Saturday, November 14, 2009

Afghanistan Ambassador warns Obama against adding troops. Asks for new options, It's about time!

Obama Asks for New Afghan Options

We all know this but we keep hearing there is no military solution in Afghanistan any victory will require a Political solution. I do not like General McChrystal’s clandestine military past but I do respect him. However we do not need a warrior solution right now. We need a way out of Afghanistan not another Saigon!

Having said that, McChrystal is the right man to oversee the job in Afghanistan as he is but for a solution as to what to do next we better listen to our Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry, a retired army general who commanded US forces in Afghanistan from 2005-2007. He knows what he is talking about. US ambassador warns against Afghanistan troop surge

He has been in charge in Afghanistan militarily and he knows the Government’s corruption first hand. He has deep reservations as I do and warns against adding more troops to this corrupt Government. I still say Mikhail Gorbachev is right and it is time to start withdrawing before we join the graveyard of Nations.

I am glad to hear that Obama has rejected all four options requesting an additional 15,000 to 40,000 troops to Afghanistan. When Eikenberry correctly assessed that adding any more troops will only worsen our situation.. It is about time! The right assessment for once!

I understand McChrystal is very angry and NATO came right out and said they wanted the 40,000 troops. I happen to like the new “5th option” The final option on the table, dubbed the "hybrid" option, would involve a surge of around 20,000 troops to reinforce major population areas coupled with a renewed counter-terrorist effort against al-Qaeda and Taliban targets in lawless tribal areas along the border with Pakistan.

Bingo! Exactly what we have been saying and then we should get the hell out and see if Karzai is as spineless and corrupt as some of us think before we have another Saigon and join Afghanistan’s graveyard of Nations!

The 5th option is the right option and I bet Obama will go with that and then start the slow withdrawal and see what Karzai and Afghanistan do with their opportunity, I hope they fight like Pakistan is. The letters from Ambassador Eikenberry set this in motion and I am psyched!

• In the end as I keep saying, McChrystal is wrong in this case. Adding more troops will only embolden the Taliban, make them happy, and make things much worse for us! Karzai better quickly get things together and cooperate, the writing is on the wall.

We keep saying we better learn from Vietnam or we are going to have another Saigon! Get the hell out of there. We have lost enough good soldiers fighting for Karzai’s corrupt Government! Obama wants to hear the advice to withdraw and he has it! Now?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

I have some hope thanks to Eikenberry. Where there's one sane voice speaking, more will follow.

BTW, I have some new stuff up and coming over at Freedomrants I think you'll like.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
I really have hope too. Eikenberry compelled Obama to tell everyone to come up with a new option. I believe he wants to be told train up and begin to withdraw.
Hell Dave ever since you had me change you to a www you are last on my list and I keep forgetting so thanks!