Friday, November 13, 2009

It is sick that Republicans are politicizing the Fort Hood massacre!

Limbaugh blames Fort Hood massacre on Obama saying Hasan was just like Obama

I heard Limbaugh blame the Fort Hood massacre on President Obama. You expect that kind of idiocy from the likes of him and Beck. Please watch the video on the capitalizing fool Limbaugh. This catastrophe should not be used by Republicans to gain political favor. That is sick!

I refuse to believe that even the scummy low life Republican Politicians are politicizing the Fort Hood lone wolf massacre to hopefully gain Political favor. Those scums just do not stop sickening us. They will stoop as low as they have to in their childish game to make Obama fail. This is sick!

I refuse to believe in the first place that someone on the Intelligence committee can take it upon himself to divulge information that has been entrusted to them without going to the President. He should be disciplined at the very least though I do agree with some of what he said.

This is not a first for the low life Republicans! as you may remember. We have been hearing that the FBI and the NSA have been intercepting E Mails between Major Hasan and known radicals who call fro martyrdom and death to all Americans and our soldiers.

Nothing was done, no agencies sharwed information and supposedly the military was never notified. We do know Hasan told them himself how he felt and no one said anything because they did not want to be accused of discrimination. WTF? Speak up!

What is Homeland Security for? This is not a game political or otherwise. The life of our very country is at stake. We expect lowlife crap from Fox and the Beck’s and Limbaugh’s of the Party but Republican Politicians better step forward and start putting the country first.

Congressman Hoekstra the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee wants all documents related to last week's rampage at Fort Hood made available to Congress for continued investigation and I can understand that as the ball has been dropped.

However he accused the Obama administration of not being forthcoming with information about Hasan. I do not think President Obama or his Administration would have kept secret any information that could have prevented this horror and now is not the time to go after Obama. U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra calls for Congressional review of Fort ...

Let the Info be disseminated to Congress but leave Obama out of it! Now is not the timer to make public what the CIA, FBI, NSA, or the White House knew. Let it play out first. The Political gamesmanship must stop for the good of the people and America!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I was thinking about this yesterday while listening to radio. The though occurred to me that it doesn't really matter how anyone labels this. This was a crime a heinous massacre of 13 people. They'll try to turn this into a political football but the public shouldn't care. All the finger pointing in the world isn't going to change anything.
I can only say that the military who are stretched so thin right now are willing to overlook any short comings to fill staff and they will need to re-evaluate their proceedures.

an average patriot said...

Hi Demeur! I discussed it with my military sons. It angers one that wants to kill all Muslims and bums out the other two but not much else.

I agree to much is let go but they better wake up quick! The frigging games must stop but they won't, damn it! The Political scum do not seem to care if we fail as long as their party continues.