Monday, March 07, 2011

Libyan civil war

Raw Video: Gadhafi Supporters Pour Into Streets fooled by Gadafhi's lies, read eyewitness reports Below       Live: Libya revolt

Four Libyan towns which forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi claimed to have retaken remain under rebel control, eye witnesses say. Read eyewitness reports and decide for yourself! Some of those celebrating were on their cell phones or something talking to CNN and holding the  phone so we could hear the celebrating.

Kaddafi forces backed by warplanes push rebels back, ground forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Kaddafi, backed up by warplanes, pushed rebels away from the coastal town of Bin Jawwad on Sunday to stop their advance on Kadafi's hometown of Sirte.We saw that one plane was downed and hear the lies Gaddafi is telling his supporters but we and the rebels can not be swayed by the lies!

Libyan helicopter gunships have fired on rebels advancing along the coast towards the capital Tripoli.

LIBYA'S warring armies are set for their worst confrontation as anti-government forces prepare to push towards the capital, Tripoli.

Held By Rebels'Eight SAS soldiers have been detained by rebels in Libya, according to Sky News sources.

Defense secretary Liam Fox has confirmed that a British diplomatic team is in Libya talking to rebel forces. The eight have since been released and you have to wonder what else the defense secretary learned and said.

Analysis: Libya threat to Arab revolts If Gaddafi brutally snuffs out the rebels that will embolden all middle east and North African nations to do the same. With their own insurrection problems China and Russia would actually like that!

No-Fly Zone Over Libya a 'No-Brainer'? Yes it is with Gaddafi using Russian built Hinds helicopter to machine gun and slaughter his so called people there are increasing calls for a no fly zone enforced by NATO or the US by Libyans rebels and war mongers such as McCain and Lieberman but that said a no fly zone can be tutored by NATO and the US but it is a must it must have an Arab and or African union face!

Arab League Opposes Foreign Intervention in Libya Arabs but may impose Libya no fly zone in cooperation with the African union.Bottom line Libya's fate depends on loyalty of Gadhafi forces. I have to believe we are clandestinely working behind the scenes to turn those we can against Gaddafi. Those commanded by his son and the Tuareg's you have to believe will fight to the death and the rebels know they must succeed at all costs now.

Libya launches towards full blown civil war but thanks to the Gaddafi's I believe it is there and not just the gaddafi's but many of the destitute tribes and Tuareg nomads are pleased and now have a way to make big time money to slaughter Libyan's for Gaddafi.

I believe this is a civil war already but it definitely will be civil war unless someone kills the mad Gaddafi family! Not only that but the opposition should be making it a priority to take the military bases first and hopefully take all WMD away from anyone that may use them on them. That mustard gas as you know is a big concern of mine but those poor people have no idea what Gaddafi has and will use on them. I am more concerned than ever about Saif's threat 2 weeks ago that 200,000 could be killed.

In closing Russia and China came out against the Middle east and north African revolts because they have there own problems with them and we know how violently they deal with the problem. We are at a major and serious crossroads and must keep an African Libyan face on this fight and hopeful victory for the people whatever that entails! If Gaddafi is allowed to murder his own people who only want a voice in their future it will send the message around the entire world that all these revolts can be dealt with extreme violence in order to keep the status quo.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Problem is it doesn't look like the rebels want anyones' help. Britain send their commandos in to offer assistance and they were turned away.

an average patriot said...

They do not want our boots on their ground and we better be smart enough to adhere. They want a no fly zone but with all that entails that would turn on us too.

Only thing to do is to give the Libyan League and the African Union the tutelage and equipment they need and let them do it or we are fucked.