Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Libya the coalition is cracking and the abstentions are speaking up

I just heard the first US fighter aircraft just went down. The pilot bailed out and was rescued by rebel forces. I hope and we will keep watching. Plus as some of us suspected I just heard a retired General say you can bet we have had special forces there from day one and there will eventually be ground forces but not ours. Damn!
Libya: US fighter jet crash lands in field near Benghazi The two crew members have been rescued!
The world's confused as Arab League chief slams air strikes and Anti-Aircraft Fire Erupts Over Tripoli as More Nations Enforce No-Fly Zone or exercise?

Anti-Aircraft Fire Erupts Over Tripoli as More Nations Enforce No-Fly Zone

The Western-led military action in Libya provoked a rare public split in Russia's ruling tandem Monday, as President Dmitry Medvedev appeared to scold his patron, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, for publicly criticizing the effort.

Gates visits Russia as Putin decries UN action on Libya

Rift over command of Libya campaign, Confusion Over Who Leads Libya Strikes, and For How Long

Libyan air strikes: reactions around the Middle East

We have to take out as much of Gaddafi's military capability as possible and get out of there. If France wants to hang around, good luck to them. While we are watching one town Gaddafi's thugs are in another machine gunning the people and laughing.

When we are gone those people better be prepared to fight to the death. Even if  Gaddafi was to be killed his sons are just as vile and ruthless as he is and the military seems more than happy to slaughter their own people unlike the Egyptions.

I fear for those people who want to go after Gaddafi themselves saying it is their fight, I remember from day one when Gaddafi said he has not begun to fight and there will be 200,000 dead. There is the mustard gas but I fear how far he will go to slaughter his people and stay in control of the Libya he plans on passing to his ruthless sons. While the world is confused as to what to do Gaddafi and his sons are not. Bad things are coming!

Where is this going to go? Do we want the rebels to win? I just don't see it happening on their own! Gaddafi is going to retaliate against us and the rebels any way you look at it. Remember Lockerbie!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Weaseldog said...

If not our forces, why do we have a boat load of Marines headed that way?

an average patriot said...

I haven't heard about that yet I hope not. you can bet we have black ops there but I hope that is as far as it goes. Gaddafi forces are embedded in Misrata and slaughtering the people who are begging for our help or they will all be dead. Fuck em they have to fucking do this.

Weaseldog said...


We will need to move in and make sure that a Halliburton friendly government is installed.

These are just the opening moves in larger game.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Wease! I hope not, I don't like what I see coming. Now the rebels want us in Misrata saying they are being slaughter and will all be killed unless we step. Fuck them, stand up or die!