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30 Years later in Iran: The tale of two protests! Death to America vs. Death to the Dictator!

Tale of Two Protests

We just marked the Iran hostage crisis 30 years later as in Iran the thirty year anniversary of the storming of the US Embassy and the capture of 54 hostages brought the standard death to America crowd burning American flags. Something new is as they have been doing since the stolen elections the protesters took to the streets.

Pro and anti Government forces took to the streets. Some shouting death to America, many in the streets shouting "Obama are you with us" Of course as usual it got violent as pro Government and militia started attacking the protesters firing shots, tear gas, and clubbing. The protesters were fewer in number but they still came out and they will not be quelled but I am really fearing for the lives of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi.

In Iran, rival rallies show rift endures with protesters and America haters 30 years after the Revolution!
There is a very in depth breakdown of events at the link above but the Government knew the protesters would take the excuse of the Anti American celebration at the embassy to come out and protest the stolen elections despite since the June stolen election that there has been numerous killed, imprisoned, tortured, and falsely sentenced so the current regime could remain on the fascist agenda.

The Government who in the past I have said numerous times is now controlled by the Revolutionary Guard that was originally set up to protect it., announced to the public that if the protesters came out they would be dealt with harshly and the only chant allowed would be shouts of "Death to America" in the Government sanctioned rallies outside the Embassy outside the Embassy stormed by Iranian students in 1979.

As you may remember 54 Americans were held hostage for 444 days, the Iranian Government of the Shah fell, and Ayatollah Khomeini came to power. Also as you may remember President Carter attempted a rescue of the hostages but it ended in disaster with the collision of helicopters in the desert and the death of some would be rescuers. The hostages were then held for 444 days until they were released after Reagan's election. A fact Republicans love to brag about!

It is ironic that since the stolen election to keep the Fascist Ahmadinejad in control the children of the Revolution have been constantly persecuted and often maimed and killed. I just want to remind you of something once again denied and no longer talked about but you know it is true. That is Ahmadinejad's involvement in the 1979 events at the Embassy when he was a student. As you know, he went on to a career in the IRG and is now President of Iran though illegitimate.

I do remember when tensions erupted between Bush and Ahmadinejad pictures emerged of student Ahmadinejad being involved with the Embassy take over and resulting hostage taking of the 54 Americans and was dismissed as phony. 30 years later amidst dueling protests and shouts of Death to America and Death to Ahmadinejad the Dictator Obama penned a response for Iran's Government in Farsi drawing a line in the sand saying the future was up to them. In Iran, rival rallies show rift endures

It sickens me that once again thanks to cell phone footage and commentary from the protests saying Mousavi was kept under house arrest so he could not go to the protests, the protests were brutally suppressed, and in fact Karroubi was over taken by tear gas and had to be carried away to his vehicle. That was denied despite the Government said he was facing possible death. Yeah by them and of course it would or will be blamed on the US. Check out their denial! Iran Disputes Press Coverage of Day of Protests

As I have said numerous times since the stolen election despite the persecution imprisonment and killing of the children of the Revolution this will continue until it erupts into a one sided full blown 2nd Revolution as we ourselves seem to be facing right here thanks to Republican instigation.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


an average patriot said...

I am going to have to shut down shortly and I will be down till sometime tomorrow and I hopefully get everything back so bear with me!

Demeur said...

So the struggle for power and money continues.
Good luck with the computer problems. Ya should have bought a Mac.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

yep, good luck! hope it all works out well!

Middle Ditch said...

I so remember this. My brother was working in Iran at the time and had to flee the country.

Good luck with your computer problems Jim. And take Demeur's advice. XX

Karen said...

Iran hostage crisis 30 years ago and the wall coming down 20 years ago. Seems there will always be a *crisis*.

Robert Rouse said...

Americans have never truly had a grasp of what the Islamic religion is all about. In 1979 and 1980, I spent a lot of time at Indiana University's campus radio station WIUS. Our building was directly next to the Islamic Center.

There were several students who thought it was funny to taunt the Muslim students through the windows. I was older than most of the students - I had volunteered for the Navy out of High School - and did my best to put the kibosh on a lot of the activity, yet it still happened.

