Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sarah Palin: Going Rogue vs. Going Rouge!

Going Rouge satire vs Going Rogue the joke

Now this is funny! As you know, Sarah Palin the short term Alaska Governor who abandoned her post where she saw Russia from her house had someone write a book about her lies and idiocy titled Going Rogue. 4 months after abandoning her people! At the same time her book is coming out, the parody comic book version is coming out titled "Going Rouge" Please look at the video!

I have to laugh I don't think she can even read. Knowing the class of people that follow her I have to wonder if they know the difference between Rouge and Rogue and will buy the right one! Which one do you think will sell better? The comic book should far outsell Palings book of lies. If not it will only be because Oprah is going to interview her and promote the book. I predict another Oprah book scandal!

Paling kicked off her book tour on her Book Going Rogue but it looked more like going Rouge. She was on the Oprah show and was as ditzy as ever. Oprah asked her about the Couric interview and she tried to laugh it off saying she knew it was a bad interview but I am sure the ditz thought it was great like all the other stupid stuff she says and does.

It is obvious she does not like Katie Couric blaming her for her looking stupid. She does not need any help there. Remember when Couric asked her what she read she said she read voraciously and then could name nothing so on Oprah she produced a list including the Pearl and animal Farm. It was dreadful; it looked like a 7th grade reading list.

Sarah Barracuda is back! Watch the Republican Party try to ride the Palin paper tiger back into office! She is going to try to settle scores with McCain staffers and like everything she does it will backfire but her unthinking loyal followers will not care or even notice it.

Palin sad that when McCain and staff went up to Alaska to vet her the campaign charged her for it! Come on! Of course they denied it and of course she pulled the poor picked on Palin outlook once again.

On her tour she is avoiding big cities altogether and his going to red meat territory, to battleground states. Palin is America’s favorite quitter. To me she should not even relevant and she is not but even though she does not know what she is talking about many out there love the air head.

I am dumbfounded that this ditz has so many followers and some Politicians even want her to campaign for them. Be careful what you ask for you may get it! She said she is not into drama, cut the crap! She is the drama queen. What about her on going Levi saga?

She knows how to lie and play games that we know! How much do you think she is going to make on that farce of a book? She paid someone to write for her? * In closing, Palin is definitely looking at running in 2012 as she is hitting all the test run States on her book tour. I warn that nominating her will be suicide for the Republican Party, she is a money maker not a President maker. I do wonder why no one thought of pricing her book for $20.12?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Holte Ender said...

The republican party may yet regret, big time, ever giving her the celebrity she craves, arguably she already cost them one election, if she costs them another I shall be delighted.

an average patriot said...

You and I both Holte! I really do not get her draw but I think her role is to make money for those running definitely not for her own run in anything any more.

Demeur said...

The only reason she'll make any money from the book is because the republican party bought up most of the copies to give away as lost leaders.
Maybe you should hold a contest for 'things you can use Sarah Palin's book for'. I'm thinking doorstop or fire starter although those would be some pricey items.

an average patriot said...

Demeur it won't be any good for toilet paper it is already full of shit. I bet going Rouge is going to far out sell going rogue and not only because her supporter won't know the difference either.

jude cowell said...

Great post, thanks!

And after seeing clips of the upcoming Palin/Barbara Walters interview, i can only say that Palin's rouge ('blush' as we tend to call it nowadays) was put on with a trowel - simply awful like reddish bruises on her cheeks with No Blending whatsoever.

Old-fashioned style? Perhaps. But definitely poorly done.

If a talk show or some other venue is gifted her I hope she rethinks her make-up artist which appears at the moment to be herself.

Sounds like another subject she needs to study up on...applying make-up without looking clownish or injured!

an average patriot said...

Hey Jude! I love saying that. The satire going Rouge I hope outsells the lie going ROGUE. Every time I think of her and going rouge I think of a pig wearing lipstick.