Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gabrielle Gifford's Victory Song

I am so psyched and impressed with Gabby "Gabrielle Gifford's" survival and her up to now miraculous recovery we all expect and pray will continue. There were 3 others shot in the head that day when Loughner killed 6 and wounded 12. You would normally when hearing someone was shot in the head expect them to have died or at best to have some major impediments for the remainder of their lives.

It has been a little more than two months since the Tucson shooting spree that killed six people and injured 12, and the news on Gabby just keeps getting better. Now Gabby who survived being shot through the brain and the head is finding her voice through song.

Since Gifford's was transferred to Houston where her husband is training to Command the space shuttle in April there are now reports of her singing "Happy Birthday" for husband Mark Kelly and Don McLean's "American Pie" signaling what some have called a miraculous recovery. The brain we know can heal itself through repetition lots of consistency but this is just amazing. Music Therapy Helps Gabrielle Giffords Find Her Voice After Tucson Shooting

Mark Kelly will be commanding space shuttle Endeavor's mission, set to blast off April 19. According to one of the doctors who saved her life in Tucson, there's "no reason not to" believe she can continue her remarkable recovery and witness that moment. I remember about 2 weeks after she was shot and was in the hospital in Tucson I thought it a bit optimistic for Mark to say that he had no doubt she would be there. .

I really had my doubts but I expect her to be there now. It is a very lofty goal and that is what is needed to recover from something like this and to hope for a miracle like the one we are watching. I want to see her there and to watch her face and hear the cheers from the people all around the world. What a victory lap! Giffords may be present when husband blasts off

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Vicki said...

She's a fighter. Nice blog in honor of this scrappy American leader. I wish her the best in her recovery.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Vicki! I seem to have fallen in love with her, her Hubby, and the whole package. This is just amazing and absolute4ly she has her aid to thank, who sat her right up held her hand and talked to her. I get goose bumps!