Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pakistan gives Obama the excuse he needed to keep smaller footprint!

Pakistan demands US share Afghan blueprint They do not want a large increase in troops and I have to agree with their reasoning. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said the United States must fully share its plans for Afghanistan with Pakistan so that it can contribute to them. He warned of our closing posts near the border and I agree we should increase our presence there.

'US drone' targets Pakistan hideout 8 more militants killed! I understand Obama has greatly increased drone attacks. I abhor any civilian deaths or injuries but I do think the drone attacks should be increased along with use for observation. The drones are a way for us to help on the Pakistan side of the border without putting boots on the ground. I have to say, Pakistan and both sides of the border should be our priority now.

As you know, I agree with the Afghan citizens interviewed and with Pakistan that we should put Karzai to the test and concentrate our efforts on securing the Afghanistan Pakistan border to contain militants in Pakistan so Pakistan can eradicate them if possible and keep them from migrating into Afghanistan to complicate our efforts. Border security is key to the success of both Pakistan and Afghanistan and should be a prime concern and the effort of Afghan forces can be spent training up and killing the militants that are already in country!

I happen to like the new “5th option” The final option on the table, dubbed the "hybrid" option, would involve a surge of around 20,000 troops to reinforce major population areas coupled with a renewed counter-terrorist effort against al-Qaeda and Taliban targets in lawless tribal areas along the border with Pakistan.

Bingo! Exactly what we have been saying and then we should get the hell out and see if Karzai is as spineless and corrupt as some of us think before we have another Saigon and join Afghanistan’s graveyard of Nations!

The 5th option is the right option and I bet Obama will go with that and then start the slow withdrawal and see what Karzai and Afghanistan do with their opportunity, I hope they fight like Pakistan is. The letters from Ambassador Eikenberry set this in motion and I am psyched! Pay attention to Biden, pay attention to Max Cleland!

· . Adding more troops will only embolden the Taliban, make them happy, and make things much worse for us! Karzai better quickly get things together and cooperate, the writing is on the wall.

We keep saying we better learn from Vietnam or we are going to have another Saigon! Get the hell out of there. We have lost enough good soldiers fighting for Karzai’s corrupt Government! Obama wants to hear the advice to down size and withdraw and he has it! He has an exit strategy and I can’t wait to hear it

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Anonymous said...

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Demeur said...

Looks like a Chinese porn invasion or is that Korean?

Until we reach some kind of agreement with Pakistan and Afghanistan this war is not going to change. It seems as if neither of the two are very serious about going after Al Qaeda.

an average patriot said...

It's all French to me! I was reading this morning that an agreement is being made with Pakistan and we are employing tribes in Afghanistan to take on the Taliban.
I have much more faith in Obama doing the right thing than Bush!

Dave Dubya said...

Here's an interview with Juan Cole. If we listen to anyone about that region, he's been there and can teach us something.

Tread Lightly
Juan Cole argues against sending lots of troops to Afghanistan

an average patriot said...

Thanks for the link Dave! He is right, it seems all the experts including Pakistan agree with him. Only Republicans want the 40,000 more to die!

Brother Tim said...

There's only one side of the border we should worry about: The inside border of the United States of America.

Haven't you noticed that there is no discussion on withdrawal. The only thing talked about is how many more troops will we send. 20,000 you say? Even 100, is 100 too many.

And I hate to burst your bubble, but Obama has no exit strategy. How long will it take before you awake from your slumber, and realize that Obama is nothing more than an eloquent speaking Bush? We have elected a black Harold Hill as President, and he's selling the whole country band instruments, using the 'think system'.

Must we go over cliff before you start screaming, "Ooooooh sh*t"?

an average patriot said...

Good to hear from you Brother though I do not need any sarcasm. I agree about our border and from day one.

You also know Obama is just another Bush only kinder and gentler.

What I have to hang my hat on is that Pakistan wants a continued border presence but smaller and Obama would like to have us out before he is gone though I am sure the need of a 2nd term will be thrown in there, Take care bud!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Geez!What the heck was that?!
Anyway if you need an interpretor, ask JihadGene:
He spent too much time in Korea and things didn't get any better from bringing it home with him... However, watch your step! he's got a great sense of humor, but his political views aren't exactly aligned with yours... still he can be quite funny once in a while and he does have a good heart!!!

re having more faith in Obama doing the right thing than Bush:
that isn't really difficult, is it, Jim?!
It still amazes me, just how it's possible that they could have their filthy fingers in so many different sticky matters and don't even do anything to hide it...

just got back from Hamburg and now we have to get things under control on the home front again, so much going on, had guests recently and am behind with almost everything!

By the way: thanks for your sweet comments!

an average patriot said...

I don't know what I said Sarah but whatever it was it was heart felt and you are deserving. I will check out that link so thanks, you sure sound busy!

Brother Tim said...

I'm sincerely sorry for the sarcasm. I just get frustrated, finding out that the Hope Hotel is really just a skid-row flop-house. I've checked out, and it grieves my heart to hear friends talk like it is the Ritz-Carlton. They better do some renovations soon, or the wrecking-ball will start work.

Undying hope and optimism is great, but when stood face to face with the contrary stark reality, it borders on naivity. It's like sitting up all night waiting for Santa to come down your chimney with all the things you longed for.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

Oh......and don't build a fire in your fireplace on Christmas Eve. :)

an average patriot said...

Don't worry Brother I understand and felt bad saying anything. Like you I see nothing positive but hope is all we have. You guys have a nice Thanksgiving too. I might have a fire so I will leave him a warning sign to use the Door and don't let it hie him in his jolly fat arse!