Sunday, November 01, 2009

Corrupt politicians will put an end to our republic but they do not have to cannibalize us, follow the Roman Empire or not it is up to them!

Congressmen on both sides of the Aisle under ethics violation in Pelosi's most ethical Congress in History! This barely scratches the surface as to what is really going on so once again I will let you read the links that concern you and supply my synopsis at the end. We are at a crossroads in the life cycle of every society, it is up to our cat fighting underhanded Politicians which way we go. They do not seem to care!

Congressional Ethics Report Leaked, Reveals Names

Top 5 Corrupt Politicians of 2008

Rangel: Ethics talks unrelated to personal finance issues

House subcommittee created to investigate Rep. Maxine Waters

Ethics committee inquired about earmark in Rep. Mack's district

Corrupt politicians will put an end to our republic

As we know, there have been many life forms and societies before us. They have all run their cycles and gone the way of the dinosaur or in the case of civilization, the way of the roman Empire and so will we unless our Politicians save us and not themselves! They are showing instead that they only care about their party's interests and are enriching themselves while they can.

You saw the corruption, perversion and downright treason routinely and underhandedly displayed under Bush while Our Republic was allowed to flounder. We were waiting for our shining light to save us from the dark tunnel Bush led us into. We needed someone to save the ship called America off the rocks because it was sinking. Obama can not do it himself and Republicans and many Politicians want him to fail, think only about themselves and their party, and continue to let our America fail.

At this point Congressman on both sides of the aisle are under investigation for ethics violations! I got a bad taste in my mouth after watching the shenanigans during the Bush era and sadly it has become the norm. Politicians are the most unethical animals on the planet. More than 30 are under investigation. You know the debilitating recent past with these underhanded scum. What ever happened to draining the swamp?

The Ethics committee is investigating 2 Democrats from California and half of a subcommittee is under investigation. Of course, we would not have known any of this but it was accidentally posted on line. Duh! We at least have a window into the underhanded underworld of our illicit politicians. Pelosi said this would be the most ethical Congress in History What does that tell you?

I guess it is good news they are even being investigated but look at the defense committee! Look at the Defense contractors! There are millions in kickbacks, payoffs, ear marks and questionable contributions or bribes. Hell not our Congress the cleanest ever! Again I ask what does that tell you? The most disturbing part of this is Pelosi promised an open honest ethical Congress, the best in History!

After Bush's mis Government we were ready for change. Besides having an honest educated President who knows the English language and can actually talk nothing much has changed. This ethics probe of done comprehensively will lead to much more and bigger scandal. There are numerous members who deserve a closer look and are guilty of something. I am sorry but being a politician today equates to "what can I get for myself?

I am sorry but after watching the immorality displayed by both party's like you I was disenchanted. Perverts, molesters, gangsters, on the take, on and on and on. This is our society in part but it seems to be our Politicians in large. I realized these are people taking what they can while they can. You see it all the time if you watch the history of the fall of the Roman Empire. It is part of the degradation of every society. We can turn this around but our Politicians have to want to save it and not them selves. They better wake up, they all have children parents and family. We are at the crossroads.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...
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One Fly said...

That's it Jim. This is the line in the sand. I continue to hope,care and try but it is business as usual. Put a post up this morning that if Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan give the Nobel back.

You've taken an oath as I have. Took it pretty damn serious but these slugs do not.

I think the chances of getting this thing back are very slim.

If that were to happen accountability has to be a big part of that. You know a war for a lie - outing a cia operative - torture you know the little shit like that.

Holte Ender said...

Comparing the USA with the Roman Empire is becoming increasingly valid. Corruption and crumbling political infrastructure at home, coupled with military overstretch abroad. Our politicians are all fiddling, while the country is metaphorically burning. Meanwhile China, it's pockets stuffed with a couple of trillion dollars is buying, oil, gas and ore, ready to dominate the 21st Century.
It's not too late to arrest the decline, but we need some honest, straight talk from somebody.

Middle Ditch said...

Grim reading Jim

an average patriot said...

Hi Tom! The only way to victory is too begin the slow Good bye but I do not think Obama is smart enough to! That is tomorrow! I will be by!

an average patriot said...

All of it Holte! You have thought about it. The frigged up entertainment, lack of concern, corruption, increasing senseless violence.

It is all part of the degradation of a society. The end of the life cycle. We can turn it around but we can't do it these scum have to wake up and care.

an average patriot said...

All of it Holte! You have thought about it. The frigged up entertainment, lack of concern, corruption, increasing senseless violence.

It is all part of the degradation of a society. The end of the life cycle. We can turn it around but we can't do it these scum have to wake up and care.

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique! I know, you are one of the people I do not like having to see the grim reality and sadly this is a small part of it!

Brother Tim said...

Unfortunately, I think we have reached the point of no return. It's all over but the crying. I am a pacifist, and it grieves my heart to see that the only viable solution now, will be violent revolution. Those in power, the Politicians; the Bankers; the Corporatists; and everyone involved in the Military/Industrial Complex will not relinquish their power willingly, nor allow it to be minimized. History shows that violent revolution is the only quick and sure-fire method to rid one's country of an oppressive government.

