time.

Top US nuclear official says Japans nuclear crisis is much worse than Japan says
Corrected: US to deploy ground monitoring equipment in Japan:Chu

The U.S. military on Wednesday ordered troops to stay at least 50 miles away from a crippled Japanese nuclear power plant and started prescribed medication ahead of higher-risk relief missions amid growing concerns about radiation.

Top US nuclear official says Japans nuclear crisis is much worse than Japan says and warns of much more extremely high levels of radiation and it can impact implementing any remedies. Experts are on the ground working with the Japanese to try and get this under control. The Japanese are using an 18 mile exclusion zone for its citizens and the US is warning all Americans to stay 50 miles away.

Fatal dose levels are leaking and this is an unbelievably dangerous situation. Concerns have all nuclear countries edgy! Then there's the crises in oil countries!

Japan disaster may mean setback for US nuclear industry

Nigeria: Explosion Rocks Oil Facility in Bayelsa

We are in serious trouble as far as energy goes not to speak about everything else. I am starting to hear leaning on the largest oil reserves in the world and that is the US shale oil. For years I have written that gas at $5 per gallon at the pump would make it economically feasible to capture and process.You see the growing nuclear crisis in Japan where they shut down 10 reactors, Germany has shut down 9 and curtailed building 17,China curtailing 25, Venezuela any at all, and many more.

This will mean more coal. The middle east is exploding, Saudi Arabia is attacking the Shiite in Bahrain and Iran is threatening to arm them with the prospect of the Saudi Arabia Iran neo proxy war going full scale as I have been saying for years would be the case. Now the US wants to attack Libya to help the rebels who are begging for it and willing to pay us for it. Russia's finance minister is expecting $200 per barrel for oil but only for a short time. I don't know about how short it will be. Be forewarned, be prepared!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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