Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pakistan is at war as she closes in on the Taliban and the Taliban close in on the citizens!

Pakistan blast kills dozens

Pakistan closes in on Taliban as it creates increased terrorism. It will not end with a defeat in South Waziristan!
Suicide Bomber Kills 34 People Near Pakistan's Army Headquarters

In Pakistan this is no longer a battle against insurgents, every day it becomes increasingly obvious this is a war! Police say the suicide attacker knew he was killing civilians as they were lined up to collect their monthly pensions. Women and children in a clothing market, grocery markets, people collecting their pensions, they are targets of retribution to the Taliban as the Government squeezes them in South Waziristan.

As the military makes continuing progress in South Waziristan militants continue to target the military and the Government elsewhere killing as many civilians as possible, I will never understand killing your own people because you have a beef with someone else. I do not get it? I am sick of hearing it is cowardly! Cowardly or what ever that is neither here nor there and is a waste of words, We will stop this period should be all that is said.

Saying the militants are cowards or they have no plan so they kill is a moot point, they have no legitimacy, we strongly condemn their actions. big friggen deal do something about it! I hear the citizens may be growing weary of this and come out against the Government to stop their action in South Waziristan. The people better back the Government and remember who the Taliban are killing and will continue to kill if they were ruling.

I reiterate: The attack started almost 3 weeks ago and the Taliban backing up threats in some cases is actually bringing the fight to the Government. This is a defining moment. Now 1000,000 of the 1/2 million area residents are on the move as a result of the fighting further complicating the Governments efforts. 30,000 Government troops are taking on some 10 to 15,000 militants many of them from the Mehsud tribe, hardened, desperate to kill and on their own turf. They are closing in on Haikimullah and must kill or capture him and all his killers period!

In this mountainous terrain long avoided by the Pakistani Government at elevations from 7 to 8,000 feet this is going to be a long tough fight! In fact it is being called the mother of all battles and it will be a mother! This is the third attempt by the Pakistani Government having sued for peace and withdraw in the past. They can not fail this time!

It will a huge setback if they are not successful in fact think about it, it would be catastrophic and short of putting boots on the ground we better be doing what we can behind the scenes to make sure they succeed! I am concerned about Pakistan's nukes falling into militant hands but not like I used to be. Despite a recent increase in bombings on Government buildings specifically targeting where the attack on South Waziristan was being planned I think it will backfire and Pakistan can do this!

I am impressed with Pakistan and her military as I have said many times. The Pakistani people are in a hell of a fight themselves and the world can be proud of them. I have more trust in Pakistan's ability to deal with the Taliban and other militants than with ours. Good luck and God bless, God bless the Lashkar too they are pivotal in this!

James Joiner
Gardner, ma


Demeur said...

Jim you need to remember that the people the Pakistan army are fighting were trained by the Pakistan army to fight the Afghans and the Russians. That's why Pakistan has been hesitant to go after them. I think in the end the Taliban will have to be given some place at the peace table or this thing will never end.

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur, yes and they are not use to this kind of fighting that is why we have special forces and others over there training them on top of infrared and other special equipment and weapons. I think I wrote on that a couple days ago but not sure which. Take care!

Brother Tim said...

The reason our government is so concerned with Pakistan, has nothing to do with the nukes, human rights, or any other feel-good bullsh*t. It's the pipeline. As soon as it becomes apparent that we have lost Afghanistan, Pakistan will fall by the wayside, and peace will blossom in the region.

LOL word verification is 'unsin'. Good advice for our government.

an average patriot said...

I agree and I wish you were right about peace in the region but I do not see it.

I told you my computer is dying, I have someone coming over tomorrow at 11 to uninstall reinstall and get me back going. So I will be down for a while and playing catch up but I will be back!

Brother Tim said...

Peace, Jim, is relative. Is there peace in Saudi Arabia? Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, et al? These countries all have human rights violations on an on-going basis. The difference is: They cowtow to us (somewhat). Peace is not defined as 'Do things the way the U.S. wants'.

Good luck on your 'puter.

an average patriot said...

Brother I am afraid I see peace no where, I'll shut up. Thanks on the puter, I hate these things.