I believe the point I'm trying to make is that until we as a nation get a better understanding of traditions, lifestyles, and cultures that are outside of our comfort zone, there will be no peace.

We - not as individuals but as a unit - tend to put our norm on a pedestal and everything else is considered beneath us. Muslims, gays, immigrants, etc. are looked at with disdain or outright hatred, and if we can't find it inside ourselves to embrace our differences, then we are doomed to forever wedge ourselves into a corner.

Vicki said...

I think if we pulled all our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, it would do a lot to stabilize the area. However, it seems to me that we should be using our withdrawal as a bargaining chip to get several things from Iran: release of political prisoners, open up their nuclear facilites to regualar inspection, pledge to engage in talks with US over arms, tecnbology, normalized relations. etc., recognition of Isreal.

Sharon said...

Hi Jim, new here, thru Sarah...I too, remember the Hostage crisis...the beginning of Night Line...watching every nite, hoping for release. Didn't know St. Ronnie already had that all worked out.
Time to come home, we had no reason to go to begin with. The Afghan people had nothing to do with 9/11, something we knew very soon after the attack. No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, OR under w's speaker's stand at the rich people's(his people)fancy MONEY know, where politicians go to beg and prostitute themselves.
What will we see now that we know the shooter at Ft. Hood is Muslim?

landsker said...

Aye aye,
How`s the computer thing?...Like many others, I tend towards asking younger peeps for solutions.
The current thinking amongst IT heads is to purchase an older high grade laptop....Sony, ITT etc, then replace/upgrade the hard-drive,...., then re-install the operating programmes... fast & cheap.(From a one-man local store...not the chains.)
It means loosing some/all stored info, but it`s cheap and effective.
Computers eh,.... wonder how many kids these days ever made and set a lobster trap, or would even know how.
The religion/nationality of the participants in any war seems to me to be of less importance than the material aims of the warmongers.

an average patriot said...

Hi Everybody! I am back! So glad to hear from everyone and see new faces. I am playing catch up as you can imagine but I want to converse with you and will be back so bear with me.

As you can guess Veterans the military and Afghanistan are high on my agenda today. I was talking to my hard core lifer son last bight and he said Dad we are going to lose some people but this is not bad and we are learning. We will persevere we will win! I will; be back, bear with me!

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur! I know, I have to laugh. It is like brand new now. One of my sons wants to buy me a mac book whatever that is but I will keep this for now. I just lost a lot of stuff and am playing catch up for a while!

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Hi Sarah!
I was down for a few days but you know, I wrote about many things. You have to keep up with things. The weather here was gorgeous so I got a lot of yard work done!

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Hi Monique! You're funny! One of my sons wants to but me a mac but this is like brand new now and it is a good computer anyway. I just have catching up to do. Eventually I will let Joe get me a mac!

an average patriot said...

Karen you're right and it is funny that you mention the wall coming down 20 years ago, I just wrote about that.

an average patriot said...

Hi Robert! That is the problem! When I was stationed in Germany and around Europe I tried not to look American because many are cras pampered and do not respect other religions traditions and country's.

Hey! I am playing catch up but I eventually have to get to an E from Michael at all voices as he was asking about you! I will copy you!

an average patriot said...

Hi Vicki
You are right! We should withdraw right now but we will not I am sure! I am afraid we will never get Iran to accept an Israel. I saw Muslim radical clerics in the streets in NY whipping up people to kill Americans and wipe Israel off the map. I refuse to believe they get away with that. Welcome by the way!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sharon
Welcome and thank you Sarah! I wrote a story titled the 10 point plan when Bush first found an excuse to attack Iraq because he changed the reason 10 times before he found a lie everyone fell for.

You knonw, General Casey and Obama is telling soldiers do not jump to conclusions but they better. Not violence but they better be alert and watch those around them.

Three of my sons are career military. One is very hard core. I was talking to him last night and he said he would shoot them all if he could. I am sure he has a lot of company!

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker my friend!
I am not a youngster but you know I have and of course all my sons.

I hate computers but they are a necessary evil today. I will keep this E machine for now as it is better than new but my son Joe wants to get me a mac book when I want, whatever that is!