It's in their blood, Jim. These people in power are so arrogant and ego-driven, they believe that no matter what happens to this country, or the people in it, that THEY will be just fine. They do not give a flying fig about the common man. They have stolen and continue to steal, everything they can get their greedy hands on to enrich themselves. They will not willing give it up. Not one red cent! It will have to wrested from them. Although they have concerns about this, it doesn't truly worry them. Hence, they have all these armed security details and live in gated communities, cut off and segregated from the common classes.

They wear these things like a badge of honor. The more bodyguards you have and the more gated and innaccessable your housing is, the more important you must be.

As long as it is the politicians who make the laws, and the wealthy who dictate to them what laws to write, we are screwed.

Like it or not, my friend, money is the driving force of human nature because it births power. Those with the most money, do the driving. Most incumbents are entrenched, with more money in their campaign chests than the average person will see in a lifetime.

And even when we are able to dislodge some of them (2006 & 2008) the replacements burrow in with the same mindset. They think, 'Well, they got their's, it's my turn to get mine'. You get a few that will stand up from time to time, but the money that has bought the system will marginalize them. Do you think for one minute, that the full House would ever allow someone like Kucinich or Grayson to become Speaker? Or someone like Feingold to be the Senate Majority Leader?

Until people gather in the streets with torches and pitchforks, and heat up the tar-kettles and break out the feathers; this current situation will only degrade even more so. For a cause of this magnitude though, many will have to be willing to sacrifice, some with their lives. To be sure, those in power will resort to killing their fellow-citizens to prevent any marginalization of said powers. This was true with our first revolution, and it will be true with the next. Failure to do this will lead us into subjegation.

Is it better to live as a slave, than to die as a patriot? This is our problem with understanding the mindset of the Muslims. Americans are no longer willing to stand up and die for a cause. We are more than willing to kill others for a cause, but we don't want to give up OUR life. 'No cause is THAT important; darn Musims are crazy to rather die fighting than to be subjugated'.

The revolution, quite possibly, would not be as protracted and bloody as most might think. Those in power, for the most part, are chickenhawks. They're cowards. They have no problem ordering others to kill and be killed, but have little stomach for the fight themselves. After seeing a few of THEIR fellows fall, they will then relinguish power; because, you see, they too are afraid to die for a cause; even if that cause is money and the power that goes with it.

Sorry for the long-winded rant. I should have put it up as a post at my blog instead of our Halloween story from the fifth dimmension. :)

an average patriot said...

Thanks Brother! The arrogance especially what I see coming from Boehner is stupefying, the peoples ambivalence and complacency blows me away. I do not think the mass majority has the big round ones to do anything and will go down bringing us with them. The nut cases and scum on the right are really blowing me away!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Nice to see all the decent people commenting here! At least there are still people around who KNOW what is right or wrong. that's at least something!

Jim, I realize more and more why we're on the same wavelenth - we just have sooo much in common. Appreciate your way of thinking and intentions.

Brother Tim: I really get your point and to be honest, feel like that as well, but there is hope, only the problem is we can't agree on it and then carry the mission out - streamlined with a common code of honour.
But while there is still another angle of attack possible I will not give up - there are still a lot of good people in this world, trying to do good as well...

You've said something before about the talibuttfucks... have to be honest, Brother, I never really saw them as a tribe. As a tribe one should of course respect them and consider negociation - but all the info I based my opinion on is not really what goes through the press but what I know from the Danish army. And the average Danish soldier down there experiences the Taliban as someone who is terrorizing their fellow countrymen. The locals are bloody scared of them down there and that's why the Danes are there not really because they believe in that terroris-scare-crap. but it's very different from nation to nation how they experience it.
And I could also be wrong.

Brother Tim said...

Sarah-- It's very complex and convoluted situation in Afganistan. As I've said many times, "Water seeks it's own level". You have heard it said that 'people get the government they deserve', and it doesn't take a lot of logic to see that that is true. Local conflicts have to be resolved on the local level.

Nations are all different. They have their own cultures, traditions, and ways of thinking. While the U.S. likes to refer to it as 'nation building' and 'liberation', it is , in reality, us wanting to impose our will on them. We don't give a rat's ass about democracy. It is nothing more than a sound-byte. Proof of this is the Palestinian people. If their 'democracy' is not to our liking, we refuse to acknowledge it. We have been known to overthrow democracies in favor of dictatorships. Chile and Iran are but two examples.

Our main reasons for being in Afghanistan are not publicly admitted. We want to secure the area for the pipelines to get the Caspian Basin oil to port, and we want to insure the continued supply of the opium poppy. If you'll recall, the Taliban had the poppy almost eradicated before we decided to remove them. Another mistaken policy on our part.

I'm sure the Danes are sincere about their mission, but they, just like the American citizens, have been duped by the U.S. government.

We care zilch about human rights, sharia law, or oppressive governments; we care about our bottom line. Read my post from last week, American as Baseball and Apple Pie.

The Middle-East and Central-Asian regions are tribal in nature, they have been for millenia. Our arrogance will not change that, regardless of what our leadership tells us......or the Danes.

an average patriot said...

Thank you Sarah!

Brother most people do not know or remember that the Taliban Met Bush at the White House prior to the attack nor have they ever read "we do not have clean hands in Afghanistan"