Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Gaddafi has hinted that he is ready to quit Libya but wants immunity, rebels say good he must leave quickly

NATO mulls Libyan military action: Obama

Col Muammar Gaddafi has hinted that he is ready to quit Libya after 41 years in power, only if rebel interim council gives him a pile of cash and assures him immunity from criminal prosecution, a media report said. The dictator is said to have proposed a meeting of the Libyan Parliament to agree a transition period to pave the way for him to step down. His terms include immunity from criminal prosecution and a pile of cash

"If he leaves Libya immediately, during 72 hours, and stops the bombardment, we as Libyans will step back from pursuing him for crimes," Mustafa Abdel Jalil, an ex-justice minister, told Al-Jazeera Television by telephone about 8:30 a.m. ET.

I understand it is all called propaganda but I don't know, it was thrown out there but Gaddafi right now is maintaining his original stance that he will kill everyone any way he can and he is. I saw another interview last night and he was more bellicose and belligerent than ever, Here

Addressing a group of people from the town of Zentan, Gadhafi blamed outside elements from Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt and the Palestinian territories for the rebellion.  The remarks were broadcast on state television Wednesday. He is right in the respect that he is paying those people thousands to kill Libyans. I saw rebel fighters interviewed later who said if we try to impose a no fly zone they will join Gaddafi to repel us. They acknowledge they need one but it must be Lybyan League and African Union.

Gaddafi's jets slow rebel advance on Sirte Gaddafi's hometown

Rebels hold positions in face of airstrikes

Qaddafi's Airstrikes Spur NATO Discussions of Libya No-Fly Zone

Obama raises pressure on Gaddafi as no-fly zone gains support
Obama Says Military Option Still Under Consideration for Libya

NATO Increases Airborne Surveillance of Libya, Envoy Says

Maybe he's finally feeling the pressure, now it is up to the rebel forces to relieve their pain! Both sides are voicing skepticism saying they know nothing about a deal for Kaddafi to step down. There is a lot of talk and no action. Bottom line the rebels are outgunned and it behooves them to make some kind of deal with Kaddafi. Give him immunity, give him some money, if it will stop the murders it is well worth it for the chance to start over.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

You think maybe he wants some time to load up all the gold on his exit train?

an average patriot said...

You might think so but I think he wants to kill as many as he can and then die a martyr on Libyan soil. I heard one fighter say they do not want his blood tainting their soil!