Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The fall of the Berlin wall 20 years later: Lessons not learned!

We did not seize the moment when the wall fell. We squandered it in the name of politics. In this case by Reagan, G H W Bush and G W Bush for the Republican Party and their harmful braggart bullying in your face Politics.

Instead of showing the better part of valor and just shutting up and seizing the moment for world unity. They used it to say see we are better than you that is why we beat you. The stellar moment of the fall of the Berlin Wall was negated by Reagan and furthered by G W Bush.

20 Years! It was a great moment and it should have been a world changing event but it was not capitalized on for the good of the world but for the good of the Republicans Party and their world dominating fascist agenda.

Reagan, Bush, and other Republican pundits chose to capitalize off the fall of the Berlin wall and the USSR instead of using the moment to unify with Russia for the good of the world and our future. The fall of the wall was a moment for the entire world to share and revel in. We chose to divide and conquer the world instead.

I watched the 20th anniversary celebration in Berlin where 1,000 dominoes representing the Berlin wall all painted by artists around the world were ceremoniously set to falling. It is still a euphoric sight.

I remember 10 years ago when some East Berliner’s wanted the wall back up along with Communism as they found Democracy too competitive. I sensed a change!

It has been 20 years and now that we have president Obama maybe the true meaning of the fall of the Berlin wall and the USSR will take hold. We keep hearing even today that the fall of the wall marked the end of Communism! That is asinine. Isn’t China Communist and using our Democracy and Capitalism very well to further their form of Government?

It is interesting that China is our bank and we can only function today because of China a communist country poised to at least sit side by side as the new leaders of the world.

I do not know if anyone else noted the intelligence of President Obama of not attending the ceremony in Berlin if I remember instead sending Hillary. That would have alienated Russia which Bush would have done on purpose. Obama is smart enough to know Russia is still stinging and we are trying to unite with them too to peacefully move into the future.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Karen said...

Rethugs have tarnished the greatness of it by touting SAINT RAY-GUN as the world's savior.

Demeur said...

The problem was at the time we were not prepared for the end of communism in Russia and they were not prepared to move to a market economy. They are still in the dark about a capitalist system and now if you took a poll it would be 60/40 to move back to the Soviet system.
China is far from democratic and they have only gotten where they are with very cheap labor and no environmental laws.

Holte Ender said...

The behind the scenes republican string pullers took all the glory of wall coming down and dumped it fair and square onto Reagan's shoulders, all his scripted rhetoric and science fantasy defense plans were as hollow as the USSR, the vast majority of the credit goes to the Hungarians, Czechs, East Berliners and the Poles. The western powers hadn't a clue what to do 20 years ago, the Eastern Europeans did, enjoy their freedom, they earned it.

an average patriot said...

Hi Karen
That really bothers me because Reagan is the father of the whole mess!

an average patriot said...

I agree Demeur! It boils down to our misleaders rubbing their faces in it and wanting to dominate not help them in the transition.

an average patriot said...

Holte I love it, your right on, definitely one of the brain washed right1

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Jim, glad, that it worked out with all the PC-crap! Was feeling really sorry for you!

Thanks for bringing this post and I have posted my answer here:

You should also take a look at this:

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah! Yes I lost all my E addresses yours too so send me a Howdy so I can get you back. Thanks for feeling it fit to answer and the links. I will be by!